Lies and truths about Smart Meters



  • OBAMA LIES TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE . . . AGAIN. This time about Smart Meters AND non-existent CO2 global warming.
  • Smart meters do so much more than record energy usage. The ‘more’ is really bad for both your health and your safety.
  • People cannot verify energy usage figures like they could with analog meters. Overcharges won’t be trackable by the customer.
  • Smart meters are radio transmitters. Anyone who wishes to monitor your house can do so with the proper easy to obtain equipment.
  • Police can monitor people’s ‘behavior’ via Smart Meter transmissions.
  • Thieves can monitor people’s presence and/or absence via Smart Meter transmissions.
  • Electric companies can sell usage details to both corporations and government entities.
  • Smart Meters increase the Electro-magnetic Frequencies (radiation) in your ‘home’ environment. This negatively impacts both humans and wild life.
  • Harvard public health expert, Dr David Carpenter, exposes the truth about the health consequences of Smart Meters.

It is important to understand that humans thrive in a very specific frequency range – see Schumann Resonance below!

The Schumann Resonance clip is from a very important film on this topic called,
Resonance – Beings of Frequency. It can be viewed for free at:

Here is a handout to help educate others. It refutes nearly all of the claims that Obama and others are making about Smart Meters: Handout

For even more info on this topic, click on the “Smart Meter” tab of this web site.

4 responses to “Lies and truths about Smart Meters

  1. The smart appliances such as your washer, dryer, car, mobile phone, TV, computers, phones, toaster, blender can all be smart and spy on you 24/7. If you get declared an enemy of the world state, they can follow you anywhere and not just through your bank accounts, medical records. About the only things that can’t spy on you are your clothes and your pets. They are probably working on a secret project to get your clothes and pets to work for Big Brother too.

  2. I absolutely love Anti corruption society!!! I would’ve never known this shit!!!
    THANKS Anti corruption society.

  3. Is White House has Smart Meter? If Not, Why NOT?

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