Destroying media (and other) propaganda campaigns using noncompliance

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

Because we have different perceptions, different ads or ‘messages’ have to be created to convince us ALL that black is white and white is black, i.e. fluoridated water is good for you, going into debt for new ‘toys’ will enhance your life, the politicians in Washington are looking out for your best interest, and the militaries role in the Afghanistan drug trade  is necessary for national security.


publically distributed messages or information to convince folks that

black is white and white is black

or that something that is  not  desirable to them or in their best interest  is

Once we understand that the media is the mechanism used to convince the public that black is white and white is black, we can start reversing the impact the ‘perception management’ team has on us. So it is important to understand the goal of most of our corrupt politicians is to ‘manufacture our consent’ via ‘spin’, ‘framing’, and general deception. The media for the most part has become a devise to manipulate the population. Goal: to overcome the innate wisdom and common sense of the general population and get them to ‘comply’ or even promote – that which is not in their best interest, but serves the goals of the ‘controlling/profiteers’.

The creation of the ‘message’ or ‘spin’

A great documentary about this topic is the BBC documentary “Century of Self'”[1]. It tracks the history of Freud’s nephew, Ed Bernays and his creation of the ‘public relations’ (propaganda) industry. Another more recent but equally as fabulous documentary on propaganda, specifically in the United States, is Psywar.

This ‘industry’ has become so common place that the general population no longer thinks of those working in public relations as propagandists, so does not have the disdain for them that they should. Creating deceptions (lies) to manufacture consent (get compliance) or sell products is not an honorable profession – never has been and never will be! If you are reading this and work in public relations or advertising,  understand – you are not being an honorable person when you engage in public deception for money!

The creation of successful propaganda requires gathering information from the public so that their objections or resistance to harmful policies (such as NAFTA) can be clearly identified and propaganda can be cunningly created to overcome or dispel them. Whether or not the propaganda campaign is successful is determined by the relentless ‘polling’ of the target population the propagandists are trying to reach. Unfortunately there are ‘professional’ psychologists hired to aid in analyzing the public’s responses and assist in the manufacturing of the propaganda campaigns.  These psychologists are not honorable people.

Basically without propaganda the corrupt ones would have no way to overcome wisdom and common sense. We would ask questions and ascertain for ourselves whether government policies are in our best interest or not. Corruption cannot survive without deception, which is why there is so much ongoing ‘demonizing’ of folks trying to expose corruption and lies by ‘labeling’ them ‘truthers’ as  if they were dishonorable people! (Black is white and white is black!)

Tools for todays propaganda campaigns

Again The Century of Self does a great job exploring how these tools are used by the propagandists to ‘manufacture consent’. Some of the tools ‘devises’ used are:

  • Polls, surveys, questionnaires, petitions
  • Town Hall or Community Meetings (on specific topics to get ‘public feedback’)
  • Focus groups
  • Voting records
  • Products purchased
  • Social networks like Facebook, etc.
  • Discussion forums on web sites

Next time you receive a poll, look at it has a devise to get information from you to better exploit or manipulate you (Black is white and white is black!). There is a lot that can be learned by analyzing polls. First we must understand that a lot of money is spent creating and administering the poll. Polling has actually become a ‘science’ (American Association for Public Opinion Research). If you think this industry and the enormous amount of money they are paid to find out what you think is done out of great concern for your general welfare, see footnote [2]  The questions on the poll are carefully selected and worded (‘framed’).

In political polls the questions are worded to convince you the issues they are asking about are indeed the most important ones that need to be addressed. In reality the questions reflect a political ‘agenda’ for which they are seeking public input so they can ‘manufacture consent’ to support it. Generally their questions are not about the issues that matter most to you, but the poll is part of an effort to convince you they are.

From Meet the Pollsters, 4-3-09

Elements of Obama’s approach bare the hallmarks of message testing, like the introduction of the words “recovery” and “reinvestment” to rebrand the “stimulus” package, and aides said the polling has focused almost entirely on selling policy, not on measuring the president’s personal appeal.

A source familiar with the data said a central insight of more recent polling had been that Americans see no distinction between the budget and the popular spending measures that preceded it, and that the key to selling the budget has been to portray it as part of the “recovery” measures.

In addition, your willingness to fill out and return their poll is analyzed statistically. If they get a 75% return out of 100,000 sent out, they conclude that 75,000 people continue to think the organization paying for the poll is a legitimate enterprise concerned with the public good. Next they look at the specifics of the 25,000 who didn’t cooperate and analyze their demographics. They now have a new group to target with the next round of media propaganda.

Polling is also done by corporations to aid them in the creation of marketing campaigns. Corporations have absolutely no ‘directive’ to better society – no matter what their ‘perception managers’ say. Their only ‘directive’ is to make profits.

If you are tired of being manipulated, deceived, and ‘HARMED’, by  Govt INC and Business INC stop giving them the ammunition (information) they need to do it.






 [1] Links to online version of the BBC documentary, Century of Self. Each page shows the trailer. Scroll down and click on Watch Film Now to view the episode.

Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4

[2] Get out of your chair, go into the kitchen, turn on the cold water, splash it in on your face for 1 full minute, and WAKE THE BLEEP UP!

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