New energy technology – a real ‘game changer’!

Remember how Tesla was shut down by JP Morgan because his ‘electricity’ couldn’t be metered?

Well, now we have another genius attempting to bring abundant energy to the people of the planet. A nuclear engineer, M. T. Keshe, has more thoroughly discovered how the universe – and its magnetic fields – work.  Keshe has also established a non-profit foundation to bring his discoveries TO THE PEOPLE!! According to Keshe, if gravity and magnetic fields had been discovered at the very same time, our world would be completely different. Keshe has also studied how the human body REALLY works. Amazing info!!

Introduction to the Keshe Foundation and their technologies:

Keshe has redefined physics, as it has been taught for a long time by main stream academia. His technologies will replace the ‘burning of fuel’ as a source of energy . . . unless those who profit from burning fuels remove Keshe from the scene as they did Tesla.

Even those who don’t have a science background will get much from Keshe’s presentation because he uses a lot of common sense (including demonstrations) to explain his discoveries.

Keshe presents/explains his technologies:


2 responses to “New energy technology – a real ‘game changer’!

  1. Let me speak as a citizen of the Planet, GE is who we should have mentioned as being intimidating for Dr. Keshe. After all GE thinks we are all radioactive element deficient, Fukushima is not a joke and why solar and Dr. Keshe physics will end GE for ever. No once did the boys from
    Connecticut apologize for a single person dead due to their “Pinto Reactors” Ford admitted the problem, GE sells more nukes, please.
    Anonymous for President 2012 is not fond of GE and advises we boycott everything made by GE.

    Note Organic Sulfur and iodine could allow us all to survive GE’s folly, how to we tell the Japanese? They think radiation is the new color.
    Sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure, Pub Med
    Anonymous for President is Champion of the Planet,

  2. J P Morgan and J D Rockefeller are dead, so is Westinghouse and Nunn,
    we are alive and want to keep practicing life which means we burn nothing for power, not even atoms.
    To make sure Dr. Keshe is not intimidated we should elect Anonymous for President 2012, Anonymous is not pleased with what the robber barons has done to atmosphere, the air keeping us alive on the Planet we call Earth. Power to the people will not require a grid, did I ever tell you what an eye sore power lines are?
    Anonymous for President 2012 the Champion of the Planet

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