Why the Constitution had to be destroyed . . .


This is a fascinating and important review of American history by Thomas DiLorenzo. After listening to this talk, people will hopefully understand the importance of NOT VOTING!

2 responses to “Why the Constitution had to be destroyed . . .

  1. Absofuquinglutely ridiculous, the Constitution destroyed. There is a plethora of Constitutions. I prefer the founding documents circa 1819 thru 1860-61, the only time we actually had a Constitutional Republic. The documents are Declaration of Independence; Articles Of Confederation; NW Ordinance; t(T)he Constitution of/for the u(U)nited States of America c 1819. There are: no legislative lawful acts since sine di 1861. Most of the SAL are bogus. 1858 is for sure. All color of law legal fiction, The US inc is not government Clearfield Doctrine. The Confederate states Constitution is still four corners on the table. Just because a document is cover it does not disappear. There are no valid treaties, none meet the required standards. They do it that way on purpose. Color of law is fraud or fiduciary culpability. Not one of the FBI, CIA, BLM is lawful.

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