Dr. Brooks Agnew explains HAARP earthquakes and weather modificiation

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Scientist, researcher and inventor Brooks Agnew has appeared on the History Channel and in Jessie Ventura’s series Conspiracy Theory demonstrating HAARP and its weather modification capability.  Dr Agnew discovered the phenomenon or mechanism behind the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) by accident when he was an undergrad student.  At the time, he called his discovery “ground probing radar”.

On April 4, 2011 Dr Agnew appeared on  the very popular program Coast to Coast with George Noory.  He shared fascinating information regarding the ‘government’ programs known as HAARP including some of its history. This is very important information particularly for those who have doubts about man-made earthquakes and weather manipulation aka man-made climate change.

58 minute Clip from the Noory/Agnew interview

Dr Agnew explains in detail how HAARP can create earthquakes – to include the tell tale signs that expose it as the source. Dr Agnew also explains the impact that HAARP has when it is used as a mind-control weapon.

In 2001 Rep Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) sponsored a bill that would have prohibited HAARP’s use as a weapon of mass destruction. It was a very bold move to restrict the military/industrial complex’s use of genocidal weapons. Unfortunately, he ultimately withdrew the legislation.

Rep Kucinich’s HR2977

If environmental organizations were really concerned with global warming, climate change and environmental destruction, they would help expose HAARP as the most horrific ecocidal weapon of mass destruction the world has ever seen.

About Dr Brooks Agnew


2 responses to “Dr. Brooks Agnew explains HAARP earthquakes and weather modificiation

  1. HAARP will be a major factor of the coming temporary planetary physical death of Earth for it will come to the point that it will short-circuit the polarity of this planet because of conducting alterations of natural electromagnetic impulses which governs the climate status of the whole Earth.

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