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Public Notice: Whatever actions the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have taken, does not represent me nor my family. We had no awareness of this effort and gave no approval nor authorization for these people to represent us.
Editor, AntiCorruption Society


AL Whitney, AntiCorruption Society
February 23, 2013

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2013
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planet earth iOne People’s Public Trust (OPPT) has recently been presented to a relatively small – but well informed – group as the “perfected superior trust”.  All those involved (as participants and as observers) are concerned with the growing effort by the Global Elite Scum of the Earth to create a one world government (OWG), with themselves in charge, of course. Lots of good people are hopeful that this trust would put a stop to this rapidly advancing fascist one world government plan.

Here is the Press Release regarding the One People’s Public Trust

On 2-15-13 one of the OPPT trustees, Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf explained this recently established trust that supposedly encompasses the entire planet, including all life and all land, to Max Igan in a roundtable discussion. This discussion was recorded and shared with many (thousands?) people.

This recording is just a little over an hour and can be heard here: roundtable discussion

The following are direct quotes of Heather Tucci during this interview:

“UCC [Uniform Commercial Code] is involved with every aspect of life.”

Heather (38:19) “In fact all of the Land Titles – cause those are all sitting at BIS for the Vatican – all of those land titles were actually cancelled all across the globe. So right now the banks have no standing legal or lawful. Everything is held with Earth as its superior custodian Because it’s as source, God, Allah or Yahweh, what ever you want to call it has put it. So right now there is only three custodians and that is how the land titles are actually going to be changed. Instead of ownership it is actually going to be a co-custodian type of situation where if I want to go buy a piece of land I’m not purchasing ownership of the land I’m putting down earnest money, a bond, that I’m going to take care of that piece of land in harmony with Earth and how it grows itself naturally. So there is a big shift in perception. So people will still be able to have their experiences on their properties and be responsible for the properties But as the same time it is not going to be in a slavery type of system which the powers that were had created.”

Heather (40:21) “I would also like to disclose the person that helped me understand what all that was, was actually a trustee with the Rothschild’s family holdings.”

Not Heather, but another promoter (44:45) “Everyone is assigned equal value under the concept of the CVAC, so there is no rich or poor there are just equitable humans.”

“There’s gotta be a value for value exchange.”

Heather (46:34) ” . . . to have that opportunity for all of the opportunities all the data to be put on one table and let people chose as they want to BE.

You get out of the system what you put into it. If you’re not putting any value into the system than you have no right to take any value from the system.”


The single most important fact that Heather revealed was the participation of an individual representing a certain family’s trust. Heather admitted that the Rothschild’s helped her set this up. Let me repeat, HEATHER ADMITS THE ROTHSCHILDS HELPED HER SET UP THIS TRUST!

She also admitted she negotiated with banksters. Heather blames all of the problems on planet Earth on the corporate “system”, not on Rothschild’s satanic criminal central banking cartel that has grown out of usery and their ability to create money out of nothing.

Here is a 3 minute explanation of central banking.

It is critical for everyone to understand how private central banking works and how it destroys both populations and governments.  To quote Thomas Jefferson: “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies… The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.”

Now, for anyone who is still naive about the “House of Rothschild”, please review the research of Andrew Hitchcock.

This ‘dynasty’ is the wealthiest family on the planet. They have multiple estates and have been manipulating the entire planet via their control of currency and credit. They are members of a kabbalistic Sabbatean Jewish cult that has been destroying legitimate governments for centuries. Some refer to them as TheMoneyMasters, but The Money Monsters is far more appropriate. They have instigated many wars to advance their personal agenda to own/control the entire planet. To help set up an Earth Trust – that they could manipulate/control – would be their dream come true. Let’s face it, a trust that would remove their own personal holdings to be shared with mankind is something they would NEVER support. In fact they would likely kill lots of folks (including the OPPT Trustees) to prevent that from happening.

Of note, during this discussion not one word was said about the restoration of ‘de jure’ – aka representative – government that could provide the people with honest currency. In fact, the promoters of this trust seem to believe that the UCC runs the ‘planet’ and that we must do away with all governments because they are merely corporations. As most of us are aware, this is very much the goal of the OWG banking cartel and it represents really twisted thinking. The UCC runs ‘commerce’ . . . not the planet. The forces and ‘laws’ that are necessary to support life on planet Earth have nothing to do with commerce. Governments need to be restructured, not destroyed. There is a model for such a structure: The Law of Nations or the Principles of Natural Law

Heather described voluntary and involuntary slavery. She stated that there are many people who would volunteer to be slaves. She has no problem with this, if the terms and condition are transparent and the individual agrees to them. Those who serve in the military have voluntarily agreed to terms of slavery. But they are not told when they enlist that they might be ordered to commit atrocities. If all terms and conditions of slavery were to be fully disclosed (which they rarely are) it is unlikely anyone would agree to become someone’s slave. Of course if the choice is to agree to slavery or starve . . . ?? Slavery removes free will and is a most unnatural state of being. Slavery should never be permitted under any terms.

The importance of “BEing and DOing” is repeated almost hypnotically over and over by Heather; few really know what Heather means by these esoteric terms.

Toward the end of the roundtable discussion, Max Igan stated that the OPPT effort ‘feels’ right to him. While I have much respect for Max Igan, this is Ed Bernay’s dream come true. This is why “New Agers” are so very easy to manipulate. Just tell them what you know will make them ‘feel good’. Why not, it has been working to manipulate the population for centuries.


Before the OPPT effort gains any more steam, it might be helpful to know more about the specifics of the one world government crowd’s ‘end game’. John Christian, an ‘insider’ who opposed this diabolical plan, described it – to include a list of the groups involved – brilliantly in 2006. John reveals the origins and intent of “Sustainable Development aka Agenda 21”. By the way, the Agenda 21 name has been changed to Future Earth. Here are some excerpts from his white paper, The City World Conquest:

“We are at present working discreetly, but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”

– Arnold Toynbee, Fabian Society – City Of London

Part V

Under this system, farmers and property owner’s rights would be effectively extinguished and overridden by strict Environmental and Sustainable Development resource consents and laws.

Part VI

The World Conservation Bank is destined to become the final World Bank and the “de-coupling mechanism” for City of London parent banks [not the BIS] to take over the assets of every country of the world.

Equity in this group, SIRIS, coincidentally, is held by IOOF Funds Management and broking house JBWere that provide research for N.M. Rothschild & Sons’ Ethical Share Trust [advisors to the OPPT] based in London.

Part VII

The World Bank already has a huge statistical database on countries and individuals what they produce and what resources they consume, water, energy, food, raw materials, heat, waste, health, social services etc. If the net figure is a plus, they are considered to be good productive world citizens. If it is a negative, they are in line for liquidation.

Doesn’t that sound like a good description of what Heather referred to as “value for value”? Is this not a purely commercial way to evaluate people?

The following link is to a 52-minute audio with Adnan Sakli – voicing concerns for the integrity of the funding aspects behind most all freedom movements.

This is a response to ongoing releases from OPPT as well as other organizations.

Interview with Adnan Sakli

Mr Sakli has come to the same conclusion as I and many others have. The people involved with the OPPT have been manipulated (or bribed??) by the very wealthy crooks and criminals that set up the “system” in the first place and that represent the OWG agenda.

Message from Mr. Sakli:

BBC Documentary | The Money Trap | How Banks Control the World Through Debt – about 40 minutes

ADNAN: This is what they want to continue and these are the structured plans as laid by the Harvard club members and the Yale club members in the USA and UK as well as elsewhere.

This is the same people that are behind the OPPT to entrap people with a new form of Trust and debt. The highway for this is the Global open market commission as the functional body that actuates these things.

(Source: http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=270049)


One People’s Public Trust: Buyer Beware

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  1. Carlos A Santiago jr

    It angers us to know we’ve bin deceived many city council members,mayors, governors, state reps congressmen/woman senators and ward leaders will pay a ugly price for not making it right for all,especially property owners/ business owners.taxes are illegal etc…being a poor debtors sucks when the one that cry vote for me I help the poor,then sticks it to us should be held accountable big time!!! I love you all Christ is with us all we will win this earth back

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  4. What about SWISSINDO? Does this play into the OPPT NWO scam?

  5. “Actually, I have different interpretations of all her words than you do. ”

    That’s an absolute peach of a statement, and I think that it says all anyone would ever need to know about the followers of this preposterous scam, with it’s legal non-sequiturs, dunder-headed logical inconsistencies and gooey-headed true believers trailing behind their hero saviours, happy clapping as they cartwheel headlong into the abyss of utter delusion. It is excellent as an excercise in observing just how gullible these desperate beings are prepared to become in order to avoid true spiritual responsibility, if nothing else.

  6. These guys have done an excellent job unearthing what the now dissolved but still active former OPPT stand for and who is behind it. https://www.facebook.com/notes/oppt-truth/brief-history-of-oppt/389188521196547

  7. Interesting discussion and ideas.

    Arthur and Fiona, I love what you are doing. Sadly, I live in a city as do my two daughters, their families and all of our friends. We cannot replicate your life style very easily. However, we do have gardens and grow some of our own food. Maintaining a connection to the natural world is critical to maintain one’s “well being” and lots of exposure to sunlight has been proven to be the best way to have a healthy immune system.

    Men and women do not survive well without ‘communities’. The question of organizing those ‘communities’ has been asked by many over many millennia. One of the simplest and most common sense writings on this topic is Emmerich de Vattel’s work, in my humble opinion. Here is a Chapter from his “The Law of Nations of the Principles of Natural Law”: Of Peace, and the Obligation to Cultivate It https://anticorruptionsociety.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/vattel-the-law-of-nations-peace-locked.doc

    For me, Vattel explains the need for ‘government’ and describes its proper role as a ‘service’ to men and women.

    If folks would watch the first episode of the BBC documentary “The Trap”, called “F**k You Buddy”, they would begin to understand the social engineering that has been conducted – and inserted into all of our institutions – for decades. Cooperation, fondness for one’s country (or community), and expressions of altruism have been INTENTIONALLY discouraged. Selfishness and consumerism have been promoted in every way possible. The lonely selfish ‘society’ that was created serves the purpose of the Global Elite Scum of the Earth. They are totally aware that ‘collective wisdom’ is our strength and their weakness. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/positive-efforts/collective-wisdom/ This explains why they have done everything they can to destroy ‘community’ and infiltrate groups. If we don’t recognize and overcome this somewhat subtle attack on us, our future survival seems unlikely.

  8. Frank O;Collins is another of the many “We Will Lead Every Revolution Against Us” lackeys/deceivers who lives for “The System”, therefore has a master and is working against everyone. Frank has no remedy to get MAN out of “The System”. The remedy is NO man-made system. We cover the ground of this fact as found in the body of the Love For Life videos, articles, debates/discussions, etc. We met Frank back in October 2010 – after chatting with him for some hours we realised then that he was part of the problem and not part of the remedy to truly set MAN free. Refer to the 2006 remedy “The Steps Of Kindom”http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8304 and the recent article “The Spell Is Broken”:http://loveforlife.com.au/node/8365. All the best – Arthur & Fiona Cristian – Love For Life

  9. To every naysayer… Stay with the slave system you were groomed for. I’m all for OPPT…why? I have nothing to lose. I’ve watched my parents ‘die’ poor and see my children with no jobs. THIS is not what my God or Creator had in plan for me.
    The Creator created us (people)…in between there nothing except man-made rules. These rules have been used against us all our lives to keep us slaves. Our land is polluted to the point where water is questionable and you talk here about ‘words’? Who cares if it’s legal or not…. it’s time we ALL woke up and saw what’s really going on. I’ so sick of hearing ‘sheep’ comments. Please, do the world a favor and stay that way… we’ll walk over you as we build a better place for our children.
    Have a nice day!!

    • Ima J,
      No one denies that there are serious problems facing us all. My web site has exposed some that most folks are still unaware of. However, just because there are problems that need solving doesn’t mean that OPPT will solve them. In fact, it is likely that using the OPPT strategies will actually make things worse for the folks who use them.

      • I have used OPPT’s Courtesy Notices and as a result :
        a) I no longer pay for electricity.
        b) I was also able to get one of my financial instruments back from a bank that had kept it for 8 months with no intention of returning it to me… just 3 weeks after I sent in the notice…
        OPPT is what it is cracked up to be, and people who say the contrary are people who did not even read its documents mainly the UCC filings, let alone tried the tools given. Even Winston Shrout admitted that the process used by OPPT was sound (I know he’s been in trouble lately with the courts, but this has nothing to do with OPPT!).
        But, let it be known that if OPPT has laid the groundwork for us, it is up to us INDIVIDUALLY to use the tools at our disposal to make our Freedom from the System a reality.

        • I read the UCC filings. I listened to hours of interviews with Heather.

          One People’s Public Trust never had merit. You cannot put living men and woman in an artificial legal construct called a trust. A trust is a fiction. A living breathing human is not. We cannot let fiction control reality. Reality must control fiction.

          • Are you playing some kind of game with the TRUTH? Here is what I replied to your post “August 30, 2016 at 7:54 p08” and that you CENSORED : «I read them too, and they seem to be working for me! What’s the problem then? Before OPPT we were ALL under trusts: the Vatican’s trusts, but we were slaves under these trusts that nobody asked us whether we agreed to them or not… Now with the OPPT we seem to regain our freedom, I tend to. I really cannot see what makes you so resentful!!! Be grateful for GREAT blessings☺! »

            Please try honesty, it pays !!!

          • This is my last response to your communications as I cannot spend more time with you.

            You do not have your facts straight. We ARE NOT all “under the Vatican’s trusts”. They have created strawmen from our Birth Certificates that they own. We – as flesh and blood living men and women – are not under anybody’s trust. Heather – a BAR trained attorney – may or may not understand this.

            I would advise you to buy and read attorney Melvin Stamper’s book Fruit from a Poisonous Tree.

            Living men and women cannot be placed in any fictitious trust, like the OPPT.

            Heather has no authority to act on anyone’s behalf but her own, her children, and anyone who signs a contract with her giving her power of attorney, which the vast majority of the world’s population has not done.

            This should be common sense.

            The international banksters (Rothchilds at the head) do not answer to the Pope. The Pope is under their control and has been at least since Vatican II and probably longer.

            You are not establishing the TRUTH, you are promoting a falsehood. However, it is your right to do so.

          • Thanks for that one, Al. You are on the mark. I have been mulling over this idea of trusts and I have come to a tentative conclusion about what they are. I have read more than one opinion that the Father, Son and Holy Ghost is a trust created by God. But, this is backward. Tesla was obsessed with this idea of 3. And now I believe rightly so. It is the way creation is set up, 3 is 1, 1 is 3. It is divine unity. Now, What is a trust? It is an imitation of divine unity! It is a cheap knockoff, it is the devil imitating God for his own ends, it is deception.
            Why do people create trusts? To avoid responsibility. And what is the requirement of free will? It is responsibility. You must be responsible for your decisions. What is the law of God? Do no harm. I am much less inclined to do harm if I am held responsible for my decisions. Take away responsibility and we act like children-we do not act responsibly. Who holds us responsible? Ultimately God, but here, on earth, our fellow man is tasked with that. That’s what global government aims to do-remove personal responsibility and our duty to hold our fellow man accountable. And what is the best way one doing business can remove himself from personal responsibility with regard to his business decisions? A Trust!

  10. by the way to go back to a previous point, the german lawyer backing oppt charges over 1200 euros just to access his members area… so has a conflict of interest as he is profiting from OPPT and other such filings

    • bee, agree. Also have a look at that german lawyers website and pick out the occult symbols (masonic handshakes, pyramid shapes). Also why are OPPT using lawyers to give credibility to oppt when Heather said this.

      “Most BAR attorneys don’t even know who they are really working for, or that they are aiding and abetting crimes…lol. So they are incompetent by design and cannot help. Those BAR attorneys that do know who they really are working for and that they are not only aiding and abetting crimes, but committing them, are probably not going to help the people figure it out!” (Source: http://www.removingtheShackles.blogspot.be Wednesday, 16 January 2013)

      Also, Heather claims to have renounced her legal profession, sent her BAR card back etc, for the above reasons, but why is she still a lawyer (at least as of last Tuesday)?


  11. In Jan 2012 OPPT promoter Lisa Harrison interviewed Trust expert Frank O’Collin. During this interview Lisa acknowledged Frank’s superior research and understanding of Trusts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8k294JD9mlA

    It seems odd that 14 months later (Mar 2013) Lisa seems to ignore his assessment of the fraudulent One People’s Public Trust. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/03/10/frank-ocollins-explains-why-oppt-is-fraudulent/

  12. When I first heard of OPPT, I went onto their site and tried to make sense of the language and could not. The first and final ‘no go’ for me was the 1776 emblazoned on their logo; the birth of the Bavarian Illuminati date. All ‘trusts’ and ‘foundations’ are a betrayal of TRUST and the laying of the masonic foundation stones (UN has to grant foundation status) for the ‘new Jerusalem’.

  13. Here’s some more thoughts from other bloggers
    and part 3 of the Cristian’s studies into the legalese of TOPPT

    Thanks for your input and information.

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  15. The OPPT logo makes for some fascinating study by the way, for folks that haven’t looked at it to closely.

    What do you see? I see 3 pyramids, and several rings, with one of the rings surrounding the central pyramid. The 3 pyramids are fairly obvious Illuminati/NWO symbology, with each pyramid possibly representing one of the three corporate city states; the Vatican, City of London and Washington DC.

    The rings most likely relate to the planet Saturn. In occult circles Saturn is associated with worship of Lucifer.

    Why would an organisation that purports to represent humanity include obvious occult/illumaniti/satanic symbololy in its logo?.

    The controllers behind the OPPT must be having a laugh. Hidden in plain site!.

  16. Fwiw, HAT-J seems to be trying to diss Winston Shrout now, as posted in a radio show transcript on RTS blog if you can wade through the ‘unusual’ language. Sorry don’t have the link to hand.

    Chris Smith via his blog has presented his own research on TOPPT which make interesting reading imo. Here’s the link

    • Wysiwyg,
      Thanks for posting this. Now this guy makes sense. http://one-vibration.com/profiles/blogs/the-oppt-the-ucc-and-the-hgf-by-chris-thomas#.UTeCwVLYEcG

      I sent the following message to some of my personal contacts just today:


      The OPPT ‘movement’ offers documents for people to use with foreclosures. These documents don’t appear to be benign. They could unleash some fairly nasty responses, if used. At least that is my initial impression. Their ‘process’ starts with “courtesy notices”. Here are the guidlines and a “courtesy notice”. You can tell that these were put together by an attorney. http://oppt-in.com/documents/

      Here is an exact quote from their “OPPT Courtesy Notice Guidelines”, pg 2
      “The OPPT filings changed the Governing Law on this planet to Universal Law, Common Law and Uniform Commercial Code . . .”

      I have no idea what they mean by “Universal Law”, however it is my understanding that “Common Law” and “Uniform Commercial Code” are NOT compatible. In fact Uniform Commercial Code is what we are all objecting to. The UCC is merely rules for the dead legal fiction machine called “commerce”. Basically the UCC cancels out common law.

      Two men, one attorney and a Trust haven’t got the authority to change the “governing law on this planet” . . . period.

      As an attorney, Heather can only re-present her clients or her self. However, if you sign a Courtesy Notice – and have your signature witnessed as they request – she will then re-present you!! That is how people ‘sign-up’ for the OPPT trust.

  17. https://www.facebook.com/OnePeoplePublicTRUTH/

    new Facebook page for open discussion of oppt and place to share concerns with like minded people x

  18. HA Tucci Jarraf admits she got it wrong and that Winston Shrout was correct.

    • It’s about time. If she is truly honest, she will be making a lot of corrections and retractions as more and more knowledgeable people look closely at what she is claiming.

      Not all property has been purchased via a promissory note and a mortgage. There are properties bought with cash (even gold) and some properties still qualify as “homesteads”. And the Rothschilds, Vatican, and other properties are in hidden trusts and or annuities.

      I wonder what this “Absolute Data” means. Why use caps as if it is a proper noun? It is almost as though she hired Frank Luntz to help her ‘frame’ her claims using “words that work”. Luntz is a modern day version of Ed Bernays. They both specialize in “perception management”.

  19. Rene,
    While the OPPT followers continue to drink their Kool Aid, the cashless control system grows daily as does the Smart Grid. While Heather goes on air and repeats her mantra “free to BE and DO”, more Smart Meters are installed and electrosmog continues to bombard us all. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/03/01/is-electrosmog-a-silent-weapon-for-population-reduction/

    We now have local police purchasing drones to be used at their discretion and they are being programmed to think that “anyone who believes in the superiority of the Lord God over man and man’s government” is a domestic terrorist. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/02/24/police-being-trained-to-identify-domestic-terrorists/

    See if you and the OPPT groupies will be considered “domestic terrorists” the minute you hand someone a courtesy notice or God forbid file a lien: http://www.mainemediaresources.com/ffj/SovereignCitizenLPfinaldraft.pdf

    While you all hang on Heather’s every word, “higher beings” are dumping chemicals on us and are destroying the electromagnetic frequency field we need to thrive. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/02/10/smart-meters-and-wireless-communications-are-neither-smart-nor-safe/

    The above is the last post of Heather/OPPT ‘groupies’ I will permit on my site. I cannot allow any more of you to spew out disinfo as a distraction. You are taking the energy of too many good people down a black hole. I will however reverse this position when your new OPPT ‘tools’ successfully get fluoride out of your municipal water system or get Smart Meters removed from your neighborhoods. At that point, I might just join you myself.

    • Al I’m not sure if you’ll get this email, as I didn’t want to post on your blog directly. I have posted several pieces on your OPPT discussion, as JohnF.

      This whole OPPT concerns me greatly. It has an incredible amount of momentum and resources behind it, folks are brainwashed and ‘non-believers’ are being polarised. They are taking names. I’m starting to think its the NWO’s one world religion.

      take care JohnF

      Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 13:17:47 +0000 To: johnf_62@hotmail.com

      • Yes John, I agree. This ‘strategy’ of putting all of the land (and wealth) of the Earth in the globalists hands has been a goal of theirs for a very long time. They planned on using protection of the planet as their excuse. I highly recommend John Christian’s expose on this very issue: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/international/the-city-world-conquest/

        Have you noticed that no matter how many people ask about the Rothschild’s estates, we don’t get an answer?

        OPPT’s stated new ‘system’
        ~No one will own any land – everyone will be tenants (except the Rothschilds, the Queen and the global elite whose property is hidden in secret trusts)
        ~The land must be maintained per ‘rules’ – the controllers ‘version’ of what is necessary to protect “nature”
        ~All people will be evaluated per their “value” to the new “system” (carbon credit currency) – again the controllers will do who has value and who doesn’t
        ~Vast data bases (“absolute data”) will be used in making determinations regarding people, energy & projects. These decisions will not be made democratically but by a top down system of control.
        ~Competing corporations will be eliminated and merged into a “One World Earth Corporation”, under the control of the City of London banksters.
        ~Voluntary slavery will be permitted as long as there is full disclosure, which means: you don’t have to agree, but if you don’t well cut off your access to carbon credits and you will starve

        This is Agenda 21 – now called Future Earth

        And as usual (like the global warming advocates) the people aren’t asking the right questions or if they are – the right questions aren’t being satisfactorily answered.

        I’ve thrown down the gauntlet. When the OPPT people get fluoride out of our municipal water system we can start taking them seriously. Or if they stop the chemtrails and the Smart Meter implementation!!

        Your thinking – yes thinking not just feeling – is right on. I have many friends and associates who have come to the same conclusion as you and I.

  20. my own thoughts are this, I first read about the oppt and welcomed it blindly as you do.

    However when seeking clarity I found I was either being attacked on my spirituality or traitorous comments to free people.

    If this is so clear and Heather so right why doesn’t she do a legal filing ruling out our concerns? So we too can jump in and say yes this is right?

    When the banks first went to governments and set this system in place, did they not gloss it up – sweet talk the governments into the benefits to them, whilst secretly playing the long game knowing that it wasnt in the governments interest, nor the peoples but clever wording and seeming to meet their desires and needs governments scrambled to snatch it up… It was a trojan horse.

    So now we are faced with another historic age of mankind, again we are offered our wildest dream, and this time we are more wary of the tricks those with power play. So we want reassurance that our children’s children will be free and never again shall we be slaves to those with greed n lust to own the world.

    So we question to gain full understanding, we want cast iron guarantees that we are truly free and we are not again being given a trojan horse. But our please for transparency fall on deaf ears, they remain unanswered. Our trustee and their followers are angered we could ask such things, and attack us, threaten us with acts of treason…. n claim we are free!

    So more the doubt set in as our freedoms are again under attack, freedom of speech, freedom to question… It heightens concerns of another trojan horse and the circle continues as the trustee bury their heads and refuse to calm any fears…it begins to feel like a dictatorship, not freedom!

    So again we plead for answer n still none are offered and fear begins to set in, do they value us any more then our current system? they don’t listen to us either! Names pop up, names that have it all, that stole our freedom from us.. and again we ask please guarantee you are not going to lead us further into slavery and still nothing!

    We are biting at the bit to jump on board, we are activist, freedom fighters people that get on the street and take action… we can help bring this to the next level but our help is not required because we question too much. We are the very people that can get 1000’s on the street taking action if oppt would just give us the nod, that oppt will protect the people, the future and the earth and are not just a wolf in sheeps clothing! Because we will not risk our freedom further!!

  21. another great vid of why not to oppt-in anyone wanna sign a oppt-out courtesy notice lol

    It amazes me how offter I’ve been told by Heathers sheeple, your just not awakened or spiritual u cant grasp the concepts… I would like to point out I am fully awake to me spirituality and at peace with myself I just dont suffer fools gladly and anyone being blindly lead by heather without asking these important questions is a fool and TBH its supporters are starting to sound like a brainwashed cult!

  22. Rene, you seem to be freely and lovingly giving of your time here as an OPPT-In’er. You infer that you know a lot about how this all works and what OPPT have done. I also presume you have gone through the opt in process yourself, so you should know the ropes.

    In that case would you be so good as to answer a few simple and basic questions about it?
    – Since we are FREE as a result of the UCC filing, do we still need to opt in?
    – If so, why?
    – What benefits do we receive if we opt in and what are our obligations once we do?
    – What do we have to do to opt in?
    – What are the consequences to those who chose to remain FREE (as we are now because of the filing) but decide not to opt in?

    Any light you are able to shed based on your own experience is greatly appreciated. Simple straightforward non-legalese answers would be great. It will help me understand it better.

    In the spirit of transparency, oneness and love, over to you!

  23. “Tragically our educational system was designed to destroy the ability of people to think critically and it has succeeded amazingly well.”

    So well that people like you can’t even see the truth (yes michelle, you too), and that’s to bad, really. But maybe it’s made that way to fool you blind to think that you can mundane yourself out of this slavery, like Winston Shrout claims to do. He actually doesn’t know what the OPPT did (I listened to the whole radioshow, and what a “superficial” outlook on life, they don’t get it) because he failed, or wouldn’t, go deeper into the subject because he felt like “trespassing”? He does not know EVERYTHING about how the UCC filings work, so his opinion is like every other “expert” out there. He doesn’t really know what OPPT have done.

    You may also be very narrow sighted when it comes to the spiritual aspect of things, so the question pops up:

    What do you believe in?

    I don’t mean religion and such indoctrination crap, but truly, what do you actually know about the “higherbeing” and the human potential? Anything?

    • Rene,
      The One People’s Public Trust is a legal “construct”. It has nothing to do with spirituality, which cannot be expressed or ensured through a dead legal construct like a UCC filing. It is amazing that the OPPT promoters can’t see that.

      ~The UCC is a system of ‘rules’ for engaging in commerce
      ~Spirituality is in the heart and is not bound by any commercial ‘rules’ – a concept that Heather doesn’t seem to understand.

      Her ‘filing’ did not make anyone free – spiritually or otherwise. Is your county still listed on Dun and Bradstreet? What about Goldman Sacs are they still in business?

      Heather has made many claims that cannot be verified or proven.

  24. michelle kenny

    I have to say anybody that falls for the OPPT scam are either braindead or corrupt , well done a great article

    • Michele,
      I think most of them belong to the “New Age” religion. All of the OPPT conversations and programs are ‘crafted’ to appeal to that group. Listen to the careful selection of words the promoters use. Many of the words they chose are vague, but warm and fuzzy at the same time. Most of their audiences are believers. They listen for the OPPT promoter’s “intent”. They don’t understand the “content” of the trust and quite frankly, don’t care to. In one program Max Igan mentioned that Heather represented the “divine feminine”. While that is not a bad concept, I can’t believe an ‘attorney’ would qualify as being divine. But the New Agers jumped all over that concept. And they listen to Max as if he is a really good guy, while ignoring the fact his logo is a combo of the “all seeing eye” and a transhuman cyborg.

      Tragically our educational system was designed to destroy the ability of people to think critically and it has succeeded amazingly well. Manipulating the masses via religion has gone on a very long time.

  25. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbybeOWZ-Bc&feature=youtu.be This is part two of the vid I posted yesterday. oppt the new re-legion. 😉

  26. OPPT foreclosure is not real, my suspicions were confirmed with this interview – RESEARCHER & EDUCATOR WINSTON SHROUT EXPLAINS WHAT THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE IS AND WHAT THE OPPT IS NOT! — http://blogtalk.vo.llnwd.net/o23/show/4/326/show_4326203.mp3

  27. Was the video I put up earlier no good, not accurate? I would be grateful for your take on it – thanks

  28. If you’re a true leftbrainer, then you’ll just have to wait for absolute data, coming very soon “near you” 🙂

    Get yourself a filter, that will fix the chloride etc. I got one myself, and the water is tasteless, but fresh 😉

    • You absolutely DO belong to the church of “Heather”, don’t you. The term “absolute data” is hers and it makes no sense in the real world, unless you are a robot or a cyborg. As a former ‘data’ processor, I am fully aware of the number of mistakes in almost any data base you look closely at therefore I would never refer to data as absolute. Someone needs to get Heather to put her definition of “absolute data” in writing. I’d love to see it.

      It would also be interesting to see a definition of “organic technology” as referred to by the Collective Imagination folks. There’s an oxymoron if ever I’ve seen one.

      Sorry, you just let me know that you are only concerned with your “own” water and don’t have any concern over the water our children drink all day long in school. Or of the fact that it permeates through our skin when we shower. Or of the fact it is in most of the juices we buy for our children.

  29. Geoffrey, Shrout, Pepperman and now Mary Croft:

  30. PS

    German Laywer agrees: The One People’s Public Trust pledge lawfull:


    Prove me his wrong?

    Here’s the latest radioshow with Heather and others where many of the things youre concerned about is explained, like Rotchilds etc 🙂 Enjoy


    • The people involved with the discussion on this particular program (Collective Imagination 2-27-13) share a religion. They are expressing their ‘religious’ beliefs. After listening for 40 minutes, I had to move on. Like all religion they believe their way is THE WAY. This helps explains why the “Heather followers” (like the Tim Turner followers and the Drake followers) accept what they hear and do little or no investigation as to process verification. Let’s see some real hard core proof that for example Goldman Sacs has been shut down and all of their assets have been seized.


      Show me three examples where the OPPT process has stopped utility companies from installing Smart Meters or have prohibited water companies from dumping fluoride into the public water supply. If the OPPT can achieve either of those goals, we all would be most interested. If the number of people who have climbed on board of the OPPT bandwagon are so many, surely there are more than a few followers that would be willing to apply the process to get fluoride removed from their water supply.

  31. Hehe, if you interpret my sentences like that, I’m sorry.

    The way I (myself) see this, is that if anyone wants to work against everyone elses freedom (your choice), and will not take a stand against the “system” that still works because of people not DOing and BEing (like yourself apparently). Then technically every individual who have a hard time of believing OPPTs clear and pure message (where you can choose whatever you want, and that’s fine) will be let “free” in some sense by those who are BEing and DOing to get the corrupt “system” out of the way sooner, than later.
    So why waste time?

    Where you find rudeness, I actually find myself grateful for the Trustees by offering themselves for humanity where they could have been killed in the process. I’m grateful for their efforts of making it possible to take out the corrupt system once and for all.
    I’m grateful to see anyone even try to oppose the “elites” which got a surprise they didn’t exspect, and I’m VERY grateful for that someone made me free, and at the same time will give us the tools to correct the mess were in.

    If they hadn’t done that, what they apparently did, we would NOT have the opportunity to be free and work against the system which still enslaves us, and would go on without our consent, indefinitly.

    Do you like being deceived, like from the second you were born? You like to be controlled, unwillingly, unknowingly, is that ok?

    So if you do not choose OPPTs way, which is totally your choice, but they have made an opening for you and me, our choice!

    So what are you going to do?

    Continue to be a good-little-slave?
    stand up and claim your freedom (by BEing and DOing) and get everything in place sooner! than later?

    Pretty simple actually

    And I’m really excited about ABSOLUTE DATA coming out soon 🙂

    Now I’m done using my energi here, there is a lot of work to be done, GOOD LUCK! 🙂


  32. H Tucci-Jarraf has sent the attached definitions via Skype to Di at RTS http://removingtheshackles.net/oppt-definitions/

  33. Thanks for posting the Shrout link. Between Shrout and Pepperman I think the verdict is in. I am sovereign but having a hard time with the UCC.

  34. Rene, I actually like thinking for myself. It’s the antithesis of mind control.

    Also could you please clarify something? You say ‘sooner or later we will make you and every critic herein, and elsewhere FREE’, but in the very next sentence I don’t have to thank you because apparently I’m already FREE. Which one is it?

    Now that I think of it, I though the OPPT UCC filing allegedly made everyone on the planet FREE, critics and non-critics alike (despite the fact I wasn’t personally consulted, which I thought was a bit rude). Therefore, how can you ‘make’ others FREE if we already are?. And who is the ‘we’ that appears to have the power to be granting this freedom, and how did they acquire such power?

    Very confusing, Renee! Please clarify.

  35. so #oppt i asked q’s wanting clarification on banking system next this was posted, is it a threat to those posing questions our future or a synchronicity??


    • This site is a good example of the insanity that the OPPT represent.

      Here is a quote from this site:
      “Given the long-standing recognition offered to the UCC, the former governments of the world could not claim the UCC process against them invalid or irrelevant without (1) invalidating decades of their own commercial activity and (2) demonstrating that – as slaves – we were not entitled to apply the same rules to others that were consistently applied to us.”

      What an incredibly naive presumption!!!! If you had been looking at the epidemic of corruption that covers the globe at the moment – as I have – you would never have bought into such a ridiculous idea. The “presumption” that our current legal, financial, and governmental institutions are run by honorable men is beyond stupid. Just stop for a moment and read the articles about the LIBOR by Matt Taibbi. The LIBOR impacts commercial corporate interactions in every way possible. Do you see anyone going to jail for LIBOR rate fixing? The global derivative market represents massive fraud. How many arrests are you aware of? We are living through a global crime spree, for Pete’s sake!

      There is no global solution for the mess we are in. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The centralization of banking and/or government is at the heart of absolute power. Decentralization is our only defense. People need to look closely at their own communities and pursue whatever they can to extract them from the global banking power mongers.

  36. Oh cool.. I just wanted to update everyone on how everyone unknowingly became bondservants ( http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bondservants?s=t ) under the OPPT.

    At some point, the wonderful trustees of the OPPT program filed UCC documents in a recorder of deeds office in Washington DC (ya know, the place where information on home ownership is housed). And in those filings, they named the “one people” as every man, woman and child on the face of the earth. They then declared themselves as trustees of the “one people” and declared the “one people” as bondservants. These UCC filings went unrebutted for 30 days making the creation of the trust “valid” according to the UCC. That’s fair..

    To which the OPPT trustees reply: “But please fear not! The terms of the One People’s Public Trust guarantee the protection of your free will in perpetuity.” Rolleyes


    There’s a lot of applications for this. Say you wanted to be a scientist, and you want to make a discovery. You are absolutely certain that the moon is made of cheese. All you would have to do is write up a UCC filing that said the moon was made of cheese, then file it into any recorder of deeds office anywhere in the country.

    If that filing goes unrebutted, then the moon really is made of cheese and you become a world renowned scientist!!! Yippee!!!!

  37. One of the first alarms that went off for me on the OPPT was were it was launched. One site regularly promotes channeling by off-world entities professing to be our saviors and the other site posted up supposed intel information from undisclosed sources proclaiming Obama was no longer President because the current speaker Boehner had been sworn in and was now interim President of USA and Dr Ron Paul was the Vice President. The site for this was RemovingtheShackles.blogspot.com.

    Heather’s alleged “5d” language is also questionable. Who can tell for certain what ‘5d’ sounds like or what the lexicon is?

    So far the OPPT have not made any pleas for money. However, the sites mentioned do have donate buttons and advertising so its quite likely that their revenues have been increasing due to the increased interest in their sites so someone is making money from this even if it is not OPPT.

  38. Read this http://removingtheshackles.blogspot.no/2013/02/oppt-your-frequently-asked-questions.html?m=1

    This does not answer your specific questions, but it gives a understanding of the WHOLE picture that is OPPT.

    The “powers that were” would NEVER let us ,The People, make the decisions, which would be a heck of a”doubled edged sword” where they can NOT see the outcome, and therefore they would never support such a BIG decision for us “mere humans” independetly, as we are in their eyes sheep. Why would a wolf, let a sheep decide? Especially when they have enforced, controlled, enslaved, dumbed us down our entire life to this point? That doesn’t make sense att all, does it?

    You also refer to Adnan Sakli, my concern about this guy and every other “successfull” person out there, is that they wont give up their assets that easily, and will refuse to be like the “other guy”. So I can see HUGE EGOs playing out over this.

    NOW we all have a mutual ground to grow as we choose what to do, by BEing and DOing!

    I would really like to know what Adnan Sakli has to say about losing EVERYTHING, his power, his influence by becoming an equal amongst every person on this planet, would he approve of this? Anyone?
    This is something I would like an answer from Sakli himself.

    To me Adnan Sakli, and others, stand out as “wolf in sheeps clothing” and probably wants to keep the power for himself, and with other interested “parties”.

    Ever thought about that?

    Assumptions? I know, but I only assumptions here aswell, and other places…

    What you choose to believe is enterily up to you, what OPPT states aswell (see link) and when the CVAC Fundings gets released, I will do my part and help myself and everyone else to build a new world of peace!

    The time is now to overthrow the corrupt system, and show what we humans are really capable off!

    Love and peace, like it should be!

    • Adnan Sakli??? You’re kidding right? What about the Rothschilds? You think they are going to give up their riches? Where in OPPT or CVAC does it say that central banking will end? Where does it say that private for-profit banking consortiums will no longer be creating currencies to keep We the People in Slavery by Currency? What about usury? We cannot be free as long as usury is allowed to continue. We are now debt slaves, and the OPPT promoters surely understand that concept.

      OPPT is the wolf in sheeps clothing.

      This isn’t rocket science. Ask Heather about the properties currently owned by the banksters themselves, especially the Rothschild’s estates.

      Now, let’s get a grip here. Do you think China is going to give up control of all of their land mass and resources because Heather et al filed some paperwork in UCC? You think the Rockefellers plan on giving up their holdings? What about all of the planets oil fields and uranium mines?

      And of all of the arrogant nonsense: that the energy/force that created the universe gives a cr**p about the Uniform Commercial Code? What ever possessed Heather et al to think they could ‘act’ on behalf of this ultimate source of energy?

      Everyone needs to stop listening to “intent” only and start listening as well to “content” when it comes to the OPPT. If it takes listening twice to do this, than so be it.

  39. I am now actively against oppt in my opinion it is a wolf in sheeples clothing

    this is nwo, they want to keep private banking its in their documents.

    this forum has good links and video’s


    • It is going to take all of the folks who don’t take the OPPT seriously to get on board and oppose it to get this train stopped . . . in my opinion. There are solutions, but OPPT is the exact opposite.
      ~ Those that oppose ALL government are aiding and abetting the NWO
      ~ Those struggling to reinstate legitimate representative government are working to stop the NWO

  40. Rene it is, everyone must look at everything to get the big picture the good, the bad and the ugly… thats how u get the big picture no point burying ur head in the sand and just discussing what u want to hear… do that n u deserve to get shafted (thats on everything in life not just oppt).

    in life rarely is any thing black and white, u have to read the pro’s the cons and meet somewhere between to too, those for something often try to blindly promote it and those against harshly attack… somewhere between the 2 the truth often lies.

    If Heather had not turned down interview with Tami and sent another trustee why did the other trustee not rebut the statement that she had, why has Heather not since set up such a interview and why has she not publicly spoke out on the accusations against her?

    why has no one from oppt addressed these WIDESPREAD concerns and offered any kind of compromise so that we can all move forward together on this??

    So many good freemen, spiritual groups and activist are ready to join such a cause, but not as it stands iron out this concern and support will snowball, then we might start seeing results.

    people are just itchin to run with this but first they want a clear strategy, structure and commitment to protecting the freedom of people from nwo and anyone who blindly argues on the snipets released from oppt at the moment and without these questions being address is a complete puppet caught up so much with the desperation of life that they will grab any lifeline without checking whose throwing it first.

  41. Why don’t you go out of your way and ask them yourself? That “someone” needs to be you, since your so sure avout this, and your “trustees”?

    You are pretty capable, what is stoppinh you?

    The youtube interview with Tammi is a good way of confusing everyone, and that is not a good idea… Why can’t she also sit down and chat with Heather? That Heather refuses to speak to Tammi seems a little odd, therefore not true! Heather is more then capable of answering here queations, yours aswell.

    So go “get” her! Because what you’re doing here isn’t helping anyone….

    • Tammi has tried to reach Heather and offered to have a discussion on the OPPT on air. Heather has yet to respond.

      Tell you what, call China and ask if they have surrendered their land mass and resources to Heather, et al and their OPPT? The OPPT isn’t merely a back door effort to implement Agenda 21 (now called Earth First) and a One World Government, it is absolutely preposterous to think that Heather et al would assume the ‘authority’ to put the whole planet and “all that is, all that was, and all that ever will be” (quote from CVAC) into an artificially created vehicle for commerce.

      What is so ridiculous is that the passionate OPPT supporters haven’t read the documents and considered the real content. All they do is defend Heather, et al because they ‘trust’ them. This is just like man-made global warming. Environmentalists just listen to the big environmental organization’s propaganda and never look critically at the facts.

  42. OPPT have stated that the implications of their actions will require a complete paradigm shift in thinking. This will also require a change in attitude to one another and how we perceive our relationship with the universe, the planet, our environment, our neighbours, our families and each other. The current paradigm is a “dependency on the system” one.
    The new paradigm will be a co-dependency and personal responsibility one.
    No one can be forced to change their minds and their attitudes. It is their own personal responsibility to decide for themselves, without doing harm to others.

    • “OPPT have stated . . .” Why aren’t you asking more questions? Why do you just blindly believe everything “they” say?

      For many centuries peaceful countries were relatively self-reliant. They had local businesses and produced their food locally. The Money Monsters didn’t like that system because they weren’t getting a cut and couldn’t randomly ransack resources. Libya was a good example of a country that had it’s own currency, it’s own water and the ability to feed itself. (See the documentary The Power Principle – free online) So, they devised a scam and sold it to everyone. It is called “interdependence”. I live in a state with the potential to produce large amounts of food for the entire MidWest. But, that would defeat the globalists desire to control food, energy and currency. They eliminated our ability to produce food and be ‘personally responsible for our own community’ by subsidizing and mandating corn ethanol – a worthless fuel that corrodes engines and cancels warranties. The “change in attitude” that needs to take place is an end to global control of our food system and a stop to the globalist’s move to control ALL water. People rely on the current ‘system’ because the globalists destroyed the ‘system’ that had served them for thousands of years. It was not a ‘dependency’ choice that was made, it was a model that was inflicted on us all. The story of what happened in Guatemala is a perfect example. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/02/23/guatamala-terrorism-and-us/

      Please take 12 minutes and listen to Eustice Mullins explain what happened to the good folks who were being responsible and had their own businesses to feed their families. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6dkkgMdfuLE

      There are many people who would gladly start their own businesses, but the ‘system’ is designed to stop them. “We the People” are not the problem. The Federal Reserve and the banksters (that Heather negotiates with) ARE!! Someone needs to ask Heather about the ‘plan’ to shut down central banking on planet Earth.

  43. I say this to each and everyone of u, I want as much as you to trust and support oppt but I will not do it blindly and you should be questioning everything it’s our lives and our future we are discussing.

    Who first went to the governments convinced them corporate was the way forward, they sold it a good un and the governments thought it was fail safe they could have their cake and eat it. But who really got their cake and eat it the people who first suggested it.

    I believe in my heart oppt has good intentions, I am worried that as a lawyer heather has ultimate power over us as a trustee and that dispite sending back her Bar card she is still sworn to them under oath and her emails she still signs with corporate initials … Making me question why if claiming freedom she is still tying herself to corporate.

    I believe the link I put up before with another freeman group try’s to question theses issues and anyone looking to support oppt should listen to it at least the first half hour.

    To teach ourselves the pros and cons, enables us to make an informed choice and instead of bickering whose right all wrong we should be collective addressing issues raised and not blindly allowing someone to take control over our future.

    Oppt us meant to be everyone on the planet if so then oppt has to directly address our questions/concerns otherwise it is just like our current system only listens to those who support it and damn those who don’t. If we are free and one people whe have to collectively agree on what that one person is.

    I will stand up and support oppt but not as it stands, I want governments to remain while new system is put in place, and new constitutions are drafted, a full referendum so that every persons views are taken into consideration and discussions made are based on the majority. Removing governments would leave us vulnerable and create chaos.

    I do not want to be put in a the vulnerable position of one world government and one world bank, in fact I would rather oppt took money completely out of the system all together, it’s open to corruption and gives the opportunity to gain power over people.

  44. There are to many questions not answered from part of OPPT, I’m not able to discern the truth from what they have offered until to day, I understand that they are waiting for “Total Data” not saying where it will come from nor when. If I handed a notice to someone to let them know that they are working for a corporation that does no exist, they can just discard that paper with out reading it, and keep cashing a pay check every week.
    In the mind time, other events are creating the changes needed, for a more immediate move, if this other results demonstrate to be a better option, I will rather go for that, than to support a not clear possibility.

  45. There are to many questions not answered from part of OPPT, I’m not able to discern the truth from what they have offered until to day, I understand that they are waiting for “Total Data” not saying where it will come from nor when. If I handed a notice to someone to let them know that they are working for a corporation that does no exist, they can just discard that paper with out reading it, and keep cashing a pay check every week.
    In the mind time, other events are creating the changes needed, for a more immediate move, if this other results demonstrate to be a better option, I will rather go for that, than to support a not clear possibility.

  46. Wow, its clear ACS has not done even a fraction of the research necessary to comment credibly on or criticize OPPT. If you had, you’d understand from all the info that has been presented so far on OPPT’s two websites, UCC filings and numerous podcast interviews. Here on the forum, Paula answered all of ACS’s questions, but that just wasn’t good enough. Oh well, it’s clear ACS has an agenda.

  47. Looks like to me every critic in here don’t get the term “cooperation”, that’s the SHIFT from getting paid for whatever we do, to a more help eachothers out situation and do it with a smile! You know, volunteer work? (which I also think “voluntary slaves” works under).
    This is something that’s been missing a lot around here lately, could it have something to do with the system we all have been breed into??

    I am a plumber of occupation, and even I can see that our society today is dependent on workerclass people like me. So when I suddenly get the knowledge about “you’re debt free, and you can choose to do whatever you want!”, that actually tells me that it won’t be that easy. Who will do the work, the fixing of stuff or building things etc? Same thing goes for every other occupation, food industri, clothes industri etc, because there is enough work to go around, and I can see a “circulation” kind of deal, which is fair. Because if you don’t choose to do anything, then no one wants to help you out either, right? It has to be a mutual agreement, and certainly not everyone can help out, but they will get the care needed when EVERYONE helps out. It doesn’t get any more complicated than that..

    With COOPERATION, we all have to work together, and the way I see it, I would work shorter days (normally 8 hours, but will work 2-4 hours daily, my choice) for the common good. Then I’m not counting the other stuff I’ll be doing to help people out, get it?

    I am thinking of the greater good, are you?

    Is this so hard to realize?

    It will take time to adjust, and it would be much easier without people NOT thinking to much about details which you don’t comprehend, obviously…..

    Talk to the trustees and make them clearify it for you, and stop making assumptions…

    Otherwise do your part, and let’s make this a beautiful world to live in!!!

    If somethings funny about my text, that is because I am no writer and I am not born english, so I apologize if there is any misunderstandings 🙂

    Love & Light

    • No one is questioning that our current system benefits the 99% at the expense of everyone else. This reality has impacted me personally as well as intellectually.

      But, who is really responsible for the transfer of wealth upward? Who creates the boom and bust cycles that make that transition inevitable?

      Who ‘created’ the corporate-government model?

      The OPPT folks conveniently avoid that topic, which makes me suspicious. They have said absolutely nothing about ending the central banking system and recovering nation-states control of the people’s currency. Until they do, they do not deserve anyone’s support.

  48. Anyone following the OPPT owes it to themselves to listen to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywzlosmvFuU

    this raises a interesting debate for those who havent seen it yet

  49. I’m glad someone is questioning the OPPT, I’m amazed at that people would just believe everything they say without actually looking into it deeper. A UCC filing does nothing without a court ruling, which they have yet to get and I doubt they will risk their necks to go attempt that. I’m sure they know the story of Barton Buhtz and how effective that was when he tried it. This whole idea that US commerce law is the supreme law of the whole world is a bit hard to swallow too, especially without a shred of evidence. It should be quite easy to show that foreign courts follow the UCC, but the simple fact is they don’t. This version of the world appears to only exist within Heather’s mind and those who follow her.
    Perhaps what bothers me the most is how fanatical people who believe the OPPT stuff behave. It resembles a religion where people who question it are often heavily attacked. I was called ignorant multiple times and a shill for not believing everything on faith alone. Last I checked that’s the opposite of ignorance. I’ve never met an OPPT follower that could actually explain how it all works. They can parrot what they’ve already read, but a little bit of questioning reveals they don’t really understand. At that point I get told just to watch the videos and read the articles, which I have already.

    • Yep. Without a court ruling there is no enforcement power. None whatsoever. The giant elephant on the planet, Ruthschild sabbetaean jewscum know their time is up? That is a fantastic statement to make and only an idiot would make it. I have studied law for 15 years and I see nothing at all in this OPPT that is good or bad. Just nonsense. And this Heather being an attorner, well it is her job to attorn. That is what attorners do. Heather did an interview with GlobalFact radio. I could not hear what she said and I was not going to strain myself. Her connection was pitiful and made me wonder why. Because what she was saying was bullshit.

  50. I have been studying the OPPT on various websites and I can’t wait to hear more about it. With the OPPT we now know our governments are actually corporations that have fraudently controlling, manipulating, taxing, and imprisoning us- basically running a slave system. Because of OPPT we now know the truth! And we can never go back only forward into our wonderful new future.

  51. *sigh* Heather spoke specifically about the Rothschilds,. She stated that several of the big families , including the Old Man from China “knows that their time is up”. She was welcomed by the Old Man and the Rothschilds and simply stated that they met with her, were very friendly to her and know it’s game over. I have listened to every single interview and I didn’t hear her say “they helped me write the trust” but rather she said “I told them what we were doing and gave them opportunity to come clean now. Full disclosure. Get on the right side now or pay the piper later (I paraphrased)”. They were pleasant but now the Rothschilds have gone missing in action; their answer is clear. They are prolonging the inevitable debt due to Source. The Pope was also talked to… he too, bailed out in hopes of satisfying his debt by quiting. So please get your context correct. They did not help her write it, They were informed. To attack a person for having “inside information and even contacts”~ well you might as well hang every whistle blower that has been, is now, and ever will be. A lot of them maintain important contacts for obvious reasons. It doesn’t mean they are sleeping with the enemy!

    • Too many people take Heather at her word and don’t ask her to verify what she says. Just because Heather ‘says’ something doesn’t make it a FACT. Ask her to PROVE that the Rothschilds know it is “game over”. Let’s not forget, we are still waiting for Drake’s “imminent arrests”.

  52. I’m a little late to the “party” but, when I read the AntiCorruption Society opening statement/public notice just a while ago, right off the bat, I saw a HUGE problem. “Whatever actions the Trustees of the One People’s Public Trust have taken, does not represent me nor my family. We had no awareness of this effort and gave no approval nor authorization for these people to represent us”.

    (My comment) Heather and her associates WOULD NOT have succeeded in bringing about foreclosure against the elite criminals had they first notified the masses of their plan, much less to “seek approval” in advance . . . their efforts would have been immediately thwarted by TPTW!!! It was imperative that absolute secrecy be maintained throughout the process, from start to finish, for there to be any chance of succeeding!!!! Personally, I am in awe for what these champions of liberty have done for us and can never thank them enough for having carried out a near-impossible task.

    In your response to Moji;
    “One of the points that Sakli made, that made all of the sense in the world, is that you cannot destroy one system without another one in place. OPPT has no other system in place.”

    (My comment) This is an irrational statement . . . or is it a blatant lie? The NEW SYSTEM is one where ALL the peoples of the world are full participants, should they so choose, and ALL will have equal and proportional access to the global assets/riches which are rightfully theirs – NOT to those greedy scoundrels who have appointed themselves as owners and have taken everything by force. We the people don’t need governments or corporations, of any kind, whose overwhelming purpose is to control and rule over us. Al Whitney, you sound like maybe YOU are one of the “elite” scoundrels!!! (Hope I’m wrong!)

    • Do you understand that the goal of the One World Government folks is to eliminate “nation states” completely?
      “We are at present working discreetly, but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of the world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands.”
      – Arnold Toynbee, Fabian Society – City Of London

      Here is how this is being done at this very moment: http://www.barefootsworld.net/regional.html

      Without “nation states”, the only ones who will be permitted to print currency for the people will be central bankers. All laws, be they reasonable or not, will come from the United Nations. There is no way for the people to get any UN unfair or unjust law repealed.

      Here is a short, but excellent video, describing different forms of government. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4r0VUybeXY

      What has happened is that The Money Monsters have subverted representative government and replaced it with corporate government. The solution isn’t to eliminate ALL government, but to return to representative (Of the People, By the People and For the People) government. For the people to control parasitic corporations, they need de jure government.

      A. Those working to eliminate all government are aiding and abetting the NWO
      B. Those working to restore ‘Of the People’ representative government are trying to stop the NWO

      The OPPT fits into group A

  53. Thank you. Your article provides a very sobering and timely analysis of the OPPT. It asks the important and tough questions that need to asked and adequately answered – just like in any relationship, personal, business or otherwise. There has been limited if any analysis of the OPPT to date on any level. At a minimum this should include a comprehensive understanding of the legal, economic, political, and social ramifications for mankind. Surely, something as monumentus as the end of the thousands of year old slavery system and associated legal framework requires more than a few pages.
    The devil is in the detail and we have not yet seen the detail (the absolute data, as they say). Full disclosure is essential, otherwise we could end up being the same sheeple we once were, but in a different enclosure.

    In addition to the thoughtful and intelligent questions that have already been posed in the article and above posts, I’ll throw in a few more:

    1. Where are the resources coming from to enforce the foreclosures? Without enforcement it’s a waste of time, as the pirates in control will simply ignore the rules, theirs or anyone else’s (study the hiding meanings in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies – these guys just don’t play fair!);

    2. If the corporations, government and banks have been foreclosed upon why is it necessary to send low level administrators and officials “Courtesy Notice’s”? It makes no sense. The fact that I have to send courtesy notices should tell you that the pirates at the helm aren’t playing fair;

    3. If debt is suddenly forgiven what happens to the value of any debt based asset, does it suddenly become worthless?

    4. How will the 10b per being be administered? And who will do the administering and accounting?, What will this do to the valuation of goods and services and what disruption will this cause and how will that be managed?

    5. Why are the OPPT trustees being allowed to speak and get their message out quite freely? Generally, those that truly threaten the PTB are silenced fairly quickly – these pirates murder for less.

    Is the purpose of the OPPT to keep the very small percentage of the population that is awake, distracted? Just like the constant promises from Poofness and others, talk of currency RVs and prosperity packages that are just around the corner but never seem to materialise, seem to do. Are these stalling tactics to buy time?

    The 15th Feb 2013 Lyndon Larouch talk at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xWxZY0dhAI may give some insights into what could be happening behind the scenes. If nothing else listen to the first 10 minutes. It’s sobering stuff.

  54. This quote made me snicker….
    “This is why “New Agers” are so very easy to manipulate. Just tell them what you know will make them ‘feel good’.”
    I found it amusing because it is not the “New Agers” who are being duped into feeding “The Beast”.
    Think about it.
    These are the people who do everything they can to disconnect from the system. They don’t eat the poisonous foods, They stay away from all kinds of chemicals and choose natural products over all others. They respect nature. They conserve and preserve. They aren’t addicted to shopping. For the things they do need to buy, they do everything they can to avoid shopping at corporate owned stores. They prefer to barter amongst themselves rather than use the monetary system. They generally don’t use the debt system to extremes. They often don’t watch or even own televisions. They are also quite often the ones who choose to homeschool their children. All in all they are people who think for themselves and don’t buy in to societal programming.
    I think I’ve made the point that these people are not easily manipulated and the reason they are not easily manipulated is that they trust their intuition. They think with their hearts, over their heads, which means they go primarily on feelings.
    Check out the new research being done by The Institute of Heartmath and you may gain a new respect for and perspective on, the power of “feeling”.
    It’s not us “New Agers” who are submitting to the manipulation! We are standing up against it and doing what we know we need to, to turn things around.
    You seem to be very aware of the corruption we are up against. Why do you wish to build walls between us. Why can’t we each do our own thing to bring down the gangsters and their corrupt systems. The OPPT does not stand in the way of anyone else’s choices or actions. It does not dictate to anyone. Shouldn’t we all be working together, each in our own way, rather than wasting our energies on tearing others down, especially since the others in question are working toward the same goals as you seem to be working toward?
    In Eternal Peace and Love…. Let’s work together.

    • If all “new agers” think with their intuition and are not easily manipulated, why was there no objection to Heather’s plan which included “voluntary slavery”?

      Slavery removes free will and is a most unnatural state of being. Slavery should never be permitted in any situations. If the goal of the OPPT is to eliminate the corporate/government structure and empower all of the people, and if those listening to and reading about OPPT were not easily manipulated and truly invested in human empowerment, I would not be the only one saying NO to the idea of “voluntary slavery”, would I?

      So many of us have been intentionally dumbed down and our ability to think critically dismantled, it will take a lot of effort for us to recover that skill. It is doable, but it will take retraining on our part.

      • This is simply your own interpretation of what Heather said.

        Actually, I have different interpretations of all her words than you do.

        On the point about slavery, I feel that she was simply trying to get the point across that there would be some people who would choose to remain a slave, at least until they see for themselves that it’s safe to leave. Then they can choose to step out of the slavery system. Fear and denial and doubt may keep some within the slavery system, temporarily, but it does not have to remain that way for anyone. No one ever looses the free-will choice to stop being a slave. That is an interpretation you have put on it.

        I agree with your last paragraph which, for me, is exactly why a well-honed intuition is a huge asset.

        Oh, and by the way, I suggest you look again at your interpretation of “Heather (40:21) “I would also like to disclose the person that helped me understand what all that was, was actually a trustee with the Rothschild’s family holdings.””


        How do you take the leap from “…a trustee of the Rothchild’s family holdings….” to “the Rothchilds” ? And, how do you leap from “…helped me understand…” to “…helped her set up…”?

        Are you really being fair and honest in these interpretations?

        • If you truly understand who/what the Rothschild Dynasty actually is, you would know that they “HELP NO ONE” but themselves. They belong to a Sabbatean Satanic Jewish cult. The fact that Heather was in touch with them on any level what so ever is not a good thing, but is a bad thing. And, what Heather says and what Heather can prove are not necessarily the same thing.

          Please review this information by John Christian and see the similarity in Heather’s so-called ‘trust’ and Agenda 21: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/international/one-world-earth-corporation-part-v/ I have no idea how much knowledge OPPT promoters have of Agenda 21. Here is a good place to start: http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/buy-behind-the-green-mask.html

          In 1969 a NWO insider revealed their ‘plans’. One strategy that they use relentlessly is this: THE REAL AND THE STATED GOALS
          ” . . . in relation to changing laws and customs was, ‘Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people and second is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system.'” source: http://rense.com/general94/nwoplans.htm

  55. Living ‘under’ the conditions of a Trust that was conjured up by some unelected self-appointed trustees, is not the same thing as having a legitimate representative government. And folks, these Trustees have no more right to act on behalf of the ‘creator’ than the man in the moon.

    • Well actually, the creator becomes a UCC secured party rather than the sovereign creator of all that is, and the one people become “bondservants”.


      I, for one, am not signing up to be a bondservant..

      The UCC is banker’s law. The bankers use the UCC to to whatever they want to do because it’s their law. Restoring natural law via the UCC would only establish the UCC as the supreme law of the land rather than the constitution. This OPPT is absolute madness. And your premise that the Rothschilds would be behind this seems quite reasonable considering what I read in the UCC filings.

      Thank you anticorruptionsociety for putting this article out. The many who support this *at this time* need some reality..

  56. I have serious issues with this

    1) Lack of info with any substance.

    2) Electronic funding and 1 bank is the ultimate dream of the current system and this is offering just that.

    4) Money is the problem with the current system any monetary system would be open to corruption and in time will cause segregation and slavery again maybe in decades/centuries to come, so we’re just looking out for ourselves n not the future.

    5) Basic economics of this theory don’t add up, if we all have 10 billion, then prices will shoot up. If I have 10b I’m not going to go to all the effort of getting u a coffee in a coffee shop for £3 its not worth my time or effort when I have so much and ur offering such a tiny weenie drop in my 10b ocean.

    6) when everyone goes on a huge spending spree which they would, wheres all this money going to end up? back at large corporations, asia and into the hands we freed it from

    7) Where’s the centralised money for creating more sustainable city’s and working premises, to deal with unseen disasters, set up new education plans as the current ones will be useless, medical centers and research.

    We dont need 10b each and it would not solve the humanity issue we have people would still be caught in a system of consumerism and it upholds what has caused our down fall greed and desire. I would rather live in a world free of this crap, without money it would take a few days/weeks to adjust but we would we’d still work do the things we loved and work to better humanity n not self indulgence. I fail to see how this system offers any more freedom its still ties us to the money and sooner or later we’ll be forced to work any old job to maintain our cashless card, the money would run out and future generations would be trapped like us, except they will be slaves to system where u don’t even get money they get a card or a chip stating their worth that could easily be cut off it they don’t comply to new rules/governments.

    That is if its even likely that those in power are going to hold their hands up n say oh yes we’ve been very bad boys enslaving you all, here you go heres your money back, coz these kind will do everything and anything to hold on to what they have and if it had ever been a concern to them the trustees would have been shot after first notice was sent.

    like many I want this to be true I’ve tuned in and read countless articles/interviews and failed to find any concise details on this, plans, actions to take, acknowledgement from anyone other then OPPT themsleves, interviews are vague and skirt around questions asked.

  57. oppt is some straigt up nonsense which is just another version of rap – charlie miller, who was tim turner’s partner, is one of the self-appointed “trustees” – sound like a familiar thing? it is because instead of “guardians” or “elders” the leaders of this silliness are now calling themselves “trustees” All this other bullshit about rothschilds and bis and ucc is irrelevant. it is simply a scam being pulled off by fraudster charlie miller. dont waste your time with this nonsense. dont say no one told you

  58. The writer of this article poses questions about OPPT that IMO have merit and show skepticism that is warranted. I appreciate the mind of this author to bring about questions that should be answered by the 3 trustees who claim they have taken possession of all the wealth in the entire world.They claim the foreclosure of all corporations within this fiat based monetary system. They claim everyone on the planet now has hundreds of millions of dollars. They do make wild assertions do they not? All I have to do for this wealth is BE and DO? Or is it DO and BE? Or is it DOO BIE? (giggle) But lets be REAL for a second and ask the REAL questions as this author asks? Is OPPT a Rothschild creation?

    The Rothschild family are responsible for the creation of the current fiat monetary system (thanks Mr. Keynes figures you would be a pedophile) This system has allowed 2 world wars that were funded by the SAME people (rothschilds) on both sides. The conspiracy to take over the world is REAL. Take notice that if you are a country without a federal reserve bank you are a target of the rothschilds central bank system. We are down to 3 are we? Do not quote me on the number I just know you can count them on 1 hand. The author of this article is skeptical of the Rothschilds? ME TOO!

  59. This is an MSM piece, so remember to read between the lines. Look for what is implied as well as what is stated outright:

    “Rothschild versus Rothschild: How financial genius Nat was brought down to earth by his own cousin”

  60. By way of responding to Al’s specific questions, above:

    “-Are the “Trustees” aware of manipulated bankruptcy of USA INC? Have they reviewed this information to include Louis McFadden’s brilliant, but scathing, remarks on the floor of congress?”

    Yes, they are entire aware of these precedents and have relied on them in shaping the People’s Trust. The Federal Reserve was foreclosed upon at the end of last year on behalf of the one people.

    “-Do they even know Who is really Running America, and how/why the UCC was brought into our judicial system in the first place?http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html

    Yes to both questions. The trustees and the folks working with them are versed in the history of admiralty law and the creation of the Uniform Commercial Code in the late 1950s. The trustees used the mechanism of UCC Financing Statements to return the one people to a state of ‘Prime’ as individuals standing only under the authority of the Creator. A technical and interactive explanation of how they accomplished this is available here:

    And One More TOPPT for Tonight… “An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”

    “-Are the Rothschild’s estates exempt or are they to be shared with the people’s of the planet?”

    Rothschild corporations, including banks, have been foreclosed upon. I would imagine that Rothschild estates become part of the public trust if title to those estates is held corporately. But since each of us now has ten billion dollars in working capital to play with, suddenly the Rothschilds just aren’t important or interesting anymore.

    “-Does the OPPT action permit the transition to a global currency that the private banking cartel will control? As we all know it is through their control of currency and credit that they have been able to bring down legitimate governments and enslave us all. See: Slavery by Currency: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2011/12/10/slavery-by-currency/

    No. It is of paramount importance that no banking cartel should be allowed to hijack the People’s Trust, the provisions of which will be determined and implemented entirely according to the will of the people in their various CVACs.

    “-What has been done to restore nation states to a de jure functional status? If that has not been done then you have indeed participated in the creation of a one world government and helped to centralize power. Surely you understand that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!!”

    There are plans in place for a global return to common law, which is much more flexible than admiralty law. Common law can easily be amended according to the wishes of the people in different communities, and indeed this is expected.

    “-What has been put in place that allows ‘the people’ to prosecute the bankster criminals that have been on a murderous rampage for so long? See: All Wars are Banker’s Wars http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/02/all-wars-are-bankers-wars-2-2564538.html

    “Does the OPPT support the growing Public Banking movement that is getting established at this very moment?”

    Yes, very much. As I comprehend it, we are shortly going to have tools and technologies available to us all that will hugely improve our level and range of contact with any banking system… but the banking system itself will be entirely transparent. Banking is only meant to be a ‘system of assistance’ for the people.

    “Has the OPPT stopped “usery” or is it going to be allowed to continue?”

    There will be no more usury, because there are no more debt slavery systems. They have all been foreclosed by OPPT.

    “Anyone who presumes to act on behalf of the entire human race better be prepared to face a lot of questions and criticisms. And quite frankly, I can’t figure out how anyone – who is thinking rationally – would do such a thing.”

    Well, I can only offer that I’m personally prepared to face questions and criticism on behalf of the People’s Trust, and therefore on behalf of all the beings on this planet. I don’t feel that I have coercive authority over anyone besides myself, however.

    Good questions. Thanks for the dialogue.

    • “Well, I can only offer that I’m personally prepared to face questions and criticism on behalf of the People’s Trust, and therefore on behalf of all the beings on this planet. I don’t feel that I have coercive authority over anyone besides myself, however.”

      While Paula responded to questions I posed to the OPPT Trustees, she didn’t really give satisfactory answers. And I see no reason to ‘assume’ that Paula has the authority to speak for the Trustees. The following is is a fact: there are at least 8 people I know VERY well who deny the OPPT Trustees AND Paula the right to speak on our behalf.

      This arrogant insanity has to stop.

  61. “What has been done to restore nation states to a de jure functional status? If that has not been done then you have indeed participated in the creation of a one world government and helped to centralize power.”

    Please please please can you explain this in more detailed?

  62. The OPPT’s most basic tenant is that ALL “governments” of the world are registered corporations NOT the original governments they were set up to be; a representative of the people. THEREFORE, those corporations posing as governments can only be controlled by using their “governing” body, the UCC. By using the “rules” of the UCC this Trust was able to tie the hands of these one worlders and seize their assets. Now it is up to beneficiaries of this Trust to use those assets (referred to as CVACS) responsibly to better all of mankind. Yes, the whole thing is fantastical. Yes, it seems like an impossible dream. It would be w/o the understanding that we are heading into a Golden Age where all old 3D rules no longer apply. The person who wrote this article clearly revealed his lack of research and total grasp of the OPPT workings and history. Those who embrace it have done their homework. The labels this writer used to describe the people who understand what has been done through this Trust sets him apart as a polarizing, duality seeking part of the old paradigm.

    I believe it was the genius of the creators /Trustees to use the very people who seek a One World system to help them understand how to go about undermining those people and stop them. To go into the den of the wolf, i.e. a “Rothchild” to get that information makes sense to only the fearless seekers of freedom. The rest point at those brave infiltrators and label them Traitors

    • OPPT people shared the following in their comments:
      “OPPT could not have been organized without high-level banking contacts and some serious enforcement. And it wasn’t just the Rothschilds: the trustees (there are three trustees currently, it’s not just Ms. Tucci-Jarraf) also worked closely with people in Treasury, DoJ, positive military, and intelligence, in addition to other organizations all over the world.”

      Now, it is really important that we all understand that some of these very same ‘entities’ were sued for money laundering and racketeering just last October. Is it possible to negotiate an honest ‘deal’ on behalf of the ‘entire planet’, with hard core criminals? http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/01/28/major-banks-and-government-officials-sued-for-racketeering-and-money-laundering/

      We’ve yet to be told if ‘usery’ will be allowed to continue AND if a private criminal banking cartel will be permitted to continue to control currency/credit on planet Earth.

  63. Thanks for writing & sharing this article.
    Please answer my following questions.

    You wrote:
    “The importance of ‘BEing and DOing’ is repeated almost hypnotically over and over by Heather; few really know what Heather means by these esoteric terms.”

    What do you think does she mean by that? What does it mean to yo?

    • Quite frankly I’m clueless. At one time I used to distinguish between people who were human “doings”, and people who were human “beings”. To allow for the expression of human emotions (including spirituality)is a good thing. But somehow, we still can’t check our brains (critical thinking) at the door. If we continue to lose – or devalue – critical thinking, we will remain unempowered manipulated (content?) sheep.

  64. Thank you for work you’ve put into this. I would never have had the time to listen to all the crap they spew out to mesmerise the masses. That part on the Rothschilds’ involvement was all that I needed to know. You’ve done good work here. Well done! I’m going forth to spread the message.

  65. Indeed you have missed the jest of this whole complex “TRUST”. It is not the whole make up of the mechanics needed to run our new world. It is the offing of the monkey on the backs of the people. When I first read these filings I KNEW they were going to break the chains that have shackled us to these corrupt ” CORPORATIONS” and that is a fact unrefuttable as the language goes. Before you thorugh out the bath water next time take a good look so you don’t through the baby out also NUFF said

    • Many people who understand ‘trusts’ have evaluated the OPPT claims. They do not support this effort and are not convinced it was executed ‘lawfully’. I am not in a position to make that judgement.

      The BIG question is whether or not this ‘Trust’ will be used by the Rothschild’s banking cartel to insure their ability to control credit/currency on our planet. To my knowledge, the OPPT people have not yet publicly addressed that question. Nor, do they mention any pending arrests of the blood thirty war mongering money monsters – aka central bankers. They don’t even suggest that these banking crooks return their ‘spoils’. Let’s not forget, Heather et al have negotiated with the world’s worst criminals. http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/01/28/major-banks-and-government-officials-sued-for-racketeering-and-money-laundering/

  66. Hi Al,

    Thanks for your analysis. It’s important to create dialogue and ask hard questions. Here are my thoughts in response:

    It’s not at all necessary for people to support or endorse the OPPT movement. I haven’t found the Trust to be at all coercive of the people. Indeed, its antecedents firmly lie with the ‘freeman on the land’ movement, under which all contracts are voluntarily undertaken and all respect is offered for individual liberties that do no harm to another.

    OPPT could not have been organized without high-level banking contacts and some serious enforcement. And it wasn’t just the Rothschilds: the trustees (there are three trustees currently, it’s not just Ms. Tucci-Jarraf) also worked closely with people in Treasury, DoJ, positive military, and intelligence, in addition to other organizations all over the world. OPPT is not small, but instead huge (literally, it’s all of us, and none has mandated authority over another). The OPPT trustees clearly indicate that if people want to stand as trustees of any of the CVAC organizations that will help to shepherd in change, they are most welcome and encouraged to do so.

    The fundamental OPPT principle is that there is no more institutional debt for the world’s people to pay back, ever, as all of it was fraudulently levied in the first place. The OPPT standpoint is really the ultimate libertarian view: be free to do and be as you choose; but also be fully accountable for your actions and do no harm to another. This stance is much easier to conceptualize if we consider that each of us is individually worth ten billion dollars backed by gold that we are free to claim for our own use. The initial mechanism for claiming this value is already in place and operating: it is the OPPT Courtesy Notice. I encourage all of your readers to read through this document, so that they know directly and for themselves what they’re dealing with. Don’t rely on another person’s opinion. That’s how we come into self-responsibility.

    Al, you noted above: “The importance of ‘BEing and DOing’ is repeated almost hypnotically over and over by Heather; few really know what Heather means by these esoteric terms.” To my mind, these are the most basic verbs in the English language. They are deployed in this context as a way of supporting thoughts and actions that precipitate freedom. Self-responsible creation is the only thing that will make it possible for Earth to become a member of galactic society. I feel that it’s time to wake up, kids. We’re not the only ones in the galaxy. The Rothschilds et al have been brokers of dark forces, now overcome. Their time is over.

    The article concludes, ” The people involved with the OPPT have been manipulated (or bribed??) by the very wealthy crooks and criminals that set up the ‘system’ in the first place and that represent the OWG agenda.” I must stand firm here and assert that I have neither been bribed or manipulated. I came to the OPPT material independently and I continue to assess developments from that independent stance. Doesn’t Adnan Sakli, favourably cited above, describe himself as ‘the Owner’ of the Bank of International Settlements? The People’s Trust foreclosed on BIS.

    If it’s of interest, here are two articles I’ve written on this subject:

    “When the OPPT Shoe Dropped: Evidence That The Black-Screen, Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real”

    “Connecting the OPPT Dots: More Evidence that the Off-ledger Global Accounts Are Real”

    And One More TOPPT for Tonight… “An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”


    • The respectful manner in which you have communicated is much appreciated. I have read the CVAC. The OPPT Trustees have taken a very bold step and have taken it upon themselves to represent the entire human population. This action puts them in a position to justify what they have done. They need to take responsibility for their own actions – which is what they are asking everyone else to do.

      I have observed that a lot of new age language is used by the OPPT people. That is of course not necessarily a problem. But warm and fuzzy new age lingo is not a substitute for facts. If I had done what the Trustees have done, I would expect to be called upon to justify my actions.

      You have shared the following info, and I thank you:

      “OPPT could not have been organized without high-level banking contacts and some serious enforcement. And it wasn’t just the Rothschilds: the trustees (there are three trustees currently, it’s not just Ms. Tucci-Jarraf) also worked closely with people in Treasury, DoJ, positive military, and intelligence, in addition to other organizations all over the world.”

      Perhaps Heather et al are just naive.
      The Rothschild Dynasty cannot be trusted to act in good faith. They have a very long history of criminality. (Please review Andrew Hitchcock’s research.) I can’t believe the Trustees didn’t know that.

      The Dept of Treasury was turned over to the private Federal Reserve long ago (1921), so to negotiate with them is to negotiate with the private banking cartel. http://www.mindserpent.com/American_History/federal/acts/41_stat_631.html

      Obama’s Dept of Justice has failed to prosecute ANY of the banks for either their derivative or LIBOR scams. So, that institution is completely devoid of honor.

      As for the “positive military”, read what General Smedley Butler had to say about our military.

      That leaves us with “intelligence”. Gordon Duff, editor of Veteran’s Today is in a better position to assess those players than I. To my knowledge he has not yet weighed in on this issue. Gordon Duff is working on using the Wanta Funds to buy out the Federal Reserve. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8Gez8S5MDw

      Let’s try to reduce this discussion to some specific questions:
      -Are the “Trustees” aware of manipulated bankruptcy of USA INC? Have they reviewed this information to include Louis McFadden’s brilliant, but scathing, remarks on the floor of congress?
      -Do they even know Who is really Running America, and how/why the UCC was brought into our judicial system in the first place? http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html
      -Are the Rothschild’s estates exempt or are they to be shared with the people’s of the planet?
      -Does the OPPT action permit the transition to a global currency that the private banking cartel will control? As we all know it is through their control of currency and credit that they have been able to bring down legitimate governments and enslave us all. See: Slavery by Currency: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2011/12/10/slavery-by-currency/
      -What has been done to restore nation states to a de jure functional status? If that has not been done then you have indeed participated in the creation of a one world government and helped to centralize power. Surely you understand that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!!
      -What has been put in place that allows ‘the people’ to prosecute the bankster criminals that have been on a murderous rampage for so long? See: All Wars are Banker’s Wars http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/02/all-wars-are-bankers-wars-2-2564538.html
      -Does the OPPT support the growing Public Banking movement that is getting established at this very moment?
      -Has the OPPT stopped “usery” or is it going to be allowed to continue?

      Anyone who presumes to act on behalf of the entire human race better be prepared to face a lot of questions and criticisms. And quite frankly, I can’t figure out how anyone – who is thinking rationally – would do such a thing.

    • Paula with all do respect the evidence that the black screen blah blah is FAKE A FORGERY! LOL WOW YA THAT VIDEO LOOKS REAL OFFICIAL! LOL ROFL Oh god please help us. So what your saying is real is anything that gets sent to you in your inbox eh? lolololololol

      Oh ya WHERES YOUR EVIDENCE THAT THE OPPT PEOPLE ARE NOT WORKING ALONE? I.E. HAVE HELP FROM MILITARY, BANKING, TREASURY PEOPLE, ETC.? Non-sense ohh what because heather said it it has to be true? All you guys do is make ridiculous claims with no evidence to back it up! And receipts of UCC filings ARE NOT EVIDENCE ANYONE CAN FILE UCC FILINGS YOU JUST PAY THE $26 FEE. You claim foreclosures but anyone with eyes and a half of brain can see they are not foreclosed but you insist! lol Its going to take more then that.

  67. As an independent free person…that the squiggly lines notified you and everyone on this planet….You now have a choice, with expected full data to come, to be what ever type of slave to whomever you wish. As it is now, you don’t own property….the VICAR OF CHRIST (stand in for Christ) The POPE OWNS IT. Thats why you pay property tax. The only one you are responsible to now is God, Source, Creator…..and you can now become a slave to who ever you want. AS for me….I can DOMICIL by CHOICE( Look up DOMICIL) and it holds more clout than ownership, and I choose to tell the CORPORATE WORLD to POUND SAND. We are all free as per squiggly lines…as we should be, and accordingly…No previous plan to take over the world, New age…Madaam Blavantski….or NWO round Table Group …Nor the POPE..can take it back. WE CAN SEE!!!! Now they See we can see

    • We disagree on some major points here. I don’t mind discussing the specifics to see if we can sort this situation out. Assumptions as to what I know and what I don’t know won’t get us where we want to go. The question on the table remains, is the corporate-government structure that has been set up our biggest enemy, or is the banking cartel who set it up the real threat?

      Many would challenge your assertion that the Pope has title to all property and that these titles are ‘housed’ at the BIS. I don’t recall the OPPT representatives considering the USA INC bankruptcy, which precipitated the confiscation of the people’s gold – and all their assets – by FDR. http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html

      “Under the doctrine of Parens Patriae, “Government As Parent”, as a result of the manipulated bankruptcy of the United States of America in 1930, ALL the assets of the American people, their person, and of our country itself are held by the Depository Trust Corporation at 55 Water Street, NY, NY, secured by UCC Commercial Liens, which are then monetized as “debt money” by the Federal Reserve. It may interest you to know that under the umbrella of the Depository Trust Corporation lies the CEDE Corporation, the Federal Reserve Corporation, the American Bar Association, the legal arm of the banking interests, and the Internal Revenue Service, the system’s collection agency.”

      This page: http://www.barefootsworld.net/usfraud.html most likely contains info you are unaware of. I strongly suggest that all the OPPT promoters read it and consider how it impacts the actions you have chosen to take.

  68. With all due respect, it’s articles like this that show how limited the understanding of our situation here is. You have taken quotes out of context to try and prove that the trustees are somehow in dishonour when the exact opposite is true. You also have not acknowledged that we are now totally free to be and our existence alone is our value as the powers that were well knew when they monetized, insured, and profited from our being for themselves.
    All that the trust has done is prevent those who are intent on owning everything from access to what is not rightfully theirs

    I was reminded of the man who was drowning and waved off a boat and a helicopter saying that he had faith that God would save him only to drown. On reaching heaven and asking why God let him drown he replied “well I sent you a boat and a helicopter.

    You as an individual are now responsible for your actions and all your doing and being and I would ask you how you think that broadcasting dishonour to those who have freed you will serve the common good? We are now under Common Law, Divine law and equal partners in the trust. Whether you choose to oppt-in or not you are still a beneficiary.

    I commend you for your concern and actions of anti corruption.
    With love and appreciation for your being and doing,


    • You commented: “All that the trust has done is prevent those who are intent on owning everything from access to what is not rightfully theirs”

      I raised the question of the Rothschild’s estate in my evaluation of OPPT. Could you tell me if their ‘estates’ have somehow been exempted or have you managed to remove their ‘property’ from them? And if you don’t understand that family’s role in all of this, you must read Andrew Hitchcock’s excellent research.

    • Nice reply Carol. I too had to weigh in on this article. Clearly the man has not done his homework.

    • We are totally free? You are totally free? really? DO YOU STILL PAY YOUR MORTGAGE? Do you still have electric bill, gas bill, water bill, taxes? Is the patriot act still a law, NDAA still a law? Do you still see chemtrails in the sky, is your water still fluoridated? Are the scumbag sock puppets still running the government? I wonder what major bank you have your money in? Ya your free, just like prisoners are free in prison.

      Pleaase can anyone tell me how a foreclosure works? anyone? Ok for everyone that believes the non-sense Heather and the other scams obviously dont. So I’ll break it down, the bank wants to take your house so they fill out the paperwork and go to a judge and they make their case for why they want to take it and give the judge the paperwork. The Judge makes a decision as to whether the banks can take it or not. If the judge agrees then he signs the paperwork making it legal for the bank to take the house. So the bank shows the police and the police go to the house and evict you, that day or the next, if they are nice they will give you an hour or so to pack your things and go.


      How are people so delusional they believe an unknown person who they heard over the interwebz over reality and what is real as in THE REAL WORLD i.e. The federal reserve is obviously not foreclosed on and the fed and government ARE STILL USING THE MONEY THAT HEATHER CLAIMS IS “WORTHLESS” and everyone who believes this none-sense is still paying their mortgages (at least if they want to keep their house) and paying bills and taxes? It boggles the mind people are that stupid and divorced from reality.

      Its time to dox the trustees……when its done ill post it all here for everyone for full disclosure sack. lol 😉

  69. Boy oh boy, have you got a lot to learn. Then again, I suppose you do have a free will choice to reside in the reality that you choose, as we all do. Do you realize how absolutely transparent this article makes you? You so obviously must not. Ahhh, the contrast. Don’t ya just love it.

  70. Wow!! Talk about taking quotes completely out context & misinterpreting the root intention of the oppt. Study all the data on oppt and it will come to light that the author of this article has come to some very invalid, better yet, preposterous conclusions.

    • These are generalities. Be specific. Which conclusions were preposterous?

      • "Kindness is Power"

        The context that Heather quotes Rothchild: During her investigations Heather sought to understand if the current system could be saved somehow. In speaking with Rothchild Heather came to understand fully that the current system is set up as a perpetual slavery system. Rothchild did not arrange the OPPT UCC Filings. Heather and the other trustees upon thorough investigation deemed the current system completely unsaveable and sought to discovery how to shut it down. They effectively used the system of the Slave Masters to beat them at their own game by taking us back to zero point and bonding us to the Creator. No one within the old system can trump that without admitting they are running slavery systems. We now are free.

        However, with the destructive Rothchild activities of running the slavery system, I can lovingly understand how even the mention of the name Rothchild sent you into a huge dicernment search, and rightly so. I suggest instead of a hairtrigger reaction at the name Rothchild you dicerningly do your research,as this article takes Heathers comments about Rothchild explaining the system to her completely out of context.

        The OPPT UCC Filings do not serve any slavery system Rothchild or other. However it is the freewill right of anyone who wishes to sign a new contract with a slavery system,”knowingly”, to do so. The OPPT UCC Filings cancel all contracts unknowingly entered into against our Freewill via the Birth Certificate registered by our parents. Personally, I will not contract with them now that I am free.

        I lovingly ask you to do the research and I welcome you to our new found Freedom!

        “Kindness is Power”

        • Who are you, and by what authority do you speak for Trustee, Heather? Have you ever met Heather? How long have you known her? Have you been to her house? Do you even know where she lives? Do you have any proof whatsoever that she is who she claims to be?

          When we meet strangers, we are generally somewhat cautious. Trust takes time to build. Those who immediately trust a complete stranger that comes to them over the internet are relatively naive. The OPPT promoters have been negligent and rely waaay too much on Heather’s words. A lot more scrutiny should have taken place.

          How much do the OPPT ‘supporters’ know about central banking and the importance of control over currency? How much do they know about Agenda 21? Do they know that there is a connection between the two? Read John Christian’s white paper. It is brilliant: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/international/the-city-world-conquest/

          By the way, “Kindness is Power” is exactly right. The ‘controllers’ rely on computers to predict and manipulate the people’s behavior. They can only predict and control us if we are motivated by money . . . first and foremost. Random Acts of Kindness are unpredictable therefore throw sticks in the spokes of their system. Random Acts of Kindness are extremely important tools (weapons) that we can all use to defeat them.

        • There is absolutely no evidence that Heather changed anything. Heather claiming that we are now free to “be” and “do” has little or no significance.

  71. You are quoting Adnan Sakli as if that’s a good thing. This is the guy who purports to “own the BIS.” No red flags there? Governments ALWAYS rule by force, fear, deception, and coercion, maybe this is the reason to get rid of them, not to mention the fact that geographical borders are completely arbitrary to individual identity.

    I read this article to see if someone could poke holes into the OPPT thing that I have not thought of myself. I am satisfied that there is no solid info here, just misleading attempts to discredit the intellectual capacity of those of us who choose to be affiliated with such a movement.

    • These are just general observations. Let’s root out the details. According to former insider John Christian, the ‘properties’ of the planet are not at the BIS, but held by the cartel in the City-State of London. I am not necessarily surprised that your critiques don’t address any of the facts I have quoted to support my conclusions. This is so common with those who have been duped and/or those who are attempted to dupe others. Without consideration of the role the Federal Reserve and the Rothschild’s have played in all of this – as well as the bankruptcy of USA INC- you don’t understand the problem well enough to even pose a solution. Could it be that as an attorney Heather took an oath to keep the bankruptcy a secret? Please lets us all know if the Rothschild’s estates have been exempted or are they no longer their ‘property’? That is not a small detail, that alone will reveal whether or not the Rothschilds are involved behind the scenes.

      • My critique directly addressed the fact that you were quoting Salki to somehow help your argument, a point that you have entirely evaded. Has not this Salki person dealt with all of the worst banking criminals on the planet? Is this not the same action that you accuse Heather and the OPPT? Conversely, is it not wise to “know your enemy?”
        The real factor that would make any effort to displace the current system successful would be ABSOLUTE DISCLOSURE. This would ensure that the people would never put their trust in non-transparent governing systems again. You have not even touched on this point despite it’s primary importance, yet it is a key issue with the OPPT.

        • Sakli was not my main argument. Rothschild’s involvement is enough for most folks to turn away from this effort. The Rothschild Dynasty would never do anything to harm or diminish their own Trust. It is nutz to think you can negotiate an honorable deal with a family who is part of a Sabbatean Satanic Jewish Cult with a long history of death and destruction. A family like this however, would most definitely want us all to believe that “voluntary slavery” is moral. Why did none of the OPPT people expose the lie of “voluntary slavery”, which is the exact system we are working to overcome? Many of the parties the Trustees worked with were named in this lawsuit: http://anticorruptionsociety.com/2013/01/28/major-banks-and-government-officials-sued-for-racketeering-and-money-laundering/

          One of the points that Sakli made that made all of the sense in the world is that you cannot destroy one system without another one in place. OPPT has no other system in place.

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