Here is a ‘spoof’ that is all too real to be amusing.

Part 1 (10 min)

Part 2 (10 min)

Many have exposed the agenda of a New World Order, a One World Government, or Global ‘Governance’, however only author John Christian defined it as a The City World Conquest.

And researcher film producer extraordinaire Cliff Richardson brilliantly explains in his documentary Corporation Nation how the structure author John Christian exposed has been quietly set up in the United States (USA INC) as an important component of this corporate global nightmare!

Documentary: Corporation Nation  *****

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24 responses to “Illumicorp

  1. I am shocked this video got out here.

    Society, begins with censorship as that of the corporation. The institution that governs, governs its downfall and an age pass, and ages come. Because they sought the wealth of a public yet blamed the place where it did not come from originally of its origin, but rather the groups of people associated who took place from a region elsewhere. The world was dark to begin with, lost in its ways. The world hates America, point blank simple. But for those of us who live in it, we are more free than you for you blame those who are accused of it rather than those who cause it. It does not matter which prophet and much is grudging history. If you want to tackle on the censorship of illumincorp or some trademark corporation, get a paralegal stop your stupid dictatorships or corruption in other areas and come to some agreement with a concept that every man is equal.

    Mankind uses God as control, so God has not heard the voice. Man lies about God in his heart, they do not know God as others grew up with God. And God was of many regions as taught by the East and the West. They take names and toss their beliefs aside and for what? Violence rather than improvement or to prosper? But people learned that of the East in mysticism or ways. Others had not seen to the West grew up with the truth and the East persecutes us because of their culture.

    Regardless which side of the world is east and west, you forget about the north and south. If you want to make laws for the people, then just be it on the totality of the population rather than the internet few of us on here who be just in given an honest opinion. I believe it is our nation screwed because of the elder, not because of the younger.

    And you think political leaders like the democrats and few minimal other officials who just leave signs around and make laws for a nation and states are better for the people regardless of what party even if one is republican? It is not. Try helping the people who are actually disabled or wanted more than being stuck, and stop being a greedy piece of shit according to meaningless exchange.

    But the stupidity of the elder the younger repeat and others of us it is none of your side of the world’s business as people are treated unequally. Nor is it my business also to enter in the life of peoples’ affairs. As if none of you had considered ethics.

    You want more regulation, so you will get it. You want freedom, yet it comes with a cost but acknowledgement by law of the land.

    I do not believe in the constitution. But I believe aspects of it.
    Other nations had a charter and a base model.

    When they censored my region, they the trademarks from other nations did so and accused the people and others were hypocrites of their place. If people want a leader of man, so shall that be. But that is primitive thinking unless one really knew what they were doing. Meanwhile you who knew when the web was young, you took advantage of it. You blame good people and a public who are finally finding out truths that the American population was lied to by those before them.

    And those of you who fight for honor are noble, but those who fight with an intention in self are hypocrites and therefore not honored less life declare it though you know it was false of manner.

    If it were up to the younger to know these issues by statistic as a whole, they or some of this age as many would not know where to begin besides blaming trademark organizations for their stupidity in how they handle the economy while people or the so called developers rip off the public. Just like the game developers and groups of you who got wiped away with a whole tech generations for scamming the general public then putting your stupid censorship on a region. Sadly, in modern day people still have a mind that refers to the past, though others look for the modern in a past era. You grew up knowing ancient, yet they make the same mistake. The arguments of a God, one could believe on life all they want to, but action be made of the simple. Of course the ancient would laugh but they forget life has its purpose compared to the modern.

    You persecuted Christians and moral value and others of us learned bad habits, they will come back to bite you though that belief is not perfect. Do not blame one belief or group for the world’s stupidity. As that will hunt the ancient and the ancient will hunt the present modern to the grave.

    There is a lack of wildlife this is true. And people need to conserve and think. But such is an aspect of development to the waste and abandonment where services are not held in preserve. Sometimes a static environment enhances the brain to that of the mind should be more dynamic.

    The government before me was a fool. For I saw the senate in the case of a just judge accuse a man based on his high school life cause one was a Jesuit, and that man was found noble in my eyes. Leave it up to one political party if that screws a nation because of decline factors though others have situations.

    People before me, are simple, where life science and the mind is complex. You of people took advantage, and spend money on the social networks. Those will crumble in their due time of reputations due to accounts stolen and reputation of idiots in the stream that came from every side of the world.

    The world does not like the truth but they also receive it from unjust perceptions as I am not to state but will.

    I forgot to mention not everyone from one region or business (some) is evil or of greed. Therefore when you say break the banks of corporate that are civil of a place, you bust the very ones or should that define you each at the reactions of your own civil-ness and make the public a mockery of what they sought to break from. You look at yourselves and be the judge of yourselves and as to I to me and we each to we, before we look at the actions of others and judge. Perhaps then someone would understand what is not a hypocrite of many rather than some few.

  2. Humans are silly creatures indeed. So fearful of the dark abyss of misunderstanding. Life is a complex pattern that must be analyzed and figured out beyond human emotional norms. Even if this video is not real, the objectives and values are real. The world needs a new world order. Without a new world order the human race will extinct itself on its current path. For the preservation of humankind I pray that their is a new world order and I pray that I can be on the inside, but either way life is much bigger than any of us. The show will always go on. Analyze history, there is something huge going on behind the scenes. We are not physical beings, our true form is as complex spiritual beings that occupy these physical shells. An awakening is happening and things are shifting. The mystery is the light that will guide you to the truth. Be happy, have fun and live well my friends. May peace be with you. You are all magnificent beyond any explanation and possess greatness, all you have to do is see it.

  3. Johnathan Doe

    I cannot believe you think you can get awy with this we will stop you we will take back our bodies and minds and cleanse our world of you corrupt scumbags.

    We are anonymous. We are leigen. We do not forgive. We do not forget. expect us!!

  4. When humanity understands tha God created itself in to mankind all the lower spirutual frecuency actions characterized by ego power and evil greed, will disappear and be replaced by Divine unconditional love.Just give it time.

  5. Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship, so that he takes his seat in the temple of God, proclaiming himself to be God.

    • I’m Muslim. If you believe that THEY control the media, then know that they deliberately show Muslims in a negative way. It promotes their agenda of course! It’s the less than 2% extremists among Muslims that are shown to represent the majority. They are the animals mistreating women and killing indiscriminately because they were bred for that purpose. And believe you me, they have been created and are well-funded to hasten the final push. Islam is all about peace. The word jihad means ‘to struggle’ and has always been interpreted among Muslim scholars to be defensive when confronted by unprovoked aggression. Islam is being twisted right before our eyes!!

  6. the only thing that stan betwen illuminati and new world order is islam!

    • There are aspects to Islam that are out of balance with natural law, such as their enslavement of women, which must be vigorously opposed. However, Islam’s recognition that usery is slavery and is not permitted in any form is so very in line with natural law. I’m convinced that Islam has been made the target of the NWO banksters for no other reason that it’s rigid and righteous stand against usery. Let’s hope the Mulims never change their position on usery. And it would be nice if the Christians would stand with you on this critically important issue.

    • And Russia

  7. Listen it’s simple This is Gods world no need to expose. They will fail. They always do. So just keep doing the right thing. The illuminati..If they exist are only as strong as we allow them to be. This is all silly. God is laughing up there at their futile schemes. We have nothing to fear. Say they do take over…REMEMBER…THIS IS GODS WORLD, ALWAYS WAS ALWAYS WILL BE. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY. OH BY THE WAY IV”E BEEN ON BOTH SIDES…GOOD ALWAYS WINS….

  8. Fake Messiahs and lying preachers are going to pop up everywhere. Their impressive credentials and dazzling performances will pull the wool over the eyes of even those who ought to know better. Matthew 24:24 (MSG)


  10. Well for many years, we have been hearing about how the devil will take over and rule humanity many laughed, but now they are waking up. Right now it is there before our very eyes, there is about 1000 people who are involved from very wealthy families to Governments, their agenda is not about you and your happiness, it is about making you a slave. The devil is in control upon this world now and works through this evil group, and is working through governments, this is why you will never be able to get any government to do the right thing for the country, they are all in it together, and their plan is to bring about a so called new world order which is evil. Yes this evil group will take over as it is now too late, we will need Gods help to free us. these evil bastards have destroyed America that is why soon there will be only scattered islands of what was once a great nation, destroyed by this evil What they do not understand because they are subhuman is that we all are answerable for our actions and will have to pay for it.
    They may gain control for a time but they will have to pay for their crimes. they bring on humanity, It has been said that they will hide in their underground cities, but they will have no escape, they will be spewed up in the face of the creator, for the evil they have created like the very pus that they are, and all the atoms which make up their evil beings will be totally cleansed in the fires of lava and what is left of their evil souls will be removed from this planet, no doubt go into a two dimensional world and it will be 10 of thousands of years before they ever get back to this level.. This is their fate, they may think they will rule us by fear creating wars using the distorted truth of religion, but they are coming unstuck and they may not be able to carry out their evil plans, and the more people who wake up the better. They are the puppet masters who think the control everyone but soon a mighty hand is going to silence them for good. What needs to happen is every one of them rounded up take away all the money they have most of this belongs to the people, and break up the reserve bank in America and return this wealth to the people and the Government, this will solve the economic problems. These evil wicked bastards that are running this world are the cause of all the problems, they creat it, and it is now time for everyone to take control they are the most evil people on this world and will be removed for good soon but why wait for God lets pull their filth down and expose them for what they are chain them up.
    Any one who tries to stand up against this filth, is killed by them but they will not get away with it they are running scared and they are making mistakes, people are waking up religion Monarchs and the power elite are connected. So if you want to be free as God intended then rise up against these low life scum. Remember there will be no real progress in this world until the Devil is removed along with his evil puppets.. Yes 1984 is here and has been for the last decade technology is not being used to help us only destroy us if humanity cannot use science for the good of all then it is better not to have it. Read look around and read between the lies of all Governments of this world and religion because all religion is wrong the truth was distorted many years ago.

    • I disagree with your assessment. You call them evil but what is evil? Look at the earth, look at the ignorance of the American population. Inaction is just as evil as the evil enacted. We are morally deprived. People are killing the environment and at the current rate we are heading towards extinction now that sounds like evil to me. I have had many visions in my life and let me tell you of the vision of our problems. Envision the earth. Now envision every living creature on earth all lined up. We all breathe, we all feel, we all think, we all have the same emotions and we all show them differently. Now focus on the humans for a second on their modern age. They seem confused on why no one cares about people they don’t know. All the while the humans are killing billions of animals and feasting on the flesh of there love and blood. Life is sacred, humanity won’t be cleaned until the power of love is spread to every living creature because in the end we are all the same occupying force. Don’t let your conditioned individual mind fool you, you are a part of something much much bigger, they are just more connected to it. Open your eyes to something.

  11. There are no nations. No states, no governments. There is just people, filling the space of one earth. Awaken to acknowledge the fact that your brothers and sisters are being manipulated and killed as a result of the choices of an oligarchy. One whose interest is directed towards promotion of the self. Time to pursue truth, together, as the people united.

  12. The world could use some professional cleansing? So, if I don’t agree with your “vision of the future” does that mean you and your trainees will kill me?

  13. Terrence Bradley

    As a retired Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance Sniper, I assure you that the world could use some professional cleansing. I personally trained one of our former presidents grandsons and can assure each of you that the lad is a patriot to his country. If individuals are intelligent, driven, and determined enough to achieve mutual goals…..respect the achievement. My patience, leadership, and exact mentoring of the previously mentioned offspring was based on mutual respect culminating from strict orders based in discipline and a vision of the future. I spoke only once of my injuries to the student, informing him that I had endured a traumatic brain injury. I explained my loss of memory, inability to complete certain functions and requirement to retire. It was a pleasure to train a future leader of our great nation. As I type tonight, I do not whine of poor communication with the Veterans Administration, complain about lack of funding to meet my families former lifestyle, or run in fear of an organization with goals. I own a modest home, have three wonderful children, a beautiful wife, and a lab puppy that is training well. Our family focuses on what we can control on our humble orchard, we self educate and love our system in the world! Our family bloodline has always been patriotic and assumed roles as protectors. Never allow yourself to focus simply on this planet, reach for the night sky you could never imagine and keep your family close! Semper Fi

  14. we all need to reunite and protest against them!!!

  15. And we were warned by our beloved prophet Mohammed 1400 years ago! Come on people wake up!

  16. We were warned by a book written over 60 years ago by george orwell 1984

    • People shine yo eyes they do not exisit they are just trying to throw a stone in a hive and see wat will happen they can’t do anything to us in da name of God the creater

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