‘The Corporation’ – Film Clips

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

The corporate ‘business model’ (INC the BEAST) has become the biggest parasite on planet earth. Many people, especially those employed by corporations, have yet to wake up to this reality. To the BEAST all of its employees are merely ‘human resources’. Canadian film makers Mark Achbar, Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakken, produced an award winning documentary, The Corporation, describing the nature of the  BEAST and how many ways it is completely out of control.


“This film shows in chilling detail how corporations have become, on balance, parasites that harm their host – the rest of the planet. Even children are not immune from the harm they do, via manipulative advertising. By their nature they profit from tyrannical regimes that exploit a repressed workforce.

An important contributory factor to this grave state of affairs in the United States is the granting of the legal status of a person to corporations, with a legal obligation on them to put profit for the shareholders above all other considerations, democratic, ethical or patriotic. The result is to create amoral monsters on the scale of the organisations, even though individuals within them may be nice people in the ordinary sense of the term.”

Fortunately for all of us the producers have made this documentary available for free and have even broken it into segments. This allows us to post separately the segments that support the issue(s) we are writing about or focusing on.

Below are those segments and a brief description of each one. A wide variety of issues were covered in this important film including: the beast’s relationship with governments, water privatization, Monsanto, child exploitation, media control, biotechnology, genome projects, and the propaganda techniques of The Corporation’s ‘perception management teams’.

The Corporation: all segments

  1. What is a Corporation – the BEAST
  2. The Corporation Birth – in the USA
  3. A Legal Person – with no body to incarcerate
  4. Externalities – Public Private Partnerships
  5. Case Histories – poisoning without consequences
  6. The Pathology of Commerce – psychopaths
  7. Monstrous Obligations – CEOs not in control
  8. Mindset – of a deceptive ‘business model’
  9. Trading 911 – profiting from tragedy
  10. Boundary Issues – world conquest
  11. Basic Training – exploiting children
  12. Perception Management – crafting lies
  13. Like a Good Neighbor – Public Private Partnership propaganda
  14. A Private Celebration – promoting the BEAST
  15. Triumph of the Shill – product placement
  16. Advancing the Front – biotechnology, genome projects & marketing life itself
  17. Unsettling Accounts – legalizing media lies (Monsanto exposed)
  18. Expansion Plan – exploiting government and population
  19. Taking the Right Side
  20. Hostile Takeover – fascism and corporatism
  21. Democracy Ltd – the power of the BEAST over government
  22. Psych Therapies – attempts to neutralize the BEAST
  23. Prognosis – the need to deconstruct the BEAST


The Corporation – Part 1
What is a corporation – the BEAST

Perception Management folks comparing the corporation to a ‘family’ or a ‘team’, use positive images for the most vicious of BEASTS the world has ever known. While a corporate employee is told he/she is a member of a ‘team’, at the very same time they are cataloged as  ‘human resources’.


The Corporation – Part 2

The birth of the corporation is defined incorrectly, but the origin of giving the corporation human rights in the United States is exposed. The corporation actually preceded the formation of the United States.


The Corporation – Part 3
A Legal Person – with no soul to save

Exposing how the ‘corporate charter’ gives its owner limited liabilities, claims the rights as a ‘legal member of society’, but has ” . . . no soul to save and no body to incarcerate”. And yet, the ‘perception managers’ for corporations continually strive to convince the public the corporation is a friendly non-toxic entity. Michael Moore correctly points out that there are no limits to growth for corporations – there is no such thing as enough! This results in their continuous devouring of small business and even other corporations.


The Corporation – Part 4
Externalities – Public Private Partnerships

Defining externalities for corporations, whereas the corporation manages to get the public to pay for as many of their costs as they can. Unfortunately our government (Government, Inc ) and politicians are more than willing to assist them at the expense of the general population. Proof of this is everywhere around us.  Public Private Partnerships are a great example and are an enemy of representative government. The general public (taxpayer) has absolutely no influence over the policies and/or programs they construct.


The Corporation – Part 5
Case Histories – poisoning without consequences

This section is 22 minutes long. If you do not have time to watch any other segment of The Corporation, this one is probably the most important.

Specific examples are given of corporations as externalizing machines using slave labor in third world countries. Companies even pay ‘spies’ to conceal the truth about their labor practices. The corporate ‘spin meister’ attempts to explain why these slave labor practices are justified. This footage demonstrates that when corporations talk about increasing ‘efficiency’ they are usually talking about the ‘science of exploitation.’

Monsanto: The harmful impact on society as a result of the ‘petrochemical’ industry is exposed. Corporations like Monsanto are still very much involved in profiting from this tragic development. The history and development of Monsanto’s rBGH and rBST hormones is explained in some detail. This problem is ongoing, in fact just recently my grocery store posted a sign above the milk stating that the [corrupt] FDA has approved these substances for our consumption.

The fact that the corporate model is actually a ‘doom machine’, with the likelihood that it will destroy us, is made very clear using the paper industry and water pollution as an example. And the heartlessness and lack of moral conscious of stock brokers is revealed by an insider who states that “until the environmental conditions [pollution] become a ‘commodity’ themselves to be traded, than obviously we will have nothing to do with that – it doesn’t come into our psyche at all.”

[The Chicago Climate Exchange has been established so when the Environmental Protection Agency names carbon dioxide a pollutant the cap and trade system will finally allow brokers to ‘trade’ in pollution.]

The criminality of corporations is discussed naming some of the top corporations that have been fined. Of course these fines become just ledger entries aka as operating costs. Only when those costs seriously eat into profits will their polluting practices change. [NOTE: they have not stopped polluting, but now manage to blame overpopulation and all of us humans (who the BEAST refers to as ‘consumers’) for the environmental devastation they have created].

CEO Ray Anderson, having awoken to the plundering done by corporations in their relentless pursuit of profit, attempts to explain why this ‘business model’ will ultimately be the source of our destruction as all natural support systems are currently being plundered by INC the BEAST .


The Corporation – Part 6
The Pathology of Commerce – the psychopath

As corporations have been given the same legal status as humans, our courts have foolishly given legal rights to the world’s most powerful and destructive psychopaths.


The Corporation – Part 7
Monstrous Obligations – CEOs not in control

This clip explains why the legal structure of the corporation does not (cannot) exhibit morality. The CEO of Goodyear explains why even CEOs cannot control the corporation – which was designed as a profit-making machine as its ONLY DIRECTIVE.

The CEO of Royal Shell used his ‘perception management’ skills to convince advocates that he can and will impact his companies polluting practices. At the same time in Nigeria his company is devastating the environment and local activists are hanged for protesting.


The Corporation – Part 8
Mindset – of a deceptive destructive business model

Corporations actually hire employees to commit deception and even fraud on their behalf. The BEAST considers this an acceptable ‘business practice’. The corporate spy interviewed in this clip openly acknowledges that they are ‘preditors’ and that he feels absolutely no guilt when he lies to people. He justifies this behavior by blaming the shareholders for ‘wanting money’. However, the shareholders almost never find out about the corporation’s deceptive or illegal practices because the annual reports they receive always paint a very positive image of them. Also, the corporate media is complicit in concealing the facts regarding their poisonous products. (See Part 17)

Michael Moore raises the question with the CEO of Nike; “How much is enough?”. This is an important clip to make the point that the BEAST has no limits to growth, thus exposing its parasitic nature.

CEO Ray Anderson admits environmental impacts were not a consideration for him. He also admits that when the public expressed concerns regarding the corporation’s environmental practices, his first response was to set up a ‘team’ to ‘frame’ their image for the public. However, after his ‘awakening’ he makes a very poignant plea for government’s to make ‘plundering’ illegal.


The Corporation – Part 9
Trading on 911 – profiting from tragedy

Stock market trader admits that when 911 occurred their predatory nature was (and still is) in control. He exposed that these traders have absolutely no moral compass. They truly are the frontline pac men for the BEAST. Again the shareholders (who are given a rosy image of corporations) are blamed for the traders exploitive predatory behavior.


The Corporation – Part 10
Boundary Issues – world conquest

The BEAST eyes all of earth’s natural elements as commodities, including our water. Trade ‘agreements’ that government ‘representatives’ enter into without permission or approval by the general population allows for wealthy predators to steal and plunder all matter (organic and inorganic) the natural earth has provided.

Beware of the word ‘efficient’ when it comes from the BEAST. It is most frequently used to justify privatization and/or exploitation by corporations. Privatization is part of the end game for globalists, it is not done in the public’s interest but it is done to amass wealth (and control) by corporations and banking interests.

Maude Barlow, Chairperson, Council for Canadians explains the plan for total privatization and enslavement of the global population. This agenda and its history is explained in more detail in the “The ‘City’ World Conquest “. The goal being One Earth Corporation.

Michael Walker, Executive Director of Fraiser institute exposes the interest of privatizers to own everything. While he claims this is the only way to protect rivers, streams, etc. that is merely ‘spin’. The BEAST must produce profits and sees all that it acquires as an asset. Assets must be used to produce profits – the BEAST cannot do anything else, as that is its ‘directive’.


The Corporation – Part 11
Basic Training  – exploiting children

This is an absolutely amazing clip exposing the exploitative nature of the psychopathic BEAST. Not only did the BEAST manage to patent the song “Happy Birthday”, it has absolutely no compunction about using surveys, questionnaires and polls to gather information about our children so they can be “targeted” in their advertising. Corporations even hire psychologists to help with the exploitation of children. The BEAST’s marketer (who is merely a ‘human resource’ of the BEAST) has been so brainwashed by the BEAST, she has absolutely no awareness that there is anything wrong with the deceptive and exploitive techniques she uses.

[Beware of polls, surveys and questionnaires done by either Business, Inc or Government, Inc. This is how both collect the information from the public they need to construct their spin and/or propaganda campaigns or ads. These information queries are almost never used to benefit the general population!]

This clip is also a good example of advertising, ‘perception management’ and corporate speak, such as:

  • communication strategies
  • creative execution
  • media vehicle

Naom Chomsky explains the impact on the general population the BEAST has had. Basically he admits it has been an assault on the human spirit. Two young men explain why they sold their souls to the BEAST.


The Corporation – Part 12
Perception Management – crafting lies

The public is manipulated to manufacture their consent. The tools corporate propaganda human resources (assets of the BEAST) use can be described using many terms: spin, framing, deception, public relations – all are better described as propaganda which was greatly perfected by Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays. The documentary ‘Century of Self’ exposed the development of the propaganda (Government Inc and Business, Inc) industry.


The Corporation – Part 13
Like a Good Neighbor – Public Private Partnership Propaganda

Obviously the Pfizer BEAST recognizes that humans like friendly neighbors and has one of its human resources Tom Klein execute deception identifying Pfizer as a ‘community partner’. The Pfizer BEAST manages to acquire taxpayer money to get a foothold into an aspect of public transportation where its offices are located. This represents another Private Public Partnership and the externalization of costs onto the public by the BEAST. Pfizer cannot be a neighbor, it is not alive – it is merely a paper construct, aka a lying parasitic business model.


The Corporation – Part 14
A Private Celebration – promotion of the BEAST

The “team” emblems (logos and 3D creations) are used to promote the BEAST. Disney has gone so far as to create a ‘town’ built to look like a small town – which demonstrates the affection Americans have always had for their small towns. The Disney propagandist describes Disney using human terms. The anthropomorphizing of a business model makes even less sense than the anthropomorphizing of a living pet.

“The Disney Brand speaks of reassurance, it speaks of tradition, it speaks of quality . . . ”

It like to hear the corporate charter of Disney, Inc say anything.


The Corporation – Part 15
Triumph of the shill – product placement

Deceptive product placement is used all of the time by the BEAST to increase sales. The corporate shill is very real . . . and most are not even aware they are being targeting or being given brand-bait.



The Corporation – Part 16
Advancing the Front – Biotechnology, genome projects, and commodosizing life itself

The frontiers of the future are now defined as biotechnology. Taking out patents on living things is now legal and this clip explains how and when that happened and the enormous implications of creating such a monstrous precedent.

“Without any discussion, corporations now can own the blueprints of life”. This clip is very significant because in 2007 law was passed granting the government the power to collect, catalog and store the DNA of every child born in the U.S. There is now a great race by biotech companies to patent each gene they discover – human and other.

The public is not aware of this very significant debate, which is going on without their input: Does life have intrinsic value, or is it just another commodity for the BEAST to produce, package and sell? The biotechnology the BEAST is currently engaged in is going in the frightening direction of transhumanism. See: Post-Humans – let’s not go there

[In 2007 a law was passed mandating that the DNA of every newborn be collected and put in a DNA database. These samples are being used for screening AND research – biotechnology.]


The Corporation – Part 17
Unsettling Accounts – legalizing media lies

Expose on the corporations control of our media. Monsanto has managed to keep this critically important story about our milk and the corrupt Federal Drug Administration. Their growth hormones, that are administered to dairy cows, make milk an unsafe product. Monsanto does not want the public to know this. The reporters in this segment were going to publicly expose this danger, but were stopped by Murdoch’s attorneys who did not want to lose advertising dollars.

These reporters fought against this travesty every inch of the way . . . and lost. When the issue went to court, the decision was made that falsifying news is not against the law.

We all need to keep this in mind whenever we naively believe main stream media reports stories honestly – legally there is no requirement that they tell the truth. (See Part 5 for more about out unsafe milk.)


The Corporation – Part 18
Expansion Plan – exploiting governments and populations

Exposé of the role the World Bank’s role in exploiting the natural resources and public institutions around the world. The Bolivians were victimized by this practice, but stood up and fought back, when their water was ‘privatized’ by Bechtel. John Perkins book; “I was an economic hitman” does a great job explaining how this is being done. In fact Mr. Perkins recognizes that the United States (because of its huge deficit) is also on their ‘hit list’.

Transnational corporations and the World Bank rely on fascist regimes to enforce their exploitations of the public and their resources.


The Corporation – Part 19
Taking the Right Side

This clip explains the relationship between fascist regimes and corporations. It exposes how corporations colluded with Nazi Germany.
[Note: there are now a lot of historians that are questioning some of the history that is stated as fact in this clip – Eustace Mullins being one.]


The Corporation – Part 20
Hostile Takeover – fascism and corporatism

The role that despotism plays in securing markets and resources for the BEAST. For all practical purposes the BEAST is run like the mob, only with a better perception management team and corrupt government partners to provide the muscle.


The Corporation – Part 21
Democracy Ltd. – the power of the BEAST over government

This clip explains how Corporations are now at the table with governments, and intelligence agencies. It exposes how far the model: Public Private Partnerships has actually come and how ‘conflict of interest’ has been erased from consideration. The BEAST hopes to erase it from the public’s awareness as well. One CEO states that INC the BEAST now has more power than governments.

The free trade propagandists admit that corporate-speak is now the common language for business, Inc and Government Inc. Unfortunately their common language is  ‘spin’ and is designed to confuse the public and obfuscate the ongoing exploitation that is occurring simultaneously by both.

One corporation proponent make the outrageous statement that ‘accountability’ should only be in the marketplace. As the public is deceived about their real ‘practices’ this is not remotely possible – and they know it.

The propagandist’s goal is to build ‘trust’ with the public and demonstrate “corporate and social responsibility”. However, economist Milton Friedman admits that the BEAST has no expertise in social responsiblity – nor do they have any fiscal directive. Corporate ‘ social responsibility’ is yet one more creation of their  ‘perception management teams’.


The Corporation – Part 22
Psycho Therapies – attempts to neutralize the BEAST

This segment reveals how the perceptive manager for the BEAST depicted the movement to revoke Unocal’s charters as ” this demonizing of a company (note he wasn’t about to call it a corporation) . . . is being done by people on the left of the spectrum who don’t produce anything except hot air.”

Name calling and insults are a key part of those who have been cornered and do not wish the conversation to evolve into a real discussion of the facts. This is used all of the time by the propagandists for INC the BEAST. But, unfortunately the vast majority of people have heard it for soooo long, they are manipulated or at least confused by it. Another interesting aspect of the BEAST’s rep in this clip is to blame those attempting to prosecute as leftists. The right/left, liberal/conservative, and Democrat/Republican dialog is used incessantly to keep the population divided so they don’t realize all are being exploited – equally.

The opponents of the outrageous practices of Unocal made an excellent case for having its corporate charter revoked. However, “The attorney General of California refused to revoke the corporate charter of Unocal, but did acknowledge his office did have the power to do so.” His refusal is another example of the unholy alliance that has been created and is being sold as a Public Private Partnership.

[Michael Moore promotes the global warming scientific fraud in this clip, and blames the public for the pollution that has been created by our use of the automobile. He does not mention that oil/auto, INC dismantled the streetcars in the U.S. thus forcing the entire population to purchase cars. Many were saddened to lose the street cars and would have been quite content to keep using public transportation. These two huge misrepresentations of reality by Moore  – damages his credibility.]

Dr Vandana Shiva, physicist, ecologist, and seed activist, explains how a group of activists (facing devastation by patented ‘biotechnology’) managed to get some seed patents revoked. The farmers in India refuse to abide by laws prohibiting them from saving seeds.


The Corporation – Part 23
Prognosis – the need to deconstruct the BEAST

This segment is a sidebar and not very useful, as the reality regarding the corporatization of our government is not acknowledged. This is a huge oversight as Government INC writes and enforces the laws Business INC needs to exploit the general population – for profit!

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