by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

Disarming a corrupt system

Going Along to Get Along

 is one of the best ways to protect a dishonest system!

Most everyone I know admits we currently find ourselves living in a corrupt system. When I suggested to a relative that we give up on Washington the District of Crooks and focus on our local government, she said her local government was just as corrupt as the ‘national’ one. While her oberservations are likely very valid and not at all uncommon, giving up all together is simply not an option. All of the little children you see each day did not create the current climate of corruption in which we live – and indeed they deserve somthing better. If you dispute that FACT, then you are visiting the wrong web site.

 What options and or remedys do we have

Once we recognize that we are not sheeple or herd animals, the doors open to our creativity and collective wisdom. Labeling the general population as merely herd animals is possibly the most absurd of the absurd. Have you ever attended a planning meeting or attempted to start a new organization with what you thought were like-minded people? Did you notice how difficult is was to get them to agree on a defined goal or mission statement? This is because we all have unique perceptions and perspectives due to our varied life experiences.  One size does NOT fit all.

There are many things we can do to stop complying with or abeting a corrupt system. We will list some of them on this page. Hopefully people will add to this list by submitting their own ideas thereby expanding our collective human wisdom.


Destroying media propaganda campaigns using noncompliance

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

Because we have different perceptions, different ads or ‘messages’ have to be created to convince us ALL that black is white and white is black, i.e. fluoridated water is good for you, going into debt for new ‘toys’ will enhance your life, the politicians in Washington are looking out for your best interest, and the militaries role in the Afghanistan drug trade  is necessary for national security.


Publically distributed messages or information whose purpose is to convince folks that

black is white and white is black

or that something that is  not  desirable to them or in their best interest  is 

Once we understand that the media is the mechanism used to convince the public that black is white and white is black, we can start reversing the impact the ‘perception management’ team has on us. So it is important to understand the goal of most of our corrupt politicians is to ‘manufacture our consent’ via ‘spin’, ‘framing’, and general deception. The media for the most part has become a devise to manipulate the population. Their goal: to overcome the innate wisdom and common sense of the general population and get them to ‘comply’ or even promote – that which is not in their best interest – but serves the goals of the ‘controlling profiteers’.

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Shunning the District of Criminals

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved
If you are not yet angry about what is going on in Washington, District of Crooks, listen to this 10 minute discussion of the 2010 Census by Rodney Dale Class: Rodney Dale Class – Census and CAFR

Message to Congress

Many people understand that corruption is now rampant in Washington, D.C.  The gangsters (banksters?) are running our government. Industry lobbyists write legislation and Congress passes it without even reading it. Then they use the corporate worthless media to convince you it will benefit you and your family.  (Black is white and white is black – again!) Basically, if you have been paying attention you recognize the corporations (corporate speak: ‘special interests’) now run our government.         


Lets face it folks!!

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I’ve never liked the term ‘sheeple’, but it is blatantly obvious that some relatively intelligent folks (who KNOW electronic voting is a fraud) haven’t demanded from their very powerful ‘political teams’ that paper ballots be restored. Instead, these ‘sheeple’ work to make the current voting system ‘appear’ legitimate by attending political rallies and putting signs in their yards. Currently elections are not decided by the voters, but by the ‘electronic’ vote counters.

And let’s not forget, you are not voting for ‘public servants’ anyway. You are merely helping to select the employees for the Democratic-Federal Franchise system. Once you elect them, for the most part, they disregard anything you say.  Just try contacting your state, county, municipal government ‘representatives’ with a concern, complaint, or suggestion.  If you get anything more than a pat on the head and sheer frustration, please share your experience in the comments section.  We would all appreciate knowing that their are some folks working for the Corporation Nation who still believe they have a responsibilty to the taxpayers.

Did you know that when you vote you are signing up (again) to be a CITIZEN (artificial legal construct) of USA INC? As a CITIZEN, you are also agreeing that you support the endless wars USA INC is engaged in and accept resonsibility for the national debt that our corrupt politicans have created. Remember the ‘national debt’ is not yours – it’s theirs!

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3 responses to “NonCompliance

  1. I liked the article very well written. congratulations man!

    by Emprestimo

  2. Let’s look at a few words we hear in our daily lives. Words like con-gress, con-trol, con-spiracy, con-sensus.

    Words are spells. Yes, magic spells. That’s why when we ‘spell’ a word it’s called ‘spelling’. It’s a verb.

    The word ‘con’ means ‘1. to direct the steering of a ship (as in vessel a.k.a. the statutory ‘PERSON’). In legalese, EVERYTHING means something. Nothing is deliberate or left to chance. The very words we use either hang us or set us free.

  3. today was swarmed by a crowd of US Census takers, got to hear their prep meeting where the leader fed them lines to guilt people into volunteering information as they canvass neighborhoods. they were met with much disappointment from what i could see as many did not wish to participate.

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