Prayer for Humanity

All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.
Victor Hugo

If we all focus our precious and powerful energy, we can co-create the peaceful and bountiful future the Divine Creator intended.  This fact is not based on “new age” mumbo jumbo, but on solid science.


Humans are a part of an amazing biocommunication network that links them to other life forms on Earth. This phenomena was discovered by Cleve Backster in 1967. While his discoveries got very little recognition from academia and the media, they were astounding and based on solid science. Humans have the ability to communicate across the universal network some call the aether without wires, or any type of machine assistance.  The hundred monkey syndrome applies to humans as well.

Quotes from Human DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies, by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf, Russian DNA Discoveries

” . . . Human DNA is a biological internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more. In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.”

“Hypercommunication in the new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! AND humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind. Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school. The system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today’s children is so strong that that they refuse this adjustment and giving up their idiosyncrasies in the most diverse ways.”

So, let us take advantage our of God given birthright and honor the Divine Creator by using our spiritual energy to direct mankind’s destiny in a way that will benefit all life on planet Earth.  Click on the following imaging prayer and join us as we co-create the beautiful future humanity deserves.