Public Servant Questionnaire

Many have reported that because of the mountain of statutory rules/regulations that have been passed over the last  . . . (20 yrs?) government agency representatives have become increasingly more intrusive and/or abusive.

First it is important to comprehend that these folks ARE NOT PUBLIC SERVANTS! They are corporate statute enforcers.

From Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America:

The federal and state governments are not real. They are privately owned corporations called governments . . . and the law is nothing more than their corporate regulations called statutes.”  (pg 103) “These corporate laws and regulations are called statutes and their affect and control over human beings is deceptively obtained by consent through civil contracts.” (pg 99)

When so-called government statute enforcers come to your door, politely ask them to identify themselves and the purpose for the visit by handing them a Corporate Government Employee Questionnaire.

Handing the gov rep this questionnaire and requesting they fill it out BEFORE you consider their request/demand (or let them in your house) can halt a difficult encounter before it begins. Always be polite. NEVER BE BELLIGERENT! Repeat: NEVER BE BELLIGERENT In their system belligerence justifies them taking action (including calling the police) against you.

These corporate-government reps are told that all the crazy statutes passed by their corporation are laws, which they are not. The questionnaire will most likely confuse them . . . as well as their superiors. The gentleman or lady standing at your door is likely an innocent minion for a much large illegitimate (de facto) system.

The 2009 pandemic response system in the STATE OF OHIO, that was created over many years, is a good example of what our so-called government really is. Our Government is a Company

Without realizing it, people keep consenting to the phony authority gov reps try to exert. As long as we do, there will be no accountability. This questionnaire requests that the gov rep provide the information necessary to actually hold them personally accountable for their actions. It also asks them to identify the statute they are attempting to enforce.

So, what binds us to their statutes? According to Judge Dale, we give our consent by signing civil contracts. Which is why the Corporate Government Employee Questionnaire requests a document (contract) with an original signature.

Also, it is possible that an admission to being either a CITIZEN or a RESIDENT creates the presumption that you are subject to statutory jurisdiction. So, never admit to being either. Always answer that as those terms have legal implications, you are not quite sure if they apply to you or not.  Do not engage in a complicated conversation about your so-called ‘status’.

Using this form is an attempt to put accountability back into our corporate-government system. Once they tell us how it is they believe we are obligated to adhere to their statutes, we can begin to unravel this mess.

Meanwhile read every contract put in front of you. If you don’t understand it take it home and look up the terms. If any form or document states, “Under Penalty of Perjury”, draw a line through those words and write the following directly below: “It is unclear as to who will determine what is factual”. An unknown determinator will decide whether or not you’ve committed perjury, be they right or wrong.

Before engaging with our current ‘legal’ system, educate yourself as to how our “Legal Process” really works.  From Judge Dale’s The Great American Adventure – Secrets of America (chapter 5):

“You probably identify with this corporate process as legal process but it really isn’t about what is legal or lawful because the process is about the enforcement of contracts or regulations called statutes. The best advice you will ever receive is to: avoid their courts whenever possible. There is no justice to be found in those courts unless you are a member of the Vatican; the Royal or Elite, or have purchased Diplomatic Immunity. ” (pg 105)

Corporate-Government Employee Questionnaire

11 responses to “Public Servant Questionnaire

  1. The Public Servant Questionnaire is better because it allows them to be punished if they don’t comply with filling out the P.S Questionnaire, where as the C.G.E. Questionnaire gives no manner of punishment for non compliance.
    They’re C. G employees acting as public servants and therefore can be charged as
    a Public servant.
    Just like a minor who’s actions would cause them to be charged as an adult.
    If one doesn’t serve them the Questionnaire that goes along with how they act, they are in agreement with the corruption that’s going on.
    For those on this site that would use the C.G.E. Questionnaire should push for the name to be ‘some what’.

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  3. I would really like someone with experience to talk to… I’m in a small town and have no one for feedback.

    I was arrested for producing the questionnaire at a traffic stop. The LEO was driving a white SUV and approached in a white polo tee shirt. I won’t flood the comment with details, but I was polite, repeatedly asked for official ID, offered my name and address, and told him I was enjoying my right to travel through the republic. Handcuffs… Back seat of his cruiser… Failure to obey charge (criminal), search of my car, more charges… Impound of my car… A couple days in jail… No phone call.

    Prior to arraignment I wanted to protect my rights, ask for more time and prepare to answer the court. The court refused to reschedule the arraignment on the phone. So I faxed a notice to the clerk with Judge Dale’s “no contract, no consent” language, notarized on all 4 charges/affidavits, and notice that I reserve all rights. The clerk called the next day (much softer tone) and explained that I just had to come in and enter a guilty/not guilty plea. I did not argue with her, but appeared expecting to have some dialogue about the nature of the charges and jurisdiction, etc. (Freeman

    At arraignment I was extremely nervous but talked to the prosecutor and judge. He didn’t ask my name or if I understood the charges, and didn’t offer an attorney. The chat with the prosecutor was short when he read my notice in the file.

    Now I want to get my rebuttals to the charges on public record and motion to dismiss. Failing that, I need help underatanding how to invoke the common law.

    The charging instruments are missing the clerk’s name on them. The speeding ticket lacks the clerks signature. If anyone with experience is willing to talk I would appreciate it.

    • Have you read LAWFULLY YOURS? It sound like you agreed to contract and put yourself in their jurisdiction. When you plea guilty or not guilty that is exactly what happens.

      • Things quickly turned complex…

        Yes! Unfortunately, I have read it, but I did not see the opportunity to apply it, and I didn’t have the words, skills or experience to open a door myself. I prepared for the visit as best as I could, but after having been arrested for asking a cop for ID, jailed for 2+ days, and denied a phone call, and charged with criminal acts, I was very nervous (I was in God’s country, in the South where they like to make examples of the non-compliant, apparently) and I was very afraid of being arrested again.

        Complicating matters further, my cousin bailed me out unexpectedly, which I didn’t really want (they’d have set me free after 3 days, no?), but I cheerfully accepted the gift once the surprise visit from the bondsman came. So, I had signed a contract with him to show up, etc. For what it’s worth, I appeared at the arraignment, more because I had a contract to honor (with the bondsman), and less because the court wanted me to show up. And, I was confused even more because I had no experience with criminal charges and had no idea whether an appearance was required or requested.

        The court’s procedures were nothing like what I have read about (never previously been in a courtroom), and I did not find (nor create) an opportunity to challenge the subject matter or in personam jurisdiction. I did meet with the prosecutor briefly. He glanced over my fax/notice and affidavits, and we only spoke briefly when he realized I was challenging jurisdiction. I told the judge that I intended to challenge jurisdiction, as well. We spoke briefly, he closed the file (which was the only red colored folder among the many in the two stacks that day) away, entered a not-guilty plea “on my behalf,” and scheduled a court date for 90 days out.

        So… things didn’t go as I had hoped, and they especially didn’t flow in any respect in the manner characterized by Judge Dale and other contributors to education, here and elsewhere. I did have some foresight, and anticipated the possibility of damaging my rights by showing up, etc… That’s why I took steps prior to arraignment to (hopefully) keep my rights intact. 1) Sent the Notice via fax to the clerk, ahead of the arraignment stating that I would be visiting specially, suis juris, and not generally, and maintaining all rights, stating their tacit acceptance of my terms, etc., and 2) The fax included all 4 charges/affidavits, marked “I do not accept this offer to contract and I do not consent to these proceedings,” all notarized. I have read that the federal rules of civil procedure state that a document is considered recorded when received. And, 3) While I regretfully admit to losing my nerve in court after the experience of being arrested for the heinous crime of asking a cop for ID (Folks, please don’t judge me here; he was in a plain looking SUV, wearing a plain looking Polo tee shirt, etc). But, at least I signed the court’s form with UCC 1-308.

        I am not sure that I didn’t manage to preserve some (all?) rights with the fax and reservation of rights on my signature. Also, I don’t know if the charges filed are void due to defects (All 3 criminal charges lack the clerk’s name, although the signature is there. The speeding ticket lacks the clerk’s date & signature). Any insights or strategies?

        • No one should judge you. I’ve got several close friends who while knowledgeable caved to the intimidation. Sharing your story helps many people recognize how devious the court system really is. The more we all know, the less mistakes we are going to make. So, thanks for this info.

          From what you said you signed several “contracts” which put you in their jurisdiction. Remember they can’t access the Cesta Que Vie Trust without your signature. Accepting bail and or pleaing are both examples of agreeing to contract.

          If it was me, I’d review the “legal Process” section of LAWFULLY YOURS and learn from my experience.

    • You need to reserve your rights before you do any thing under UCC 1-308 formally 1-207 that should have been done when you signed the citation by writing that after your sig. That forces the court to common law under the uniform comercial code. Next if it’s a civil case you tell the Judge to dismiss the charges due to no certified complaint for an injured witness. If he tries to continue you tell him that he must disqualifie his self from this case or move it to federal court due to the fact that the constitution guarantees you to a fair trial. If he tells you that the state or commonwealth is the injured witness you ask him to again dismiss this case or move to federal court. How can the state be the damaged party be the judge and prosecuting attorney. If its criminal same apply the United States Constitution grants the courts only two jurisdictions in criminal court first one is common-law the second one is in Admiralty military tribunal venue. And under the constitution you have a right to know what jurisdiction they’re trying you under the judge is not going to admit to you that he’s trying you under and Admiralty military tribunal venue because if you did he would have to admit that the United States is bankrupt and owned by its creditors so if it’s common law there must be a certified complaint from an injured person. And if it is a military tribunal venue the judge has no jurisdiction to try anybody in that jurisdiction.

  4. My Daughters property was taken without the right to do process the baby was Just around 3 months old, there were threats by DFCS supervisor they were going to take this Baby and was not going home no matter what. By state records these people were not even qualified to be social workers. The state actors knew this threat was heard by numerous witnesses the Lawyers did bot ask any of these witnesses of the threat Although they did exist after taking the property, we were not entitled to do process trial by jury before or after. at around 3 months the child was placed in foster to adopt care, because Ben Miller Jr court allowed Dfcs to relinquish custody of my daughter and placed the child with Mike and Kelly Wilson the foster adopt parents,according to the rules of Twin Cedars homes the mother and baby had to be there this forced my daughter home. they wanted to prove deprivation and could not, it was premeditated i have proof, it was planed by the court and attornies to take the child, we were not allowed to testify August 16, 2011 even-though one of the people testifying against us was caught fabricating and making false statements on the stand, The others would have been caught to if we were allowed our witnesses and allowed to testify. And can prove that by matter of record clear and convincing evidence. I still have, they later claimed the baby (Property) was not thriving gaining weight, she was weighed after court on August 16, 2011 and she did make her weight, plus the baby was born with yellow Jaundice and had a cold which made feeding very sperratic. The pediatrician put the blame on us not feeding right and did not tell us we were fighting the Jaundice and the cold at the same time nor was there anything prescribed on how to treat any of them until he testified against us on September 20, 2011, This was done by Dr. McBride at Griffin Pediatrics in Ga. September 20, 2011 the court wanted to prove i deprived, then found the court would be hard pressed to find deprivation, from me, to my daughter, to my grand baby. By coercion they wanted me to stipulate i deprived and was proven i did not. Yet the Judge Ben Miller Jr. Placed this property back in DFCS care where she was sent to foster to adopt home.while in DFCS custody the property was neglected and sustained a head injury, But they still hold the property. in an August 7,2012 transcript I do have another case worker Michell Madewell was on the stand the ad litum lawyer Charlie Burton O Niel Jr, questioned her and said September 20, 2011 this is when my daughter abandoned the baby when in second chance home Narrative, She replied yes when i have not only record but credible witnesses that say what really happened the court relinquished custody of my daughter forcing her to come home and the baby went to foster to adopt home, rights were signed to me to adopt and bring the property home. July 10, 2012 I did all that was asked and more, All the Judge Ben Miller Jr, Charlie Burton O Niel Jr. Tammy Griner the special asst atty gen, Rodger Montgomery, and Todd Harding all knew the 10 days ran and the rights were mine . The constitutional law and statue law were circumvented. even the judges casa Sue Coffin submitted a fraudulent report which in writing is libel and false testimony on the stand was slander, the Judge allowed this fraudulent record stand against us as evidence. The foster parents even collaberated their testimony that said it seemed the baby had a head injury when they received her September 20, 2011 and her blankets smelled of spoiled milk. Fact I have the hand written report that while in court the staff at Twin ceders home washed the linens and clothes, and the statement was initialed by the parties that did this, Fact I have pictures of a head injury made in their care, and a police report this was done in Lamar county we live in Pike county. The court also pushed this through to the appeals court hoping we would not be able to appeal. Another victim told us of a lawyer, who first time done in the state of Ga got the appeals court to accept an out of time appeal on termination of parental rights.his name TOM RAWLINS.I been to the court house to find that the transcripts have been changed and a lot was added to and taken out that were made for the court. they are trying very hard to steal my daughters property going to this point deliberate (done with Cool Heads), this was Mens – Rea specific Intent. to steal this baby. Clyde Reese also was asked to investigate this and accepted he reported back the department screwed up and when asked when he was going to come forward and return the property he said circumstantial information he was advised not to come forward. By the Attorney General Sam O Lens. What do they have to gain by this Mondale Act that was signed in 1974, our federal tax dollars some of goes to these people the state and county, to the DFCS department. if they adopt babies and property to outside families. I used Real names because the truth is not slander and i have a lot more that did not come out like the recording i have on their Psychologist Dr Gothard out of Atlanta. Now this cost me 3 heart surgeries, and you stuck a band-aid in it, I will fight this to the end I will die for this baby, property and i think I have proven it not to mention i asked the sheriff to get the GBI involved and they did, they investigated me . not the criminals and the crime stealing this property. We could use support because the county commissioners and county lawyer wont help us guess they are more concerned about getting the money from the Mondale act. this is going on nation wide maybe this will open the eyes to other victims, also look up the late senator Nancy Shaffer Ga.she was going to expose this multi billion dollar tax rip off and she was killed. My message is simple bring Belle Home and stop trafficking children Hitler tried stealing blonds it dont work remember.So if anyone wants to help write the Governor of Ga and tell them to return Beverly Ruth Moss. thanks Randall.

  5. I’m just now learning of the farm issues. I believe that I was subjected to this in begining 90’s after my wife’s death. At that time I’d lost all my love for the farm and with no knowledge of the real truth I gave into FmHA’s forcing me to simply leave my fourth generation home farm. Have you any thoughts?

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