Frank O’Collins explains why OPPT is fraudulent


by AL Whitney (C) copyround 2013
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FRANK OCOLLINSRecently researcher Frank O’Collins did a radio interview explaining Trusts in general as well as the more specific shortcomings of the One People’s Public Trust. Mr O’Collins has spent many years studying Cannon Law and the Roman Cult known as the Vatican.  Frank explains why the Catholic Church believes the Pope is Christ’s Vicar and that the Roman Cult is the proprietor/owner of all life on our planet. He has spent many years researching documents and has proof that the Catholic Church’s claim is based on fraud and deception.  During this process, Mr O’Collins has become an expert on the laws related to “Trusts”. His expert analysis of the One People’s Public Trust is summarized in the following audio clip:

Less than 5 min explanation of the “fraud” of the OPPT

For a more in depth analysis of trust law and the UCC: One hour audio of Frank O’Collins: Trusts and the OPPT (March 6, 2013)

Frank O’Collins web site:


Winston Shrout explains what the Uniform Commercial Code is and what the OPPT is not

OPPT promoter Lisa Harrison acknowledges the expertise of Frank O’Collins (Jan 2012)

One People’s Public Trust

7 responses to “Frank O’Collins explains why OPPT is fraudulent

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  2. Hi we at are still investigating the oppt

    BabylonDecoded, has been working really hard to uncover the people behind OPPT (the whole group has but esp him)

    Karl Langenstein is in the Paradigm Report that kick started the whole OPPT thing. … DIMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT OPPT!

    OPPT Paradigm investigation! By BabylonDecoded

    Ok after investigation a couple of days on the Paradigm Document i found some interesting stuff!

    After a half day of phone calling i found:
    This Company: Treasury Finance AG exists!
    If officially subscribed in switzerland!
    I had a guy name Ray Christoph on the phone.
    This guy gave his name to subscribe this company that’s all!

    The guy who is on the Paradigm Report Karl Langenstein is a guy who took millions from simple people and went to Panama in 1999 already!
    He is on international arrest list since 2001! … -lebewohl/

    But he is continuing making business under this Treasury Finance AG.

    Ray did know About Heather … ! But sound like did not hear from here since a while.
    He confirm that Karl is involved in the company and confirmed that he is still in panama and did not came to switzerland since 14 years!

    So my conclusion for the moment is:
    There is a “official” “legal” company!
    With a guy on international arrest list involved,
    Who is making documents from panama…. with a trustee (Heather), That he did not signed and nobody from this treasury!

    Well if this company does not make other stupid transactions this document can be valid ….
    how much i don’t know!

    I call to the official department to ask legal questions, if they verify who is involved in companies and they say …. no

    I even had the prosecutor on the phone, who worked on the case 14 years ago (he even remember !) He say no he is in another office and on other occupations

    They say:
    Go to the police and say that in this company is a guy involved that is on a international research list …
    This is the only thing i can do … but have huge doubt that there will be done something!

    Well well … democrazy, hipocracy or Burotactic for the banksters backed by the politrix !!!!!

    Hope i will get a answer keep you update!


    I had this Karl Langenstein on the phone!!!!

    1. OPPT is only valid in USA!!!!
    2. he say it will go 50- 60 years that OPPT could take effect!
    4. the finger print is His signature but he have no official position in this company!
    5. OPPT trust is administrated by the biggest Courtesy House in America! And not by the 3 trustees!

    This guy say he only give the “legal” bases to do business if he can talk about BILLIONS !!!!
    After the question if this Treasury Finance AG will take something, he answer: we are looking good years ahead with this company!

    More soon!

    • Bee, what’s a ‘Courtesy House’? I’ve not been able to find it in any legal dictionary so far. Search engines aren’t throwing anything up either. Could you ask your source for clarification please? Or has anyone else got any info on it? Thanks.

  3. Frank O’Collins relies on the very terminologies, definitions and logic established by the Vatican/others to conclude what constitutes an act of fraud on the part of OPPT. I would like to hear an argument that does not use the language designed by the SLAVE SYSTEM to explain why OPPT’s actions are fraudulent (whatever the word means). Frank’s argument although having the force and power of reason, it only serves to confuse the massses who’s comprehension of what those words mean has been pre-determined by the SLAVE SYSTEM designers.

    • alpha5747,
      Can you define “SLAVE SYSTEM” and explain why the two word term is in all caps?

      Frank’s explanation is not limited to Vatican definitions or references. If you listen to this one hour recording, he explains trusts on a very basic level than anyone can understand.
      Frank refers to components of trust law that applies to all trusts: one cannot put property into a trust unless the ‘owner’ of the property has given his/her permission. It is that simple. It would be fraud for me to set up a trust and include my neighbors house as an asset in my trust. I can’t convey property I don’t own. Now let’s ask Heather (or John Miller) to prove that God granted them permission to put the whole planet in their Trust. Oh yes, we’d like this proof from God in writing – with ‘specificity’.

      • I’m curious about something… wasn’t (almost) everyone (that is, the 3D DNA component of everyone, not necessarily the Spirit) held as private property? Didn’t the Papal Bull Unam Sanctum claim the entire planet in a trust owned by the pope in 1302? I was under the impression that the trustees made a few statements that went unrebutted and thus collapsed the strawman and re-joined the Spirit with the person… and that’s it, basically…

        Not trying to be a contrarian, just curious what other folks have to say about these matters

  4. Thanks for the information!

    Click to access UCC_Gift_Recieved.pdf

    Charles C Miller claims to be the ‘grantor’ who gifted the UCC to H Tucci-Jarraf

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