The following is a collection of articles and videos exposing the reality of our media. A well organized system of propaganda and exploitation has been inflicted on the American population for nearly a century. We have lived our lives in an ocean of deception and we have been manipulated into supporting actions (like wars, including the ‘war on terror) and policies that were not in our best interest.

This ‘system’ of perception management is entrenched in all levels of ‘government’, news reporting, and entertainment. The goals are to a) keep us distracted b) keep us divided (especially conservatives and liberals – which were both contrived), and c) keep us obedient.

Question everything and share this REALITY with all of your friends, neighbors and family.


Our Media Reality



There are five reasons that the mainstream media is worthless.

Washington Blog
December 4, 2009

Short synopsis

1. Self-Censorship by Journalists

Initially, there is tremendous self-censorship by journalists.

2. Censorship by Higher-Ups

If journalists do want to speak out about an issue, they also are subject to tremendous pressure by their editors or producers to kill the story.

In addition, the government has allowed tremendous consolidation in ownership of the airwaves during the past decade.

Dan Rather has slammed media consolidation:

Likening media consolidation to that of the banking industry, Rather claimed that “roughly 80 percent” of the media is controlled by no more than six, and possibly as few as four, corporations.

3. Drumming Up Support for War

In addition, the owners of American media companies have long actively played a part in drumming up support for war.

It is painfully obvious that the large news outlets studiously avoided any real criticism of the government’s claims in the run up to the Iraq war. It is painfully obvious that the large American media companies acted as lapdogs and stenographers for the government’s war agenda.

4. Access

Politico reveals:

For $25,000 to $250,000, The Washington Post has offered lobbyists and association executives off-the-record, nonconfrontational access to “those powerful few”: Obama administration officials, members of Congress, and — at first — even the paper’s own reporters and editors…

The offer — which essentially turns a news organization into a facilitator for private lobbyist-official encounters — was a new sign of the lengths to which news organizations will go to find revenue at a time when most newspapers are struggling for survival.

5. Censorship by the Government

Finally, as if the media’s own interest in promoting war is not strong enough, the government has exerted tremendous pressure on the media to report things a certain way. Indeed, at times the government has thrown media owners and reporters in jail if they’ve been too critical. The media companies have felt great pressure from the government to kill any real questioning of the endless wars.

For example, Dan Rather said, regarding American media, “What you have is a miniature version of what you have in totalitarian states”.

Tom Brokaw said “all wars are based on propaganda.

Indeed, in the final analysis, the main reason today that the media giants will not cover the real stories or question the government’s actions or policies in any meaningful way is that the American government and mainstream media been somewhat blended together.

[This ‘marriage’ is obvious when you look at the media coverage and acceptance of the Center for Disease Control propaganda regarding the H1N1 ‘pandemic’: CDC – Deceiving the Public]

Read full article


The Corporation – Part 17: Unsettling Accounts

This is an expose on how much control of our media the corporations actually have. Monsanto has managed to keep quiet this critically important story about our milk and the corrupt Federal Drug Administration. Monsanto’s growth hormones, that are currently given to dairy cows to supposedly increase production,  create an unsafe product and Monsanto does not want the public to become aware of this FACT. The  reporters in this segment were going to publicly expose this danger, but were stopped by Murdoch’s attorneys who did not want to lose advertising dollars. The reporters fought against this travesty every inch of the way . . . and lost. When the issue went to court, the decision was made that falsifying news is not against the law.

We all need to keep this in mind whenever we look to main stream media for honest reporting –

legally there is no requirement that they tell the truth.


Globalists, the Council on Foreign Relations, now control our media

We must accept that the so-called ‘global elite’ (aka The Money Monsters) now control the media in the United States. We are currently given a non-stop diet of propaganda and mind control.  Even the former CIA agent Robert Steele admits that bloggers have become the new ‘independent’ media.


Our Media is used for ‘social engineering’ and mind control

Do you think we became a ‘consumer’ (not spiritual) society . . . by accident?

Mind control! Your thoughts are not your own.


Why is it so difficult to see the propaganda that is all around us?


PSYWAR – the documentary introduction:

“In the United States we’re often brought up and told we don’t have propaganda; that we have a hard charging investigative press, we have this educated sceptical even cynical citizenry and that if there were powerful interests trying to manage and manipulate public opinion they would be exposed. The reality actually is just the opposite. Academics like Alex Kerry and others, who’ve spent their life times looking at how propaganda works, find that it’s actually in Western democracies and open societies where you need the most sophisticated sorts of propaganda. And since WWI, thanks to people like Ivy Lee and Eddy Bernays, you know propaganda’s become a business – this business of public relations. Or as one of the firms that has often represented dictators, the Burson Marsteller firm, puts it . . . their business is perception management – to manage public perception, public policy on behalf of their clients who ever they might be.”

[view Psywar Youtube video series]

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  3. Well, I found out what is worse than a story so corrupt
    ( local, state and federal) Horrendous and life shattering with no due process Is! The refusal of all media sources to tell the story even after the victim writes a book about it . This 100% wounded veteran was brutally harmed for life after getting out of the service. Stripped of all rights over and over. see

  4. The corruption in CPS in California trafficking children for money

  5. Please contact me. Thank you.

    Ms. Gardner
    (p) 516 589-5584

  6. The main problem with the media is that they use a fictionary rather than a dictionary. Media should explain certain key words in context. The second problem with the media is that they will report it is raining, simply because there are droplets on the sidewalk. But, the person peeing on their head is an afterthought to that story when they look up and notice a cloudless sky. The third problem is the so-called “experts” or either dated or they are trying to apply Reaganomics in a non-consumerism debt-averse 2016. Thing like that confuse the readers who either did not live through the Reagan era or do not understand that Reagan capitalized on morphing FDR big-government front-loading economic growth with cutting taxes. He appealed to FDR-era seniors and Democrats and the Yuppies who were formerly Hippies that sought greed. The problem is, 2016 is a different global economy. We have the Internet now. Consignment relieves the huge 33% inventory that capitalization addressed – a reduction of unit cost versus overstock on balance sheets during tax preparation season – and the net operating-loss carried for decades that reduces tax liability. Smoothing postponed the long-term problems with all that Reagan did. Reagan was not all bad. But, 2016 is different. Most don’t understand those differences and instead hear from Supply-Side versus Deman-Side economists stuck in obsolete models. The world is complicated.

  7. You can only believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear from the corrupt news media.

  8. Where can I find a list of people who are directly responsible for corruption, pollution, secrecy. In our government and business sector?

  9. CNN – The Clinton News Network

    MSNBC Mainly Shit And Nothing But Crap

    ABC All Bull Crap

    CBS Clinton Bull Shit

  10. This may possibly be the greatest assault on American liberty. That is of course if you are foolish enough to not investigate thoroughly the topics and policies that affect your life.

  11. This is awesome, I stopped watching TV in 2003. I am awake now, and wish the rest of America would do the same.

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  13. The corruption of the American media is a subject that I’ve been researching since I was a college student at UC Berkley. The plague of propaganda here in the U.S. was a subject rarely spoken about, much less BELIEVED! Had I attended any other college besides U.C. Berkley, corruption in the U.S. media would only be a suspicion of mine. The “meat” of this claim comes from first-hand experiences I had. I’d maintained a 3.7 gpa while obtaining my degree in anthropology. I was approached by a highly recognizable politician who sent a brochure that seemed to also be an invitation to a PERMADEX trade show by accident. My off campus apartment obviously had an important occupant before me! I’d like to share the rest of this story with one of your journalists/bloggers through a private email. Media reform is the issue I’m most passionate about. I have 10 years worth of researcher and ANSWERS that are so fantastical, this website will get the international attention and following to make an impact and the power to facilitate REAL CHANGE. Thank you for taking this stance and for being good Americans in a world that no longer has any HEROES looking out for us in the press!

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  15. Do you happen to have a good flyer I could pass out when I also pass out my bernie sanders support flyers?

  16. Reading this is like seeing the devil call his cousin evil. People talk about corrupt media like its all corporate news networks. But the truth is, ALL MEDIA IS CORRUPT. Movies. Music. News. Commercials. All of it intends to infiltrate your mind in some way or another. And 99% of the time, its making a fool out of you. What you end up with are people on different sides, debating or arguing each other. Politics. But none of them are right. The only TRUTH there is in this world stands outside of mainstream and not in the spotlight. But people flock to the spotlight like moths. Having their brains destroyed by lies. The original story that comes before all was the Story of Adam and Eve. A story about a deceiver and a fool. That sums up the world. But you can choose to walk away from society and become wiser. But not unless you leave the mainstream and live a more peaceful life, void of government and corporate interference. We moved to the rural area on undeveloped land. We don’t even have a mailbox. Life sure is better without being invaded by “information” all of the time. There are no 24/7 going ons in the world. The media paints a false picture of the world to stay in business.

  17. Corrupt news media in France is viral!!political collusion is the main factor of propaganda !

  18. Great Job of showing the mind control and media concentration issue. is another source for truth and justice. The rights of US Citizens to own land and be self-employed (Farmers and Ranchers) is under attack, and remains the last hold out against financial fascism. Estimated 70,000 die each year from food borne illnesses. Food is a weapon for war or peace. Every American needs to know and understand that, and make the defense of our nations food and water a TOP PRIORITY.

    • This is true. But we can KILL the problem by turning away from them and against them. Throw the dish satellite in the trash. Throw away the TV. Don’t listen to radio. I spent years downloading all the “entertainment” we would ever need. Put it all on a hard drive. And I decide what goes in our mind. No commercials. We all need to be closer to nature. People just don;t realize how important that is. But the government DOES realize it. The reason why they want to try and change it. You think Obama is your friend? Not hardly. None of them are. All of them are driven by lust and greed. All people are susceptible to the abusing of power and money. We need to load our guns and be ready to fight for what is ours. And the most important thing above all is that we fight in numbers. Not alone. Muster up the courage to help your fellow man. Saving him will also save YOU in the long run. Build a strong community of fighters and then we have our own army. Because the government has a military that does NOT work for you. ANd they will invade your home with a single command. But no man can dodge a bullet. Just remember. If you have to shoot and kill someone on your land, drag them into the house afterwards. Or bury them.

  19. I ripped my TV out and do not read the newspapers. I get my news from blogs independent media sites such as Rumormillnews and a collection of foreign sources.

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