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Black’s Law 4th Edition – condition precedent:
” . . . it is a condition referring to a future event, upon the happening of which
the obligation becomes no longer binding upon the other party,
if he chooses to avail himself of the condition.”

It is first important to understand that The Real Law of the Land in America is the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) – not the US Constitution/Bill of Rights. The UCC was implemented in all 50 states by the mid 1960s. Quote from UCC GENERAL PROVISIONS § 1-103: “The Uniform Commercial Code must be liberally construed and applied . . . to make uniform the law among the various jurisdictions.” Some call this new legal system statutory law; some call it law merchant; and others refer to it as contract law.

[Lawfully Yours TalkShoe call – explanation of the Notice of Condition Precedent:]

Econtractach and every time we sign a registration form, application form, or contract it is presumed that we are knowingly signing a contractual agreement and that we are fully aware of all the terms and conditions and accept them, even though many times they are not disclosed. Common sense tells us that we cannot consent to terms and conditions of a contract that we are unaware of. However according to the current legal structure in place throughout the country, the presumption is that if we sign without noting our reservations, we are knowingly agreeing to all terms.

UCC Article 1, Section 1-206. Presumptions.

Whenever the Uniform Commercial Code creates a “presumption” with respect to a fact, or provides that a fact is “presumed,” the trier of fact must find the existence of the fact unless and until evidence is introduced that supports a finding of its nonexistence.

Here is a good example from a notice we received in the mail from our local  bank in 2014 stating the new “terms and conditions” of our account contract.

“This document, along with any other documents we give you pertaining to your account(s), is a contract that establishes rules which control your account(s) with us. If you sign the signature card or open or continue to use the account, you agree to these rules.

This agreement is subject to applicable federal laws, the laws of the state of Ohio and other applicable rules such as the operating letters of the Federal Reserve Banks and payment processing system rules . . . The body of state and federal law that governs our relationship with you, however, is too large and complex to be reproduced here.”

So, by continuing to use our checking account it is presumed (see UCC § 1-206. Presumption) that we have agreed to a contract with “rules” that are admittedly not disclosed. All banks with corporate charters in America today are subject to the operating letters of the private Federal Reserve Banks because the money they use – FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES – is a private commercial scrip[i]. The vast majority of the population is completely in the dark regarding these so called rules.

Here is the glitch: because all governments and corporations use the private commercial scrip (the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE) they are bound by the laws of contracts[ii], i.e. the Uniform Commercial Code. The UCC governs all commercial contracts. Enforceable contracts require “mutuality” i.e. both parties are aware of and agree to the terms and conditions. However, you cannot achieve mutuality without full disclosure. So, what the local bank did was coerced their customers into agreeing that non-disclosure is an acceptable term. They did this by threatening to discontinue the accounts of those that didn’t agree to their terms. Out of necessity most of their customers consented to the bastardized version of mutuality rather than close their accounts. As more and more people today receive their pay via direct deposit, not having a bank account would make it quite difficult for them to get access to the money they need to put a roof over their heads and food on their tables. This means that the customers accepted the non-disclosure terms either mistakenly or “under duress”. The fact that BAR attorneys write these entrapment contracts in a language that the majority of the population doesn’t understand should not surprise anyone and should enrage everyone.

The internet

In addition, when we visit web sites or accept the terms of Youtube, Google, FaceBook and others, it is also presumed that we are knowingly entering into a contractual relationship and understand and accept their terms and policies. Frequently we are requested to indicate our acceptance by clicking yes when a pop up box appears, but not always. Often there is a presumption in place that simply by visiting a web site to find out store hours or locations we are consenting to their privacy policies designed to assist them in data mining. Once you start looking at the terms you are agreeing to, you will clearly see that there is a really big problem with the notion of presumed consent when you go online.


To the best of our knowledge there is only one way to protect yourself from undisclosed terms and conditions and presumed consent in society today and that is to establish a condition precedent for your living flesh and blood self.

See: Are You Legally Dead or Alive?

As the entire system of rules, regulations and policies only applies to legal juristic “persons” (see UCC § 1-201. General Definitions (27) “Person” . . . legal or commercial entity.), it is important you separate yourself from the “person” presumption. Here is a short audio clip of a courtroom debate between a living man and a Judge in Florida trying to get him to consent to being a legal “person” under the judges jurisdiction:

It is also important to note – as expressed in the banking example – that our money/banking system is defined by undisclosed federal laws and the letters of the private for-profit corporation known as the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS. By the way, federal laws only apply to US CITIZENs. If you vote in federal elections you are a registered US CITIZEN. If you checked the US CITIZEN box when you opened your bank account or applied for a driver’s license, without restricting your signature, you have decided to define your legal character as a US CITIZEN.

So, once you understand what is really going on and that more often than not undisclosed conditions are generally NOT in your best interest, it is strongly recommended that you:

  1. Stop being a US corporation CITIZEN and voting for the government corporation’s[iii] trustees who don’t work for you anyway – cancel your voter’s registration.
  2. Implement a condition precedent notice to declare yourself a living flesh and blood man or woman (versus a legal fiction “person”).
  3. Restrict your signature by signing “Without Prejudice” (see UCC § 1-308. Performance or Acceptance Under Reservation of Rights).

Black’s Law 4th Edition – condition precedent:

” . . . it is a condition referring to a future event, upon the happening of which the obligation becomes no longer binding upon the other party, if he chooses to avail himself of the condition.”

In other words, once you implement a legal notice (see UCC § 1-202. Notice; Knowledge) establishing your political and legal characters and sign your applications, registrations and contracts “without prejudice”, you can challenge the enforcement of onerous[iv] terms or conditions that either were not disclosed, were agreed to under duress, or only apply to legal juristic persons.

You can use the following example to create a Notice of Condition Precedent or write your own. This example was designed to define both your legal and political characters for the record. It also contains a statement for mothers and fathers to rebut the presumption that they voluntarily gave their son(s) or daughter(s) to the State, thereby placing them under the parental authority of the State (known as Parens Patriae.)


Option A)   Have your notice placed in the legal notice section of your local paper for four weekends. Ask the paper to send you a notice after it has been filed with the court. If the paper does not file it, you must get proof of the notice from them and file it on the public record yourself. Use the four line address request in your notice as it takes you out of the UNITED STATES[v] federal jurisdiction.

Option B)   You can also have your notice posted on the Condition Precedent web site for $25. This could help counter the presumption that you have agreed to the myriad of unintelligible terms and conditions associated with web sites or downloadable software or applications. You can view this site and the instructions here:


If you chose to have your Notice of Condition Precedent publicly posted on this site, the host will mail your notice to you directly after it has cured (been posted for 30 days), thus providing you with the documentation needed to start implementing it. Keep the original and send out copies as needed.

Get and keep copies and reference numbers for all notices.

Without prejudice

Don’t forget to write “Without prejudice” above your signature each and every time you are called upon to sign anything . . . starting right now.

If an occasion arises whereas those seeking your signature deny you the right to clarify your acceptance via signing “without prejudice” above your signature, remind them that as they are using a private commercial scrip – the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – they are obligated under the UCC rules of contracts and agreements Section 1-308 to permit this reservation of rights. Be polite but persistent. Per UCC § 1-305, “Remedies [such as reservation of rights are] to be Liberally Administered”.


 In compliance with Executive Order 13132 (“Federalism”) signed by President Bill Clinton on August 10, 1999 Section 2:

“(d) The people of the States are free, subject only to restrictions in the Constitution itself or in constitutionally authorized Acts of Congress, to define the moral, political, and legal character of their lives.”

I hereby define my political and legal characters as follows:

Be it known by all, that I John Doe, as a living flesh and blood man that on this day of 23 in the month of January and the year 2016 do hereby give notice to all in the world that I am not a citizen of the United States Federal corporation. [See 28 U.S. Code Sec 3002] Any who wish to challenge this admission must do so by responding to this notice within 30 days of last publication. Notice is also given to any one in the world who may have a contract (or unsigned presumed contract) under the above name, living at the below address, that this notice serves as an addendum to all contracts or presumptions ab initio, in which the signatory name (or electronic signature) may appear. Notice that the following be included as part and above the signatory name: “without prejudice.”

Let it be known to all that this notice also serves to amend my son’s Certificate of Live Birth and rebut any presumption that the State has parental authority (parens patriae doctrine) over my son, Jimmy John Doe (date of birth: 5-7-09).

All return address or responses to be addressed as follows. Notice – all three line addresses will be returned to senders.

John Doe
307 John’s Road
Akron, Ohio [12345]
(united States of America)

The provisions, rules and orders that validate the Notice of Condition Precedent can be viewed on this page.



[i] Because the FEDERAL RESERVE is a privately owned institution, their scrip – the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE – is a privately owned scrip (currency).

[ii] See Clearfield Trust Company vs United States (1942);

[iii] See “Definitions” (15) in Title 28, Section 3002;

[iv] Definition of onerous from Merriam Webster Dictionary: “having legal obligations that outweigh the advantages”

[v] See 28 US Code, Section 1756 (1) and (2);

Booklet: Are you Legally Alive or Dead?  [for printing on 8 1/2 x 11]

36 responses to “Notice of Condition Precedent



  3. Anyone handling Condition Precedent notice?
    I just heard Al had passed which is why I never received anything after donating to RBN.
    Thank you 🙏

  4. I am in Canada and we do not have a valid constitution however all corporations operate under the crown of England even the US. The executive order would not apply as a Canadian so what does one put instead? Canada operates under PPA instead of adopting fully to the UCC but isn’t a country period. The process for receiving the trust, is their steps on what is required? Such as do you have to use a closed account? There is a lot of conflicting information and I have been targeted by the province & region for 5 years, they took my son and to prevent me from suing the city intimidate and threaten all so I stand alone and once again they have charged me with harassment on my ex and child for following the court order which he doesn’t. He once worked for the city and is a free mason. Province of Ontario has separate laws imposed verses at the federal level. I think they want me dead as they are fully aware I know! Using their agents to intimidate and harass.

  5. What would filing this do to contracts I have signed such as my bank accounts and mortgage? Would this affect filing income taxes, holding a drivers license or insurance?
    Please advise…

  6. He tried to seperate himself but wasnt able to is that due to him creating joinder by answering questions? Obviously the judge understood what the man was really trying to say but what went wrong? Even as a secure party his bond was revoked wow

    • If you are referring to the exchange between the Judge and the ‘defendant’, what went wrong is the defendant did not object each and every time the Judge referred to him as a ‘person’.

  7. Can you please explain how I would be abke to use this notice of condition etc etc to get children back from cps??

  8. What is Al’s email?

    notice in the second one, there is an “r” after no.
    this is the email posted above by Al.
    is that spelled correctly, Al?
    on angela’s call recently, Al gave the first email to us, so which one is correct?

  9. What if there was a unified collective effort in this arena? Why not have meetings, perhaps with Skype, tape them, put them on You Tube / Vimo with yourself, Anna von Reitz, Jordan Maxwell and other like individuals, share what you know with each other and the Awaking Collective that are hungry for remedy. As I see it…Unifying is Critical and MUST BE DONE. We must all work together to put the pieces of the puzzle together and co create the NEW HUMAN & NEW EARTH as a WORLD COMMUNITY of Free and Sovereign Beings.

  10. Everly E Spurrier Jr

    The only place all judges,lawyers, all law enforcement officers,etc. is the 10 square miles of DC. They are under the UNITED STATES,INC. an international corporation out of Puerto Rico !!

  11. Steven Harris is not working. It takes me to a search page. I really would like to post my notice. Thank you in advance.


    The link for the example, Notice of Condition Precedent, verbiage can be found at the above link in this post. I think the original link in the article is no longer active.

    Also, I strongly recommend your check with your State/Republic as to the proper procedure to make legal notice ‘official and on the record’, you know. I am just learning the depths of these topics, and each Republic [non-corporation state] has its own procedures, so you want to look into those procedures [corporation state vs. Republic of state], if/when applicable.

    Thank you much for this article and for this website and for all the information you share with your brethren.
    May the Almighty Creator bless you and yours. Peace be unto you

    • You’re getting confused about the purpose of the Notice of Condition Precedent. It has nothing to do with the “Republic of state”. It merely allows you to rebut the presumptions that you are 1) a UNITED STATES Citizen (enemy of the state) and that you are 2) a legal fiction person. If asked what you are, the best answer would be “What are my choices?” Those who would impose onerous rules, regulations and statutes upon you may go by different definitions. Don’t confess to being anything unless the definition is clarified.

  13. Steven Harris

    I can’t find the page where I’m supposed to upload my notice and pay for it. Can you help me with that? Also, is there a format that is required i.e. Word, WordPerfect, pdf, rtf? Thank you and thank you for providing this service.

  14. Had your email for years but never could use the site: even if you use all your legal knowledge to judge the pics to jury which is illegal as they go online you don’t know matter what! I served prison time didn’t violate any laws the reason I went to prison was I was trying to force them to obey the laws: only God makes law mandates rules regulation statutes codes and they’re all in commerce! I need my name cleared.. I live in Cleveland Ohio

  15. Ask the paper to send you a notice after it has been filed with the court.

    you lost me here. so the paper is supposed to file with the county court i suppose and if they dont, then we have to.
    i think i’ve tried to do that in the past but no one knows what you mean when you say you want to file something into the public record. they either really don’t know or are playing dumb.

    if we go the web based route, does this still have to be filed with a court?

  16. What was the outcome of this mans case in the audio? It appears he went to jail and the judge revoked his bond. Isn’t that a denial of his due process rights and the fact the court is on record, wouldn’t that imply a constitutional court?

    • UCC has no due process other than rebutting their presumptions. It is all contract law.

      David Hall did not adequately rebut the presumption that he was a “person”. He should have objected every time the judge referred to him as such. He remained in the courts jurisdiction.

  17. Can someone explain a what a surety bond is and what that would cost and how to correctly fill out a UCC-1 Financing statement and or how to copyright our names.[Person]? Thanks!!
    Fathers across the country are being incarcerated under these dual proceedings, regarding child support contempt! Fathers are charged huge fines and are jailed at the same time. They are also being arrested without probable cause,through warrants!!

    • The contract being enforced on fathers comes from the implementation of the divorce contract on the “person”. Let’s not forget that all of these government/court contracts/agreements are written for legal fiction “persons”.

  18. I am dealing with an imputed child support order and this in my opinion is a unlawfully compelled contract that I did not agree to. This has been going on for almost a decade. This is a ghost order and I am trying to figure out how legislatures are allowing judges to force fathers into contracts that don’t exist and bill the father interest and arrears and charge additional fees just for processing child support. Example of Georgia law O.C.G.A 19-6-33 that allows any employer to charge a father employee, just for coming to work! Thanks

    • Most courts today require child custody “arrangements” and child support “payments” be integrated into the divorce agreement. It is likely you signed a divorce contract to enable you to get a divorce that contained these items. Therefore “the court” presumes that you have volunteered to abide by them.

      Because parents sign the “certificate of live birth”, the State presumes that it has controlling interest in your progeny. It is called parens patriae and it means government as parent. See:

      Also many fathers are unaware that they can apply for a reduction of child support. Although caseworkers won’t help you much, be persistent. Their funding depends on collecting as much money in child support as they possibly can. Again, you can apply for a reduction. Be persistent.

      • Can someone explain a what a surety bond is and what that would cost and how to correctly fill out a UCC-1 Financing statement and or how to copyright our names.[Person]? Thanks!!
        Fathers across the country are being incarcerated under these dual proceedings, regarding child support contempt! Fathers are charged huge fines and are jailed at the same time. They are also being arrested without probable cause,through warrants!!

      • The issue with my divorce is that I did not sign anything agreeing to the terms of the divorce decree, which is loaded with a lot of false swearing, there was no trial and there was no hearing! I have tried to modify my child support on my own, but the state is trying to get me to contract through their forms, with criminal statutes for perjury, so that they can use their statutes, to access any accounts I may have, and say I gave them consent. The agents for these local child support agencies are not lawyers,but they are practicing law, by using such documents, that insert, a criminal element,when child support is a civil debt! They have stonewalled me for over a year and I have been fighting them! They have been provided evidence for the federally mandated rebuttable presumption and brought me into court and did nothing and want me to go through the local agency, for the Title IV-D money! My case is complicated. Thanks! Its a military divorce situation and my former wife is a Captain in the United States Army and she has been allowed to used the Military, to abscond with our sons, for over ten years, which has completely eliminated me from having a relationship with them!! Thanks

        • Isaac, checkout youtube a channel called [Rick W.] He has a lot of great info for child support fraud. Good luck brother!

  19. I am an untrained and unrepresented father and dealing with alot of custody and child support issues. How can the UCC be applied in these type of situations! It is now common practice for attorneys to charge fees just for talking to them or consulting with them and these fees are assumed to be non-refundable! Thanks

  20. What is the link at Lawfully Yours TalkShoe call for – explanation of the Notice of Condition Precedent ?? There are too many to sort through. Thanks…

  21. The guy in the audio directly above started out on the wrong foot. He admitted to being “the settler, the individual.” These are fictions. He should have said he was the Man. And who here has a claim against me?

  22. Great, clear information. I can see how one would need to be thoroughly grounded in these legal principles to be persistent in claiming them. I have found in situations as varied as IRS audits to police calls for feeding animals within city codes, having a good grasp of the law and being unwilling to back down will give you a powerful advantage, since most don’t know the law, are intimidated when you show them the actual text of a law you are using and fear liability should they oppose you and you are in fact correct.

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