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New energy technology – a real ‘game changer’!

Remember how Tesla was shut down by JP Morgan because his ‘electricity’ couldn’t be metered?

Well, now we have another genius attempting to bring abundant energy to the people of the planet. A nuclear engineer, M. T. Keshe, has more thoroughly discovered how the universe – and its magnetic fields – work.  Keshe has also established a non-profit foundation to bring his discoveries TO THE PEOPLE!! According to Keshe, if gravity and magnetic fields had been discovered at the very same time, our world would be completely different. Keshe has also studied how the human body REALLY works. Amazing info!!

Introduction to the Keshe Foundation and their technologies:

Keshe has redefined physics, as it has been taught for a long time by main stream academia. His technologies will replace the ‘burning of fuel’ as a source of energy . . . unless those who profit from burning fuels remove Keshe from the scene as they did Tesla.

Even those who don’t have a science background will get much from Keshe’s presentation because he uses a lot of common sense (including demonstrations) to explain his discoveries.

Keshe presents/explains his technologies:

Energy/environmental solutions still being ignored

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Currently innovative entrepreneurs have little or no chance of bringing their ideas/inventions to market.  It doesn’t seem to matter if these inventions are brilliant or even if they solve some of the most serious problems facing our society today. Between 1) ‘local corporate government’ exploitation/profiteering policies and 2) big corporation’s political clout and aversion to competition; fabulous exciting solutions are being stifled.

Local entrepreneurs

The Solution to the World Energy Crisis

If you never do anything else “off the beaten path” in your life, please have a good physicist check out the Klimov work (at Los Alamos National Laboratory) and explain it to you.  This work alone could eventually solve the debt problem, for it gives the U.S. (and the world) ABSOLUTELY FREE ENERGY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum.

The work by Dr. Victor Klimov at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is the rigorous scientific proof, including nanocrystalline scientists easily building and demonstrating actual working systems..

This excess output electrical energy is FREELY taken directly from the seething virtual state vacuum, and that has been rigorously proven by Klimov’s working models.  Thus the Klimov team has proven and demonstrated practical “free electrical energy from the vacuum” for all time.

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Water Fuel Cell

Plastic to oil

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Global financial report – from Benjamin Fulford (3-10)

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Economic warfare against the feds is ongoing – other countries will cut off fed dollars from ‘real’ dollars

Benjamin Fulford, former Japanese correspondent for Forbes Magazine, is interviewed on the Jeff Rense radio program and talks about the state of the world economy from ‘where he sits’. Like Christopher Story of Global Analysis, Ben is in one of the ‘loops’, regarding efforts being made by some of the world’s most powerful people. There are many now attempting to stop the corrupt international financial gangsters and their relentless destructive schemes.

Ben explains the media control that the population in the U.S. is being subjected to.  Ben also exposes the corruption that has taken over academia and other science industries.  He explains the loss of energy control the oil industry is going to experience as new energy technology will not be held back any longer. 

Part I

Some of the points he made:

  • Washington DC is going to collapse
  • US awareness controlled by corrupt media [technique used for the creation of propaganda]
  • Other countries aren’t accepting the dollar
  • Bankers are being arrested
  • Rest of the world has stopped financing Zionist armies
  • Euro will disappear
  • No one listening to Obama at UN
  • Major power struggle in DC
  • Each state will produce their own money soon
  • Japan will no longer support criminal US government
  • Economic warfare against the feds is ongoing
  • Other countries will cut off fed dollars from ‘real’ dollars
  • Health care law passed on equinox – will not happen

Parts II, III, IV, and V

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