Using the ‘law merchant’ to protect ourselves from harm

By AL Whitney © copyround 2017
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

We have been exposing the commercial nature of our government and legal system for several years. In fact we recommended using a legal notice for smart meters in the Lawfully Yours guide since it came out in 2014. So, it is exciting to see this concept advanced by others, like the InPower Movement.


Here is an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola regarding this effort:

The more folks begin to understand that we call government today is just an interlocking franchised network of corporations engaged in commerce – the sooner we can restore some sanity to our poor exploited planet.


2 responses to “Using the ‘law merchant’ to protect ourselves from harm

  1. thank you for the info, it is important to know and act on.

    the mercola logo is from joseph mercola’s site. i do not know who david mercola is but if i had known you were talking about joe mercola i would not have clicked on the pdf. mercola engages almost (or totally) exclusively with u.n. ngos. Josh del Sol Beaulieu…what are the chances he is NOT associated with the united nations? i am so tired of checking up on these people and ngo connections that i don’t do it anymore. but i would be willing to bet that the connection is there. be careful of associations. the un is behind everything egregious happening on this planet right now. it is the aegis under which the most evil have gathered.
    it is 100% controlled opposition and worse. check it out for yourself. i am finished with it.

    • Thank you. I correct Dr. Mercola’s name.

      While I don’t think Josh Del Sol is associated with the UN, there are some presumptions in this approach that need to be addressed. When someone collects on their lien I will have more faith in this approach.

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