Who is Leo Wanta and why should we care?


Buying out and eliminating the Federal Reserve would be an amazing and wonderful accomplishment for the entire country. The idea of buying out the Federal Reserve – and the importance of such an action – was fully explained by author Eustice Mullins. Mr Mullins is noted for his brilliant book, Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

Let’s not forget the Federal Reserve and other players were sued for racketeering and money laundering just last October. Major Banks and Government Officials Sued for Racketeering and Money Laundering

And back in 1933 Rep Louis McFadden filed impeachment charges against them. These charges were never dropped and are still ‘on the books’. Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion and Treason


How the Federal Reserve Banksters Stole Our Gold

The Federal Reserve – a Criminal Cartel


5 responses to “Who is Leo Wanta and why should we care?

  1. Direct Energy weapons are not secret at all. They are all over the Web and You tube. The SAFT battery company as a matter of fact supplies the highest energy lithium cells for the mobile directed energy weaponry. If this stuff is visible now — add at least 20 years of ability on top of that to what we can really do. I work with groups that supply these elements and these are already deployed systems–please look around the web.
    Dr. Judy Wood is a hero and a gospel source of real knowledge and truth.
    Regarding Israel and all of Talmudic Zionism—it needs to go away. Anyone who says otherwise has never spent any time looking at it. If you want to give Israel and Talmudic Zionism the best chance of being represented in your search then only take your information from Jewish writers—enjoy your trip!

  2. I’m not at all comfortable w/duff. Spent spare time I had on VT posts. esp. duff’s submissions. Am pro-America, and express this freely. i am also appreciative of Dr. Judy Wood, for the truth she’s doing her best to get out for public consumption. In time, I was banned from posting at VT. Same day comment made by duff he much prefers military posting. He posted: ‘so many stragglers come to VT.’
    I have military in my family- and as far as “war fighting” (ie: military) goes? Many on the Home Front here have been battling this infiltration their entire adult lives. I’m one. Education being the easiest path on which to embark.to offer wake-up opportunities for fellow Americans – NOT preaching… but an expressed inquisitiveness inserted at the right moment has remarkable results!
    I feel there are caring folks, and non-caring folks that populate this world. I understand wicked people are found in every country. Why duff suddenly turned on a long-term American “ally” as Israel has surprised me. After over 20 years of his stint at VT duff suddenly changes position? Duff is in one of the BEST positions to have been watching it all come down over the years. Why wait so long?
    Also– duff & fetzer not only left way too much out regarding the true events on 9/11, they’ve actually attempted to neutralize Dr. Wood. Keep her EVIDENCE out of public view.. Fetzer’s a Truther? BS! I’ll never trust either one of those turds again. Why in Gods’ name would duff want things to change? He’s wealthy and has freedom many Americans only dream of. I guess that answers my question as to why he’s waited until the 11th hour to finally out the wicked groups shielded behind the Israeli citizens? Sad to see him going over-board “the other way” regarding Israel.
    Yes– globalists are at fault in a big way. But the globalists underling fellow associates… (ie: individuals regularly rubbing shoulders w/U.S. DOD, international prime ministers & presidents, Pentagon, intelligence big-wigs) …under them, esp. who reside here in America, close to us, need to be held accountable just as much for what came down on 9/11!!! Sad that it appears these special ‘brotherhood’ groups enjoyed the rewards of keeping their mouths shut re: 9/11. Duff & Fetzer both lean heavily on Dr. Wood and her undeniable Evidence. Why?!

    • Gordon Duff is a bold and brave man. I’d like to make two points:
      1) “Israel” – meaning those at the top making decisions – is not a long term ally of the US, but is our worst enemy. Go to the search box on this site and type in Israel and you will discover some of the truth about the Israeli/US relationship.
      2) I heard Gordon Duff explain on a program that he does support Dr Judy Wood and actually invited her to submit articles to Veteran’s Today. He doesn’t support a lawsuit that would use her research to prove that the events of 911 were not caused by airplanes crashing into the world trade center. He explained that there is no way anyone in the ‘government’ will come forward and admit they used extremely advanced technology to take down the buildings when they have yet to admit they even have such technology. They will deny – at the highest level – that such technology even exists.

  3. There are those who suggest that Duff is a disinformer (lots of truth yes, but not all). Kind of a Socha F. (sp).

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