Source Documents

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Adhesion Contracts – the Louisiana Law Review (1974)

Articles of Incorporation – UNITED STATES CORPORATION COMPANY (1925)

Banker’s Manifesto – 1892

Bond vs. UNITED STATES by Judge Dale, retired

Case Monetization (CRIS Report) July 2003

Certificate of Incorporation Internal Revenue (1933)

Citizenship Repudiation – Melvin Stamper

Clearfield Doctrine

Congressional Record (June 1932)

Congressional Record (June 1932 – copy of original)

Congressional Record (March 1933)

Congressional Record (June 1967)

Congressional Record (March 1993)

Continuation of the National Emergency (2012)

Continuation of the National Emergency (2013)


Declaration of Patient’s Rights

Independent Treasury Act – 1920

Louis McFadden – An Astounding Exposure (Congressional Record)

Memorandum of Law on the Name

NASA – The Future of War (2001)

Presidential Executive Order 13132 – Federalism

Public Law 105-85: Experimentation on human subjects

Secret Maritime Jurisdiction Exposed

Senate Report 93-549 (1973)

Senate Report 93-549 (excerpts page)

Senate Report 93-549 (1973 – original)

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – Air Force Technical Manual (1979)

Swiss Study: The Network of Global Corporate Control (2011)

The Legal Craft (The BAR Card)

The UCC and You

UCC – Article 1 – General Provisions

War and Emergency Powers – Special Report by Eugene Shroder

Who is Running America by Barefoot’s World

Woe Unto You, Lawyers by law professor Fred Rodell

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  2. Can you put up Judge Dale’s THE GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURE Secrets in America

  3. I want to get tbe Code of Canon Law that Frank uses. Can you refer me to where I would get that? Thanks

  4. Can you tell me where the Clearfield Doctrine quote is in actual case law? I cant seem to find it… I have looked through the case briefs, and can’t find it… Is it quoted correctly? Or is it in error?


    • You might have to pay for a subscription to get the document:

      • Is it possible to remove, or edit the “Clearfield Doctrine” document PDF on this site, to reflect the correct information? Because the Clearfield Doctrine CASE actually says none of the information supposedly IN the case that the PDF document suggests is in there… It would be nice to get a rewrite of that, and get everything straightened out… I have been trying to share this information, and I can’t share it properly if the quotes are not in the case law that the PDF says to direct you to. (When you are actually shown the case law, and the quotes are not even there inside the case law to back up and support the point that you are trying to make, it can get embarrassing, and suggest that one doesnt know what they are talking about) 👈 Hence the need for accurate citing of proper case law all the way across the board.

        Thanks!! 👍👏👏

        • Was this resolved?

          Where is the entire study available? Was it omitted or never existed?

          • This was not resolved… I do not know anything about a study… But the Clearfield case itself mentions nothing at all about what the “Clearfield Doctrine PDF” that you can download on this site says that is in the case. So I am trying to find exactly where all of those quotes come from that is in that PDF:

            (from memory)
            “Governments descend to the level of private corporations when using commercial paper, governments lose their sovereignty when dealing in FRN’s, etc”

            👆 Because ALL of these quotes are NOT in the Clearfield case, the record here needs to be corrected so as not to keep misleading people down a path that will not bear good fruit.

            Does every single quote actually exist somewhere in case law? That would be AWESOME if they all did exist… Where are they? I dont know… I would seriously love to find them… But I do know that they are not a part of the Clearfield case… That much I do know.

            Any help? Anyone? Thanks much!

          • Is there an admin that can help with this issue? Nobody seems to be able to resolve this. Or everyone is sleeping. There is inaccuracies in the Clearfield Doctrine pdf that I would like to get resolved. Thanks!

          • Our legal researchers have discovered multiple occasions where documents were altered or removed from law libraries, such as the original 13th Amendment. To their knowledge the quote first appeared in 1997 in The American Bulletin. We were able to locate a copy of that piece and have added its contents to our web site. If you click on the Clearfield Doctrine link, you can view it.

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  6. I’m looking for the final draft pdf handbook from Anna Von Reitz titled “From De Facto to De Jure”….can anyone direct me to this please…she said she was going to: “This invaluable handbook is available for free download from the Anti-Corruption Society website”

    Thank you in advance for your valuable help…and for Anna for her exposing the corruption of this and past governments…

  7. Do you have any recommendations / litterature that would help applying this in Sweden? All the best! // Stella

  8. Pherson Weathermon

    My question that no one has been able to answer for me is how do you get free from the matrix(US CORP)? Everyone wants to charge to help someone I want to know has anyone filled UCC-1 and a trademark of the all caps name? And if so does it work in freeing you from the system? And if so what is the proper way to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks and God bless! You can email me here

  9. So here we are, wondering what to do about these people who want to control, manipulate, coerce, steal and generally raise Hell with the rest of us. These people have been around forever. What ever machinations they employ to leech from and control us they manage to snooker us into believing they are of some use until they go too far and we no longer buy the story. At that point chaos and destruction inevitably ensue. “It has ever been thus,” to quote some one smarter than me. I believe it was the first person to say it. Who ever that was. Where does that leave us, those of us who just want to be left alone? I’m not sure. Usually, but not always, it means bloodshed because these people are nothing if not tenacious.

    The ebb and flow of history deposits some generations into valleys of relative peace and prosperity and others into seas of turmoil. This ain’t no valley. Can these people be run off without violent conflict? It certainly doesn’t look like it from where I sit. But who knows? But know this. Uncovering their methods-legalese, presumptions, assumptions, fraud, deceit- the usual dirty tricks -may be instructive but in the end we will have to make a decision. Do we allow them to enslave and control us or not? The Chinese sure know how to cast a curse. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride…..Oh yeah, don’t give up your guns.

    • I think Pat O Bannon outlines a good solution in his work “A grandfathers encouragement to our next generation”. Involves naming names and investigating their criminality. We the (oppressed) people need to take this on.

  10. Do a great degree the information stated is now out dated so to speak. However, see if you can find 3 to 5 people to sit down and show the demolition of America. It is always good to know your enemy’s strategy because of how the human mind works.

    • If you think the information is out dated please be specific, as we don’t agree.

      • I believe what I referring to was that because the depth of information that continues to funnel into the categories of demise, takeover, enslave, etc….the overall game plan changes to fit the overall Goal of “Steal, Kill, and Destroy. The bottom line is it is just hard to capture all the information that goes into a category in these days we live in as it keeps building and changing. I am not necessarily disagreeing with the premise, just an observation. Thank you for allowing me to share. My specifics would be to much to type. It is just a general statement. This site is one of the best out there to educate, enlighten, etc..

        • When doing some research on my former county Sheriff i followed the UCC filings for him and came across several that were directly linked to him and would like to get other people’s take on their true meaning.
          Bryan Keith: McElroy appears as a secured party and on one we find JACOB “JACK” LEW and MELBA ACOSTA FEBO named as debtors. Please Email me at so i can get these docs in your hand. Need some help trying to better understand their intent. I know they are important but just don’t know why.

          Thank you,

          carl -alfred: Swensson

  11. If only we were allowed to remain hunters and gathers back 10,000 years ago. That’s when the corruption really began and in the end that’s what the fight is all about. The Takers and the Leavers. Unfortunately, they won’t leave us alone. The essence of civilization is to enslave.