Ebola Scare

ebola scare 2

 Another pandemic scam is being orchestrated by the corrupt CDC, the World Health Organization and big pharma . . .via the mainstream propaganda machine!


Over the past few decades the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and their partners at big pharma have attempted many times to get a ‘pandemic’ off the ground that would include forced vaccinations.

Over the past year, they have succeeded in convincing hospitals and clinics to require their employees take an unnecessary and risky flu shot as a condition of their continued employment. This was a huge and very profitable coup for big pharma. [Employee opt out info.]

Never underestimate the power of big pharma when it comes to influencing policies in America. The only lobbying interests with more clout are AIPAC and the banking industry.

If the American people continue to believe the dog and pony shows that play out in the main stream media, they will find themselves duped into accepting a dangerous vaccine that is NOT WARRANTED as safe or effective by the drug company that produces it.

Drug companies have been granted immunity from any and all damages their vaccine products cause. [Supreme Court: Bruesewicz vs Wyeth]

So who will insure that an ebola vaccine is safe or effective and who will insure that it won’t do more harm than good? NO ONE!

While there are many good people accepting paychecks from the CDC or the public health industry, they have been intentionally misled by those that control these institutions. As they may also be required to accept an unsafe ebola vaccine – or else – they will be well served by understanding a few FACTS about the CDC . . . and ebola.

  1. The CDC is a for-profit corporation listed on Dun and Bradstreet
  2. The CDC promotes vaccines with full awareness that the vaccine manufacturers are immune from all liability should their products cause harm, or even death. [Bruesewitz v. Wyeth (2011)]
  3. The CDC owns a patent on the Ebola virus, which would include patent rights on a vaccine [1]
  4. The CDC, the WHO and the media are currently broadcasting fake ebola pandemic news and statistics [2] as they did during the fake swine flu pandemic in 2009. [3]
  5. The CDC knowingly deceives both health practitioners and the public about the dangers of vaccines, such as information that was buried after their Simpsonwood conference in 2000 [4] and other information exposed by CDC whistleblowers like Dr David Lewis [5]
  6. The CDC produces propaganda campaigns using a ‘playbook’ [6]
  7. The CDC wastes millions of dollars in ‘perks’, revealed by a congressional committee [7]
  8. The CDC hires unscrupulous researchers to create bogus studies, such as Dr Poul Thorsen [8]
  9. The CDC does not serve the public, but implements political agendas and policies on behalf of those that control the White House [9]
  10. The CDC offers financial bounties to state public health entities and even has employees working in their offices [10]
  11. The CDC ignores congressional reports and/or hearings, such as the Burton Report of 2003 [11]
  12. The CDC actively discredits/destroys reputable researchers, such as Dr Andrew Wakefield [12]
  13. The CDC hires private think-tank corporations, such as RAND, to produce phony “consensus” science reports [13] [14]
  14. The CDC has a long and nasty relationship with the CIA [15]

Don’t fall for the Ebola Scare. Take your vitamin C, gets lots of sun (vitamin D), eat healthy, sleep well, follow the 10 step pandemic psyop by reading: Ebola – same game – same playbook, and help neutralize this nefarious scam by exposing it.

Above all . . . don’t accept a dangerous and toxic ebola vaccine (and the liability that goes with it) that is not warranted by the manufacturer as either safe or effective!!

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