The Missing 13th Amendment


From the ACS Editor: Judge Dale also explains how the momentous Supreme Court decision, Bond v. US (2000), was intentionally buried to prevent the people from finding out about the faux USA corporate government that has been unlawfully ‘slid’ into place.

By Judge Dale, retired

flagh - ripped and tornOn or about March 20, 2013, the New Hampshire Legislature passed HB 638, recognizing Article XIII, known by few as: “The Missing 13TH Amendment,” missing from the organic Constitution of the United States of America and the legislative analysis that was offered, described a trite but secret history of this mystical amendment, which I have encapsulated as follows:

RE: During the American Civil War, the country was under Martial Law by President Lincoln and after the War, Lincoln’s policies were to be abated and everything was supposed to return to normal but it didn’t happen quite that way. Congress passed the Organic Act of 1871, which created a government corporation within the District of Columbia, called: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. This new government corporation replaced the Municipal Charter for the District of Columbia, a move that egregiously led to the fraudulent rewrite and adoption of what appeared to be the organic American Constitution. This erroneous rewrite is described as a corporate “mission statement” with the original 13TH Amendment “omitted” and it was this Constitutional rewrite that was inadvertently published for all to see.

Members of royalty, PhD’s, lawyers, squires and bankers, “Titles of Nobility,” have left an historic wake of deceit, destruction and corruption behind them on this planet and I would like to believe that it was the majority intent of the Founding Fathers and the first federal convention, to shield America from those proven elements of destruction and corruption. In so doing they proposed and ratified several amendments, one being Article XIII or the 13th Amendment, specifically designed to bar candidates who held such “Titles of Nobility,” from ever holding a seat in government! Each year since 1871, Lincoln’s Martial Law has been renewed by Congress and currently, all state and federal governments are dominated by legislators with, “Titles of Nobility.” What was once regarded as a service to country is now a political career.

Quote: “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens at all, you can bet it was planned that way.” Franklin D. Roosevelt

The described “omission” of Article XIII [the missing 13th Amendment] and the “mission statement” the fraudulent copy of the organic constitution initiates the following [ten] questions, which I will attempt to answer as succinctly as I can.

QUESTION 1: How do you “omit” a Constitutional Article when they are all sequentially numbered?

ANSWER 1: Obviously this is a lawyer’s response by the New Hampshire Legislature because you cannot simply “omit” a Constitutional Amendment, they are sequentially numbered! The original Article XIII was intentionally and methodically removed from existence, which took a number of years to complete and was NOT simply “omitted.” It required a conspiracy; a federal rewrite; the removal of all former texts and references to the original Article XIII and the domination of all the various state government legislatures by candidates holding, “Titles of Nobility,” who would be willing to save their careers at any cost, thus proving that this was all intentional on their part to complete and sustain its demise.

QUESTION 2: Why didn’t Lincoln’s Martial Law policies abate and the government return back to normal following the Civil War?

ANSWER 2: The federal government for the American Republic had IMPLODED when the southern states decided to secede from the Union and walk out while Congress was still in session. Absent the presence of those southern state delegates, Congress could not adjourn and could not move forward for lack of a quorum! President Lincoln became the federal law under Martial Law until a new federal government could be assembled.

QUESTION 3: President Lincoln was a lawyer, a Title of Nobility, and several delegates and predecessors’ were lawyers! Now how can that be, given that the original 13th Amendment prohibited persons possessing a, “Title of Nobility,” from ever holding a seat in government and given that the 13th Amendment had not been “omitted” until 1871, during the Lincoln Administration?

ANSWER 3: The Truth is that the American Republic never enjoyed a Constitutional government beginning with the election of George Washington. George took office one year before the Constitution permitted; he subsequently overthrew the organic Constitution; reinstated the British owned Virginia Colony Corporation; altered the Oath of Office requirements; installed a corporate Military government in place of a Civilian government and replaced the Common Law with a commercial law known as “Admiralty” or “the law of the sea.” George then declared that: “All of America is now under water!” George was a 32nd Degree Freemason and a descendent of William, the Prince of Orange, the Sovereign King of America, according to the signed copy of the, “Paris Treaty of 1783.” This gave him the notion that he too could become King of America!

We all have been taught to think and believe that George Washington was this great military man of honor; a hero and “The father of this country.” If you were a Congressman and part of that Great Political Conspiracy and knocking down approximately three to four million a year, you might be inclined to believe that hogwash too but in actuality, George was the first traitor to the American Republic and who was memorialized by Congress by the construction of the Washington Monument, a 555 foot tall sea level obelisk, representing that: “America is now under water!”

QUESTION 4: Why was President Lincoln forced to declare Martial Law and exercise Executive Privilege to create policy during and after the Civil War, when Martial Law was always intended to be a temporary solution?

ANSWER 4: Martial Law was imposed rather than admit that the Union was dissolved. Under Martial Law, Lincoln became the federal law until he and Congress could regroup, and war was then declared as a distraction.

Note: The Civil War was never about the slave question but that is what we were taught in order to conceal the historic truth and Lincoln subsequently became the second memorialized traitor to the American Republic. I cannot find any evidence to support the notion that the southern state governments were a part of this grand conspiracy however their secession and attack on Fort Sumter was both convenient and timely! When the southern delegates rejoined the corporate federal government they to shared in the fruits of the piracy of American labor and industry.

QUESTION 5: Why did Congress feel the need to renew Lincoln’s Order of Martial Law, every year since the Civil War?

ANSWER 5: The federal government has committed an ongoing treason against the American Republic from day ONE and the organic Constitution would have severely restricted the Congress and the President. Under Martial Law those restrictions are suspended, which in turn grants the Corporate “alleged” President the power of Executive Privilege to create policy without Congressional oversight. Since Martial Law can only be invoked during War or during Acts of Civil disobedience, the corporate federal government has obviously declared War upon the American Republic ever since 1781. Hence, their reason to renew Lincoln’s Martial Law each year!

NOTE: By 1933, the Roosevelt Administration passed the Emergency Banking Act. Concealed within this act is a modification of the Trading with the Enemy Act, wherein Congress has declared that the American people are the enemy of the federal government! Also concealed within this Act, Roosevelt dissolved the Virginia Colony Corporation.

QUESTION 6: How could Congress pass the Organic Act of 1871, when the US Constitution absolutely prohibited government corporations?

ANSWER 6: The Organic Act set the stage for a new federal corporation and prevented the Lincoln Administration from having to disclose to the American public that the federal government was dissolved and never was constitutional, which would have exposed that the Civil War was used as a distraction and treasonous solution to their problem.

NOTE: I believe that Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address was completely heartfelt and was the act of a repentant man who felt totally responsible for all the death and destruction that had occurred. I also believed that a guilt ridden Lincoln constantly placed himself in harms way, hoping that he would be dispatched with prejudice.

QUESTION 7: Why did Congress feel the need to create a new Municipal Charter for the District of Columbia?

ANSWER 7: Had Congress disclosed that secession by the south had legally dissolved the federal government, the American public probably would have demanded that a new Constitutional government be created, with new elections held because of a lack of faith in the previous delegates and that would have destroyed their federal careers; positions of power and visions of grandeur. So the Organic Act was passed and a new commercial corporation created having a Constitutional appearance and reference (ie) UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, under which was concealed the original private foreign Virginia Colony Corporation. Under this new corporation, all of them could profit from the commercial piracy of American labor and industry.

QUESTION 8: Why did Congress copy and modify the organic Constitution to create a “mission statement”?

ANSWER 8] Congress was better able to maintain the “illusion” of a constitutional government for the American Republic, by using and modifying the organic Constitution as a “mission statement” without officially touching the organic Constitution! The federal officials regarded this plan as plausible deniability and business as usual. All they ever had to claim was that a mistake had been made by omitting Article XIII. Congress’s new “mission statement” can also be easily modified to suit their collective preference without convening a Constitutional Convention. Hence: The adoption of the Civil Rights Act and Tax Laws, etc. were all a corporate ruse! It was the corporate “mission statement” that was actually being modified by all their new amendments and NOT the organic Constitution and this is how it appears lately that Congress has unlawfully repealed several Constitutional amendments without convening a Constitutional Convention! Everything that has happened in government during the past 224 years has been an “illusion” and the original organic Constitution remains in tact and valid!

NOTE: The US Printing Office reprints the organic Constitution; the Articles of Confederation; the Declaration of Independence and the Northwest Territorial Treaty, every four years. These four documents are the laws of the land or the foundation of all American law and can be researched at the US Printing Office.

QUESTION 9: Why was this “mission statement” published and taught by all government controlled public and parochial schools, as the one and only organic Constitution of America?

ANSWER 9: The purpose behind this decision and their procuring educational control, was to dumb down the American public and control what we are taught, know and believe using fraudulent information and various other constructive forms of propaganda through altered publications, the media, the press and movies. The organic Constitution needs stricter controls but would have actually prevented the federal usurpation, propaganda, oppression, fraud, commercial slavery and theft that has occurred throughout the years but no one in the American Republic was paying attention to what was to happening and they placed far too much trust in their elected representatives! In all fairness, we were a nation of immigrants and the bulk of our ancestors were illiterate, so it was actually quite easy for Congress to carry out this usurpation and conspiracy.

NOTE: If you incurred a lot of debt for an education, you’re going to really be upset to learn that in a free society your college degree and most of your education will be absolutely worthless. You will probably need to be deprogrammed and then re-educated.

QUESTION 10: Up to the year 1871, why is it that out of the sixteen US Presidents, who had previously served, was Washington and Lincoln, the only US Presidents memorialized by the Congress?

ANSWER 10: The corrupt efforts of Washington and Lincoln’s Administration did the most to undermine the American Republic and to further the goals of the private foreign corporate partnership and their commercial piracy of American labor and industry! That made Washington and Lincoln hero’s in the eyes of the Congress and so we were taught and conditioned like trained monkeys, to laud these two Presidents’ as Great American Hero’s! The Nobility regard us as their slaves and so we are conditioned to celebrate their beliefs, holidays and hero’s!

How could this have happened, you ask? Certainly somebody should have caught on to this federal plot before now? Well they did, and all it took was a little government propaganda claiming that those individuals are mentally ill, drug dealers or are involved in a terrorist organization and plot to destroy this country! Next, incorporate the full weight of the FBI, to take those Patriots into custody on false charges and everyone stops paying attention to the message and the evidence these true Patriots were attempting to expose!

Still don’t believe that this was all possible? Well, consider this: What is the first thing we do when a baby cries? We distract them with funny faces, baby talk, rocking or play peek-a-boo and if we discover the right distraction, the baby stops crying! This is exactly how our state and federal politicians “handle” us and the three best distractions they discovered were, “fear, debt and war!”

These Traitors and Pirates don’t do anything in a hurry because time is always on their side. Some of their plans have taken as long as one hundred years to fulfill and some will never be fulfilled but that has never deterred them.

HISTORIC SYNOPSIS: In 1871 the “slave question” and “Lincoln’s election” divided a Nation and set the stage for a conspiracy to create a new private foreign corporation designed to convert the federal government into a business and pirate America’s labor and industry. The next step was to divert the public’s attention by creating a distraction using fear, debt and war. Hence, the south secedes; the federal government implodes; Martial Law is imposed and Lincoln suddenly enjoys the power of a Dictator by and through “Executive Privilege.” [Sounds allot like today, doesn’t it!] Fort Sumter is attacked, War is Declared, and patriotism and prejudice is force fed to the American public! Fear, Debt and War creates hardship for the Republic while Commerce flourishes and fills the pockets of the Politicians and their partners in crime, the European Royal and Elite owners of the Virginia Colony Corporation!

During all this distraction, the private foreign corporation called, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is created and filed; the organic Constitution is copied as a corporate “mission statement,” absent Article XIII and both replace the Municipal Charter for the District of Columbia! All that remained was to destroy all copies and references to the organic 13th Amendment and then convince the American public that this fraudulent rewrite is the one and only Constitution of the United States of America! CHECKMATE! And this devious example became a paradigm for all future historic events!

The New Hampshire Legislature was coy and subtle in their recent effort at transparency, by suggesting that the removal of Article XIII [the missing 13th Amendment] was merely an “omission” and that the fraudulent Constitutional rewrite in 1871 was intended to be used only as a corporate “mission statement” for the District of Columbia. Obviously some habits are hard to break!

What they haven’t said is that: We AMERICANS are really SOVEREIGN and that all American governments, courts and agencies are unconstitutional private foreign CORPORATIONS for profit; that have absolutely NO authority or jurisdictional power over the SOVEREIGN AMERICAN REPUBLIC! The Supreme Court admitted this in the year 2000, in their decision of [Bond v. United States, 529 US 334, 2000] and our government controlled media swept it neatly under the carpet! In an attempt to avoid repercussions, the government created a false case and decision titled [US v. Bond] before the federal appeals court reversing the US Supreme Court. Some of you would never realize that there is NO body of law that can reverse the US Supreme Court; it’s the highest court in America even under their corporate regulations but then creating “illusions” and lying to the American Republic is second nature to them!

I choose to believe that these New Hampshire Legislators are subtlety circumventing a nefarious history in which they and their brotherhood continue to play an integral part in! I also believe that the members of that state legislature now foresee their future arrest, loss of liberty and political demise and that this recent attempt at transparency, is actually an intelligent attempt to solicit some degree of leniency and forgiveness from the American public. You be the Judge!

Blessings, Judge Dale, retired


From the ACS Editor:

Let’s not forget that in 2000 the so-called Supreme Court was pressured into unconstitutionally deciding the Gore v Bush election.  So by then, the Bush cabal had the ability to manipulate the Supreme Court.  The fact that this criminal regime (in control of the federal corporation) could and would bury a court decision like Bond v. US (2000) is certainly within the realm of probability, just as Judge Dale reported. 



26 responses to “The Missing 13th Amendment

  1. It’s so sad because as of right now I’m going to court for a Termination Parent-Child Relationship petition in Washington for my one and only 8 year old Daughter. Who is my everything and been out my care for over two years now. I Pray that someone will help me get my daughter back home with me. Because I’ve had a court appointed attorney, I’ve pay for a attorney! I then try to represent myself to only have the judge appointed me another public pretender. I go to pretrial on Mar 8th 2019 and need this B.S Dismissed so my daughter can live her life as a loved child my her birth mother. If any help we would be so thankful for any help given! God Bless All and Good Day

  2. has judge dale been arrested for the lien on DOJ IRS and BAR ASSOC. to the tune of 290 trillion in gold/silver or is this someone else?

  3. according to this language several times there is the statement that war was declared, yet I can find no Declaration of war, Nor any Peace treaty to end the war, So if its not a declared war, and Congress never declared war because the south walked out, are you misleading people into the concept that it was a declared war.

  4. When searching for the buried Bond Supreme Court decision, all that comes up against the number (Bond v. United States, 529 US 334, 2000 is precisely what I search in Google) is a decision relating to an illegal search by a cop on a Greyhound bus… Surely the numbers in the decision are unique?? Haven’t been able to verisy this article thus far. Would love some further info.

    • Here is what the Judge finished his article with:
      What they haven’t said is that: We AMERICANS are really SOVEREIGN and that all American governments, courts and agencies are unconstitutional private foreign CORPORATIONS for profit; that have absolutely NO authority or jurisdictional power over the SOVEREIGN AMERICAN REPUBLIC! The Supreme Court admitted this in the year 2000, in their decision of [Bond v. United States, 529 US 334, 2000] and our government controlled media swept it neatly under the carpet! In an attempt to avoid repercussions, the government created a false case and decision titled [US v. Bond] before the federal appeals court reversing the US Supreme Court. Some of you would never realize that there is NO body of law that can reverse the US Supreme Court; it’s the highest court in America even under their corporate regulations but then creating “illusions” and lying to the American Republic is second nature to them!

  5. Judge Dale said that Lincoln was a bar lawyer and held the title of nobility of esquire. Take a look here and see wht you think: “Abraham Lincoln, who attended school for less than a year, became a lawyer under an Illinois law enacted in 1833. This law stated that to be a lawyer someone had to ‘obtain a certificate procured from the court of an Illinois county certifying to the applicant’s good moral character.’ Lincoln actually went to the Illinois Supreme Court to get his certificate. On September 9, 1836, a license to practice law was issued to Abraham Lincoln by two of the justices of the Illinois Supreme Court. Later, in a more formal session, on March 1, 1837, Lincoln appeared before the clerk of the Illinois Supreme Court and took an oath to support the Constitution of the United States and of Illinois. Lincoln swore he would ‘in all things faithfully execute the duties of Attorney and Counselor at Law.’ Lincoln was then formally enrolled as an attorney licensed to practice law in all the courts of the state of Illinois.”

    Nothing about being, or required to become, a BAR lawyer … that practice didn’t start until the early 1900s. They were primarily concerned with the strong moral character and faithfulness to the Constitution of the aspirant.

  6. Excellent!

    Let’s take our country back!

    I understand that there is still a way to prove ratification.

  7. Randall L. Pierce

    I have done a lot of research on the missing 13 amendment.Their is irrefutable proof that this amendment belongs in our constitutional laws.That means nothing if we stand by and do nothing about it! The american people need a clear plan of action!

    • If there is a law library in your area do what I did. Go back to around 1812 and after and look at the book that your state issues (that is if you live in 37 original states, before supposed civil war) of the general laws, usually it will have the the constitution for the united states of America and amendments first followed by state constitution. in Massachusetts I have copies from the Lawrence Bar assoc., Library from 1812, Massachusetts ratified it on Feb 27 1812. and also the Essex County Court House in Lawrence, Massachusetts from 1823 and 11 years later it says the same thing, under Articles, the original 13th amendment clearly says “If any citizen of the United States shall accept, claim, receive, or retain any title of nobility or honor, or shall, without the consent of Congress, accept and retain any present, pension, office, or emolument of any kind whatever, from any Emporer, King, Prince, or Foreign Power, such person shall cease to be a citizen of the United States, and shall be incapable of holding any office of trust or profit under them, or either of them.” Now for it to still be there in 1823 , 11 years later, it had to have been a real ratified amendment. I do have a problem of the language of that amendment of that time, in that citizen seems to be in existence and person is used and person is artificial. So this is not operational on a man but on someone known as a person, and a person is an artificial capacity. Now we know that a corporation cannot operate on a man, you cannot mix 2 jurisdictions, a man on the Soil jurisdiction, cannot be brought into any other jurisdiction that would that would surrender his Soil Jurisdiction. Read your highest document of the Land, YOUR DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE, your right of Soil jurisdiction CANNOT be alienable. You CANNOT lose by any Lien your right to Soil Jurisdiction and property is soil. You were created from soil and to soil you will return. That is why they had to create artificial persons and make us believe its us, the man of the Soil. A corporation as a person can operate on another person. A corporation cannot contract with a man, they are 2 different jurisdictions and Soil jurisdiction is the Highest Jurisdiction ON THE LAND. Land jurisdiction is an international meaning. and they hijacked the Land jurisdiction and put it under law of sea, INTERNATIONAL Jurisdiction. Always claim Soil Jurisdiction.

  8. Where is a copy of the original Bond decision?

  9. Where can I locate the buried case? Has anyone seen it so when it is cited I can bring these facts to light?

  10. Love Your work Judge Dale. In Your book The Matrix and the US Constitution you said that You have reams of back up research to go with it for any interested party. I am that party, love to have all the info. Further I used the process to cancel a summons I DO NOT ACCEPT THIS OFFER TO CONTRACT and I DO NOT CONSENT TO THESE PROCEEDINGS. served with a certificate of service and dutifully filed by the court. I also registered my ALL CAPS NAME AS MY COMMERCIAL PROPERTY IN THE STATE. The problem is the judge is acting like nothing happened. What to do???

    • The court continued its proceedings against me (an arraignment) in Mississippi in spite of my filling the no contract, no consent notices/affidavits as well.

      It did stop a traffic court case in UT.

      I would also like to know about additional resources.

      • Have you read LAWFULLY YOURS?

        Why did go into “their” court? What did you sign? Did you answer to your strawman’s name? Did you bring your Birth Certificate and assign the Judge the Trustee?

        There are many ways to get caught in the strawman trap.

        • Here is a little remedy I used in NH being charged with operating a vehicle without a license. This was back in 2000-2001.
          I went to the town hall in town I was stopped in a got a paid copy certified of the Oath of Office each policeman involved has on file. Then I went to the secretary of States Office and paid $5. each for a certified copy of every Judge assigned to the court. Then I went to the secretary of the treasurer office and got a certified copy of the State of New Hampsire’s Corporate EIN #. Now what I discovered was that in 1970 NH had a constitutional amendment that changed the Oath of Office of all officials. What I discovered on the part of the police was that the Oath they took was not in accordance with the 1970 Constitutional amendment. They never adhered to the Law of New Hampshire. So there Oath is Void.
          Then I put a motion for Discovery and had about 90 questions for the DA to Answer. My challenge to the Court was Is the Court acting in a political organic capacity or as a corporate capacity. Because I have the EIN # on the record and the officers and judges are paid by the corporation, then they had to be acting in a corporate capacity and they failed to produce any contract between me and the corporation. And a subpoena of the judges pay check would reveal he is acting in a corp. capacity.
          Well the D.A asked for an extension of time because I had 9 pages of Discovery that needed to be answered before I could proceed with my defense. The Judge denied him because what he did was sua sponte claimed i had a motion that the State did not establish I was operating the Vehicle. He was correct. The paperwork although it that was not my motion, it did establish they could never establish I was operating the motor vehicle because of the challenge of the 2 jurisdictions. Political or corporate. He could not rule on My motion to dismiss based on My paperwork, because if he did he open up a can of worms because the Oaths were not in accordance with the 1970 amendment of the Police officers. That would mean if he accepted my motion into the record, every officer of the state and every conviction since 1970 was a fraud and void and you can just imagine the lawsuits that would put the State out of business. That is why he sua sponte (on the courts own motion) had to dismiss the case. They had the FBI waiting for me afterwards to try and intimidate me. They wanted me to help them find some person from Detroit, they claimed I knew (BOGUS). I knew no one . I refused all conversation with them. I told them I had nothing to say to them as they were outside their jurisdiction on court property. Have a nice day.
          So if you do the diligent homework there are many ways to come at this issue. each one is different, some work some don’t, in my case it worked because I exposed the fraud. They knew I was 100% correct and they had to get rid of the case I had or the house of cards of New Hampshire would have come down and therefore the FBI intimidation. Basically they said, yeh your right, but don’t f… with us. little do they realize I already did.

  11. I would LOVE to have about a dozen TRUE copies of this book. I have the download and had an actual book, that someone decided they needed more than I did! PLEASE help me find some hard copies of this book!

  12. Fabulous! This must be shouted from the rooftops in America!

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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