Trump renews the permanent state of national emergency!


By AL Whitney © copyround 2018
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On October 20, 2017 Donald Trump signed Executive Order 13814 extending the state of emergency. Like all of the Presidents since 1933, Trump maintained the unconstitutional powers the state of emergency authorizes.

Under federal law, a national emergency declaration lasts for only one year, meaning that the 9/11 terrorist-threat national emergency has now been re-declared 16 times. And the number of agencies the White House has created to deal with the ‘national emergency’ has grown to over 600 – the worst and most insidious being the Department of Homeland Security.

Arron Russo explained the “War on Terror” fraud to Alex Jones:

Those is the White House have kept the national emergency game going since FDR launched his unconstitutional “New Deal” in 1933. This scam was exposed by a Senate Committee in 1973. Here are excerpts from their report (Senate Report 93-549):

Page 3

The Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency was created to examine the consequences of terminating the declared states of national emergency that now prevail . . .

In accordance with this mandate, the Special Committee-in conjunction with the Executive branch, expert constitutional authorities, as well as former high officials of this Government is now engaged in a detailed study to determine the most reasonable ways to restore normalcy to the operations of our Government.

Page 19

It became apparent, too, that the United States Government has been operating under an unrelieved state of emergency of 40 years’ duration.

Pg 2

Since  March 9, 1933, the United States has been in a state of declared national emergency.

Page 8

In his first important official act, Roosevelt proclaimed a National Bank Holiday on the basis of the 1917 Trading With the Enemy Act . . .  [Which made the American people the “enemy” during a declared war or national emergency.]

Page 11

For example, the economic measures that were passed in 1933 pursuant to the proclamation of March 5, 1933, by President Roosevelt, asserting that a state of national emergency now existed, were enacted in the most turbulent circumstances. There was a total of only 8 hours of debate in both houses. There were no committee reports; indeed, only one copy of the bill was available on the floor.

Pg 2

These proclamations give force to 470 provisions of Federal law. These hundreds of statutes delegate to the President extraordinary powers, ordinarily exercised by the Congress, which affect the lives of American citizens in a host of all-encompassing manners. This vast range of powers, taken together, confer enough authority to rule the country without reference to normal Constitutional processes.

Page 2

Under the powers delegated by these statutes, the President may:
seize property; organize and control the means of production; seize commodities; assign military forces abroad; institute martial law; seize and control all transportation and communication; regulate the operation of private enterprise; restrict travel; and, in a plethora of particular ways, control the lives of all American citizens.

Page 5

A majority of the people of the United States have lived all of their lives under emergency rule. For 40 years, freedoms and governmental procedures guaranteed by the Constitution have, in varying degrees, been abridged by laws brought into force by states of national emergency.

Page 11

But emergency powers laws are of such significance to civil liberties, to the operation of domestic and foreign commerce, and the general functioning of the U.S. Government, that, in microcosm, they reflect dominant trends in the political, economic, and judicial life in the United States.

Page 10

Because Congress and the public are unaware of the extent of emergency powers, there has never been any notable congressional or public objection made to this state of affairs. Nor have the courts imposed significant limitations.

[NOTE: It was 40 years in 1973. It was  84 years in 2017.]

According to Alan Sabrosky of the Army War College, 9/11 was a false flag. The real terrorists on 9/11 was Israel’s Mossad working with neo-cons in the White House.  See:  Just as Nick Rockefeller told Arron Russo before 9/11, a “War on Terror” was pre-planned and launched on September 11, 2001. And, it is still being waged on Americans 16 years later.


4 responses to “Trump renews the permanent state of national emergency!

  1. The Government using MK ULTRA ON US CITIZENS! The government, CIA, FBI, NSA, Police department and Fire department combine for over 5 years have BOUGHT and have been DOING MK ULTRA on its CITIZENS IN BALDWIN, NY ESPECIALLY HENHAWK Rd. between EAST AND WEST CIRCLE DRIVE! These people live in FEAR because of some girl living on HENHAWK Rd. They say she’s a THIEF AND WANT TO HARM WHITE WOMEN Even say she’s ALIEN! AMONGST other things they say about her. There are CIA UNDER COVERS all over the neighborhood, she’s under 24 hrs. Surveillance they put on sirens and make noise when she and her daughter goes out! But this is over 5 YEARS WHY THEY DON’T ARREST HER IF WHAT THEY’RE SAYING IS TRUE!
    The truth is they wanted to foreclose on her house but they CAN’T! The girl knows about the legal name LIE and that law is contract and that there NEVER was any mortgage Loan it’s a PONZI SCHEME! They been trying for over 8 YEARS to get her out and CAN’T!
    I’ve send this to some so call independent media including Huffington post don’t know if anyone investigating but they START CHANGING THE HOUSES NUMBER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD! She’s being surveillance so THEY’RE making changes! So it’s HARD TO FIND THE TRUTH! Her daughter is about nine years old and never been to any school! They the GOVERNMENT CIA FBI NSA want it to seem like this woman and her daughter NEVER EXIST TO COVER UP THEIR LIES THEY COULD BE IN DANGER! You have to UNDERSTAND the people in the neighborhood are told LIES by the GOVERNMENT CIA FBI NSA about this woman and her daughter that they WANT TO STEAL FROM THEM AND HARM THEM! They surveillance the woman and when she’s going out they tell the neighbors to go outside sit in cars or walk dogs as if the woman is going to HARM THEM! These people DON’T WORK OR GO OUT ON THEIR OWN IN GENERAL PUBLIC! They are like robots being used by the CIA… they talk to and go where they’re told to go! The DANGER IS THE GOVERNMENT CIA FBI NSA CAN MURDER THEM ALL!! WHY? Because if the TRUTH got out that these people were being LIED TO AND HELD FOR PROTECTION by the GOVERNMENT CIA FBI NSA THEY ARE FINISH! This story could be DANGEROUS BE CAREFUL! HIGH CORRUPTION INVOLVED!

  2. lissakrhumanelife

    Great article. If you’re unaware of what this country is doing to its whistleblowers, activists, dissenters, lawsuit clients connected to Wall Street or DC or freemasons, look into the term ‘targeted individuals.’ They’re the truth warriors out here paying a deep price.

    When you awaken, or dragged into a red pill status, you fast learn that our Constitutional and Bill of Rights has been covertly destroyed. Remember Bush JR and the middle finger he stuck up on national TV? I’ll never forget it. What appears as a failing Democracy, is an illusion within dillusion. Its a brutal order out of their chaos set up as an tyrannical totaltarisn regime, ruled with an iron glove quietly, while Americans sit before their TVs in a trance, hypnotised by the experts, and GMO’ed to literal near death as signals from their wireless devices microwave fry their minds and bodies, slowly. Those in power have been utilizing a secret space program and a sedimate matrix-like reality since WWII when the NAZIs came into covert power (See: Nazi’s in the White House at For over twenty years, we’ve been spray like rats from chemtrails and the smart grid in the sky (cloud computing) and web ground based now 5G is in fact the Active Denial System and LRAD, so you know. Trust me, its a far greater cry than just brutal. Words escape me.

    What we’re dealing with is a nation of traitors, quoting a former high level insider, when trying to define to me what was happening all around me as I watched in horror. Its why I do all I can, struggling as it may, to expose what I know and its not easy with an already dumbed-down to a grind populace (thru no fault of their own).

    Bottom line is we’re in serious trouble and I honestly don’t know what any of us can do about it. Both sides of that aisle have no real power but to stuff their pockets as the elite’s puppets, that they truly are. No President has as much power as Bush Sr, former CIA director, who controlled the assassination of our last authentic President, JFK, and a NAZI spy. (See Even the CIA appears to answer to the Black Nobility pope who’s banker just happens to be Rothschild. What I’m trying to wrap my thinking around, is how we got to this point? Did we have signals pointed at out heads since JFK’s death to keep us from doing and saying anything?

    Thanks for all you do. Its a far greater cry than what I’ve tried to expose into words. Lissa

  3. Thank you, as always, for the depth of information and insight your commentary always contains. Americans should pause for a moment upon reading this short column and reflect on the absolute gravity of our situation. Almost no one alive today has lived truly “free” in the sense the Founders intended. For those who like to argue which party is more patriotic, both Republican and Democrat presidents has willingly signed the reauthorizations…none of them have clean hands.

    A friend and I did legal research on these decrees and it is extraordianry that language that was used to define the German adversaries in WWI was used just a few short years later in reference to Amercians who had the audacity to hold gold rather than turn it over for Federal Reserve (Debt) Notes.

    There is no excess, no abuse of the constitution, that has not been applied to the fullest extent to Americans who “thought” they lived under a constitutional republic. It is far, far from it…and the hour is very late to wake from the dream.

    • lissakrhumanelife

      You’re absolutely right. I’m fully awaken. Its the rest… they’re in a hypnotic-induced trance. I know as I’ve tried to wake them up, for years now and as you state, ‘and the hour is very late to wake from the dream.’ It certainly is so regrettably so.

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