Getting a Real ID requires us all to lie!


By AL Whitney © copyround 2018
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

The official Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles “Drivers Manual”, Chapter 3 – Page 18, of 12-30-16 states:

6. The signature collected on the signature pad at the workstations for Ohio credential issuance indicate the applicant agrees to and understands the information regarding the issuance. The signature also displays on the Ohio credential printed.

On RBN’s National Intel Report, AL Whitney (filling in for John Stadtmiller) explained how the deception works and the bogus state of emergency that was used to launch the Real ID Act.


Executive Order 13814

Senate Report 93-549 – National Emergency (1973)

Real ID Act



4 responses to “Getting a Real ID requires us all to lie!

  1. Article 1:10:1 United States of America Constitution and Title 31 USC section 5103 are different in terms of real money of substance! NO LAWS IMPAIRING THE OBLIGATIONS OF CONTRACTS, BILL OF ATTAINDER, EX POST FACTO LAWS, etc JOHN QUE PUBLIC ( Decedent, Estate, Debtor) Look at all instruments and Documents( ALL CAPS) John Que Public the living man, under a de jure republic not a corporate legislative democracy! When is the last time you signed a check for authentication and they are using direct deposit as convenience! The BANK operates under the UCC and you will see more of the UCC in REAL ESTATE! 9 Articles and this also deals with Sales! Now if you were born long before the REAL ID was drafted into legislation, it would stand to reason you have plenty of evidence that you are an AMERICAN! The Drivers license bureau as had that information since you first applied and they are sharing information unlawfully because without reserving your rights, they will say you consented, and that is fraudulent on their part because no AMERICAN is going to willfully, voluntarily and intentionally waive the constitution for a paid privilege,that being the DRIVERS LICENSE and based on case precedent, people have the right to travel without a license, unless they are engaged in commerce for profit, which most Americans are not! By the way Police are ignoring these precedents and like I said, summarily adjudicating people on the street! There is no presumption of guilt under the constitution, only innocent until proven guilty~

  2. The issue is the paid for privilege called the drivers license! Police operating in Commerce and profiting from the legislation submitted by the BAR attorneys who draft these legislative statutes that compel performance and everyone should know this process contravenes the constitution! My issue is the courts and the Bonds being created that no one is aware of and the money these courts are making on these judgments and the damage to the public by ignoring the constitution and flat out lying about the jurisdictions these tribunals are operating under! People are going to jail and summarily adjudicated on the streets for crimes that are legislative and do not comport with the constitution! Outside agencies like the Department of Human Services is acting outside of judicial and constitutional purview all the time, yet they are getting men arrested, without any of the constitutional protections, especially when it comes to child support, which is never reported to the IRS! These Agencies are all for profit and one should recognize that you are deemed a paying customer! This implies contract for services rendered,especially the DMV and the Police act on these false presumptions and ignore federal Congress legislative statutes prohibiting the collect of any civil debt, unless, they prove their claims first and its not happening! Marriage and Divorce are contractual disputes across the board! Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is being violated on a daily basis by these Agencies and Employers! If they don’t falsely imprison or Jail a father with contempt outside of the constitution they then use the Drivers License, which has nothing to do with driving! I am not concerned with peoples moral opinion. I am speaking of the law and due process, Fifth Amendment, Sixth Amendment, Fourth Amendment, FIrst Amendment, Ninth Amendment being ignored! If one pays attention there is always a financial amount to these statutes and the Common Law does not compel, these are victimless crimes! People should be looking at the tribunals and going after the Bonds, all of them, are supposed to have in order to protect the public from their transgressions and this includes the DMV They are all complicit and causing a lot of damage to people in this country

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  4. two issues: I cannot get a national passport, I must fight for my rights or lie and take a US citizen passport.

    I am classified continuous traveler on Oregon.

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