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This document should be printed off then read using a hand held magnifying glass for some hard to read areas.


This attachment is a scanned copy of the original document, very difficult to read, however, by enlarging the document reader can make out the print more clearly.

Pay particular attention to pages 1-4.

Note who and what the CORPORATIONS has given itself responsibilities to handle.

NOTE This covers all documents, TRUSTS, deeds bonds SECURITIES, mortgages, deeds et al

Anyone filing any documents in any matter better be filing against AND ALSO naming the CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY, as a defendant, who is the REGISTERED AGENT OF EVERYTHING! which would include the corporate status of “people”, since applying the laws of 1666, that one must prove they are alive by the age of 7 or considered dead, explain that to a seven year old!

USC Title 26 tax law that if one is missing is presumed dead after 7 years, but, if that person should surface prior to 7 years, is allegedly guilty of tax evasion!

And The Blackstone Commentaries, particularly Book 1 Chapter 18, “ON CORPORATIONS” which defines how one is claimed dead in order to establish the corporate entity instead in order to profit in perpetuity.
See Congressional Record of June 1967.

Following are excerpts from the attachment CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA 1907 11 pgs beginning on page 2;
“To provide, to keep, to maintain, for and in behalf of and as the agent of corporations.” (both domestic and foreign) whether organized under the laws of the state of Delaware or elsewhere, offices, principal or otherwise, and therein to keep the stock, transfer and other books and documents records and property of every sort and kind of such operations, for all purposes including the transfer of stock.”………..

“…..To keep and maintain safe deposit vaults and boxes and to take and receive upon deposit for safe keeping for storage stocks, bonds, securities, papers, books and documentary records and personal property of every sort or kind, and to let out vaults, safes and other receptacles.

To promote, reorganize or otherwise assist and afford facilition (word unclear on original doc) to any company or companies organized or to be organized under the laws of the State of Delaware or elsewhere and desiring to do business in the State of Delaware and elsewhere, and to any as the agent, trustee or otherwise for and in behalf of such corporations.”……

pg 2 last line cont on pg 3
…..”To act as the fiscal or transfer agent of any State, municipality, body politic or corporation; and in such capacity to receive and disperse money, and transfer, register and countersign certificates of stock, bonds or other evidences of indebtedness..”

To act as the trustee for the holders of or otherwise in relation to any bonds, stocks or debentures issued or to be issued by any corporation.

To act as trustee under any mortgage or bond issued by any municipality, body politic or corporation, and accept and execute any other municipal or corporate trust not inconsistent with the laws of this State.

Generally to undertake and execute any trusts, the undertaking thereof may deem calculated directly or indirectly to benefit this company.

To act as the registrar of of stocks, bonds and debentures and the transfer agent thereof for corporations and others.

To take, accept and execute any and all such trusts and powers of whatever nature or description as may be conferred upon or entrusted or committed to it by any person or persons, or any body politic, corporation or other authority, by grant, assignment, transfer, devise, bequest, or otherwise, or which may be entrusted or committed or transferred to it or vested in it; by order of any court of record, and to receive and take and hold any property or estate, real or personal, which may be the subject of any such trust……….”
( see end page 3)

Please read the attachment VERY CAREFULLY to understand how this corporation is reaching into your private trusts, mortgages, deeds and anything else the reader may have felt was private personal and and owned outright free and clear.

Ever see any clause on any document entered into that includes, ” Oh by the way, The CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY is now entitled to any/all your personal or real property you just signed onto and there is nothing you can do about it! So thank you for making the payments on everything we will take back from you when we feel like it and share the proceeds with the court that handles our little escapade.

Take it to heart for those who have a trust and think that there are laws written to protect one’s trust.

Remember that your Notary is licensed by the state, that is one way your private papers have been “pierced” as in “Piercing the corporate veil”. A Notary is the weak link into private affairs. Their ledgers, as was Al Capone’s, will be the final countdown causing one’s demise.

Read the attachment carefully, several times, to see the intent by design of this corporation.

Also, note the dates, THE CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA originated in 1907, three years before the private meetings on Jekyll Island, and six years before the Frankensteinian creation of the Federal Reserve.

The CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY OF AMERICA was amended to CORPORATION TRUST COMPANY on April 15, 1930, three years prior to the US Bankruptcy, and coincidentally, the same birthday as The IRS tax date.
By dropping “OF AMERICA” it is clear that this corporation has branched out internationally, but still before the International Organizations Immunity Act and the UN of 1945, even though the US Bankruptcy allegedly went through the UN, 12 years prior to being established.

Is the reader following the intent by design to defraud every existence of any matter in America?

Remember that Delaware is the first State and that Monsanto and DuPont were both very prominent families in Delaware at it’s beginning.

Originally, the Wilmington Trust was the registered agent of The Corporation Trust Company, until about 2008, when The Corporation Trust Company became its’ own registered agent.

Feeling a little strangled yet? If not it could be due to the fact the reader’s private personal property and/or real property number hasn’t come up or, “their” stack of papers is too high and “they” just haven’t gotten around to your personal life yet, but rest assured, “they” are working on it and soon will continue the ravenous appetite of consuming everyone and everything of monetary value, including the reader, and everything ever owned or to be owned by the reader, including any debts created by yet to be born heirs.

Who could ever have created such a masterfully deceitful business practice with capabilities to wrongfully acquire through employing the courts and all their agents who are each/all aiding and abetting and acting in concert under color of law, in collusion with all the banks, particularly the FEDERAL RESERVE, through criminal intent by use of CRIS and CUSIP and other means of deception using theft, robbery, burglary, embezzlement, fraud, fraudulent conveyance, securitization, forgery, counterfeiting, extortion, kidnap, kidnap for ransom, espionage and including but not limited to murder, profiteering especially during a time of war and other predicate acts in a racketeering enterprise, having created treasonous legislation to do so?


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