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April 20, 2019

Program: The arrest of Julian Assange

From ‘Going Underground RT (4-13-19)

youtube: John Pilger: Julian Assange exposed U.S. “kill them all’ mentality

From ‘The Listening Post – Al Jazeera English (4-14-19)

youtube: Jailed for Journalism: Wikileaks Editor on Assange Case

April 13, 2019

Program: Discussion of propaganda film “Vice” with researcher/author Christopher Bollyn

youtube from KnowMoreNews: “Vice” Dick Cheney Movie Pro-Israel Propaganda EXPOSED

April 6, 2019

Program: Israel – what is it all about . . . really?

From (3-23-19) Washington Report of Middle East Affairs: author researcher Susan Abulhawa’s keynote presentation:

youtube: Israel Beyond Apartheid

March 30, 2019

Program: The Crisis of Science

youtube: The Corbett Report – The Crisis of Science

March 23, 2019

Program: The Mandatory Vaccination War

youtube: Podcast from Truth Stream Media – Arron and Melissa Dykes

Free Speech and Shutting Down the Vaccine Debate

Guide from ParentsAgainstMandatoryVaccines: Overcoming Vaccine Mania

The International Medical Council on Vaccination has been captured by the vaccine industry and no longer provides accurate information.

March 2, 2019

Program: The Toxicity of Social Media

youtube: Plugged in: The True Toxicity of Social Media

February 23, 2019

Program: Guest E Michael Jones elaborates on usury


February 16, 2019

Program: The War on Terror – the real targets and the real cost

youtube : The Corbett Report – The Last Word on Terrorism

youtube: The Corbett Report – The Real Cost of the War on Terror

February 9, 2019

Program: Is there a war on whites?

Youtube: What’s Killing American’s White Men

February 2, 2019

Program: War on American workers

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 1

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 2

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 3

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 4

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 5

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 6

youtube: Goy Guide to World History – part 7

Youtube: What’s Killing America’s White Men

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

January 26, 2019

Program: E. Michael Jones on the history of labor versus usury

Youtube: E. Michael Jones on Barren Metal

January 19, 2019

Program: 911 and the War on Terror

youtube: Know More News interviews researcher/author Christopher Bollyn

Article: Emergencies without end – A Primer on Federal States of Emergency by Catherine Pradhi

Article: Trump renews extraordinary post-9/11 powers

January 12, 2019

Program: Replay of Psychiatry, Medication and Alternatives (11/3/18)

January 5, 2019

Program: Technology expert Bill Bathgate explains the harmful and detrimental effects of wireless technology.

Bill Bathgate’s website: DE

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