Power Hour Radio

March 5, 2018


.Hour 1

Guest AL Whitney explains what a “legal fiction” is and why it is important that everyone understands this role in our legal system


Hour 2

AL introduces a new guide, Overcoming Vaccine Mania, to help people avoid the ever increasing demands to get your children or yourself vaccinated.

Lost Arts Radio

April 30, 2017

Host Rickard Sacks talks with AL Whitney.

“Enter Al Whitney, who has investigated not just the real effects of vaccines, but the current situation with the “laws” that say kids, health workers and others must receive them.”

“Al Whitney, because of her study and care, has become a valuable source of help in the education process that awaits us. And what she has to share applies to much more than just forced vaccination.”


X22Report Spotlight

X22 Report Spotlight

January 10, 2015

Central Bankers Converted The US Into A Corporation To Control The People. X22 Report Spotlight interviews Anita Whitney.

caravan to midnightCaravan to Midnight

November 3, 2015

John B. Wells and AL Whitney talk about how our entire government is a corporate construct – in commerce – and how the federal government (corporation) creates local policies and “rules” via grant contracts.

Also discussed was the importance of challenging the presumed authority of corporate-government entities as they are all bound by the laws of contract (UCC) and all too often we unwittingly give our consent to that which is not in our own best interests.


October 22, 2105

On SGT REPORT, AL Whitney explained that we are governed by a system of corporate contracts which have usurped the power of our “representative government”. Our corporate government has turned overtly tyrannical because it no longer represents the people – it’s a corporation and the board of directors serve the owners of the corporation.

sage of quayThe Sage of Quay Radio Show

September 15, 2015

Mike Williams, of Sage of Quay Radio, interviewed AL Whitney to discuss our corporate government. AL explained that not only does our so-called government collaborate with big corporations, it is one!

smallstorm podcastsSmallstorm Podcasts

September 3, 2015

Anita Whitney’s second interview with Sofia to explain more about our corporate government and the Uniform Commercial Code system that runs our lives through our Strawman legal-fiction identity.

crazz filesThe Crazz Files

August 20, 2015

There is a matrix entrapping the American people. It restricts our free will more and more with the passage of each new regulation created by federal, state and local government corporations. AL Whitney decodes the STRAWMAN – who these regulations are written for – on the Crazz Files with Adam and Garth.

Jim Fetzer 3The Real Deal with Jim Fetzer

June 23, 2014

Jim Fetzer discusses the permanent state of national emergency with AL Whitney – that has been in place since 1933 and the 1973 Church Committee Senate Report that verifies it. Senate Report 93-549