Was the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake triggered by environmental war?

Alfred Lambremont Webre, EcoNews Service
March 3, 2001

VANCOUVER, BC – Was the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake of 28 February 2001 triggered – accidentally or on purpose – by new, secret electromagnetic weapons?

What caused the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake is by no means settled to a scientific certainty. This question is now an issue of public controversy. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC – U.K.) and other broadcasters have produced and broadcast live programs with EcoNews Service on whether electromagnetic (EM) weapons had any role in the earthquake. British Columbia is expecting a parliamentary election shortly, and at least one political party – the Green Party of BC – has informed its members of the issue, and is preparing to distribute a non-partisan questionnaire on Environmental war and the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake to Green Party provincial candidates.

Vancouver-based environmental journalist Alfred Webre believes electromagnetic (EM) devices may have accidentally or intentionally triggered the deep magnitude 6.8 earthquake. One possible candidate is the HIGH FREQUENCY ACTIVE AURORAL RESEARCH PROGRAM (HAARP) U.S. military installation in Alaska. HAARP began ionizing the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere at very high signals on February 17 coincidental with the US bombing of Iraq (nine days prior to the earthquake), and continued right up to February 28, the very date of the earthquake.

Alternatively, an electromagnetic (EM) device of unknown origin could have triggered the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake. Published reports available to EcoNews state that similar environmental weapons may have been used by a paramilitary or covert intelligence group to trigger the January 17, 1995 Kobe, Japan earthquake

A key clue that the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake may have been triggered by environmental warfare is its anomalous profile. The earthquake was 6.8 magnitude earthquake at a depth of 40 miles, that in the words of one observer “looked like a 3.0 magnitude. There are at least three scientific models by which such electromagnetic (EM) ionization could trigger an earthquake along the faults connecting the Seattle-Vancouver area. Environmentalist Alfred Webre has developed these models at length in a recent book, Earth Changes (Universebooks.com).

On July 4, 2000, Webre asked the director [name withheld on request] of the Electronic War discussion group (EWAR-L), “Can ULF wave-generators be applied in tectonic warfare? That seems to be a key application question. Tectonic warfare intentionally generates seismic activity on a target (enemy’s) territory for purposes of inflicting destruction, terror, changes of government and social unrest.”

He answered, “One approach to answering that is to look for data correlations between ULF electromagnetic and seismic signals (as ELFRAD is doing) and possible energy coupling mechanisms between these, such as magnetic flux-caused strain deformations within the earth (causing stressors on fault lines). Perhaps Charlie Plyler [director of the ELFRAD group which monitors electromagnetic activity], who has looked at this issue more closely than I have, can comment.” See http://www.topica.com/lists/mc/read/message.html?mid=1302600419&sort=d&start=3343

Members of the ELFRAD Group, which monitors electromagnetic (EM) events, note that the electromagnetic HAARP installation, a U.S. electromagnetic (EM) weapons system in Alaska may have inadvertently or intentionally affected the earthquake. Originally billed as a pure research facility, HAARP now functions as a global missile-tracking facility, by ionizing (and disrupting) the earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere. It is the magnetosphere that plays a crucial role in maintaining the delicate stability of the twenty or so inverted tectonic plates that float in a plastic medium along the surface of the earth. HAARP is thus capable of disrupting the magnetosphere, triggering tectonic instability.

In the mid-1990s, despite the strong opposition of Congressman Ronald V. Dellums (Dem.-Calif.) the U.S. Congress narrowly approved HAARP, in the face of studies showing HAARP’s negative environmental impacts. The U.S. Navy assured Congress that HAARP would not trigger climate change or seismic events like the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake. Now, if it can be established that HAARP – or some other EM installation – had a role in causing this earthquake, the U.S. domestic and international repercussions of this finding could be profound.

In the aftermath of the Seattle-Vancouver quake, Dick Eastman, a Yakima valley, Washington researcher, writing agreed with Webre’s analysis that earthquakes can be triggered by electromagnetic (EM) warfare. He stated, “Like the weather and the oceans, the mantle beneath the floating tectonic plates also involve convection cells, but in a plastic medium that sets up wave patterns that may be modified by superimposition of additional waves.”

Electromagnetic (EM) weapons can possibly trigger cataclysmic earth events. EM fields can superheat the ionosphere, disrupting the magnetosphere’s magnetic fields around the earth, and in turn causing massive disruption of the earth’s Tectonic plates. AS indicated, the 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan may have been triggered by clandestine deployment of EM weapons. EM strategic warfare includes weather, climate and earth event warfare. Researchers have reported the use of EM weapons in anti-population mind-control operations over major cities.

Seattle-based researchers and short wave radio operators now state that unusual electromagnetic (EM) broadcasts preceded the Seattle- Vancouver earthquake. Kent Steadman of Seattle’s Cyberspaceorbit.com, a researcher who actually monitored the EM broadcasts prior to the earthquake states, “Could the abnormal activity on 3.39 MHz February 20 and prior be linked to the Seattle quake? If so, why would HAARP (supposedly funded by U.S. sources) be used to create quakes or other assorted EM mayhem on U.S. property? I picked up a signal so strong it went right off the S meter on my SW set at that frequency at 6:00 am on Feb 20th. Took an audio sampling of half an hour but can’t make hide or hair of what HAARP is broadcasting, just that it’s STRONG.”

Environmental impact studies critiquing HAARP’s original environmental impact statement under the U.S. National Environmental Policy Act of 197 show that HAARP – and EM environmental weapons deployed secretly by many nations – could superheat the ionosphere, and substantially damage or destroy it in a runaway ecological process. Earth Island’s award winning 1995 articles are reproduced at Ecologynews.com.

Seattle-based researcher Kent Steadman notes EM activity just prior to and during the earthquake. “COINCIDENCE? Date: 2/27/01 9:54:34 PM Pacific Standard Time [hour prior to quake]. Washington, Yakima Valley: On the dial at WX Air VHF band around 153 we are getting the strangest signal. Anyone else hearing it or no what it is. HAARP maybe?”

Steadman continues, “Date: 2/28/01 7:21:39 PM Pacific Standard Time. Does anyone have recording of 153 MHZ signal? I helped install seismic monitoring stations in California in early 90’s. They are designed as early warning system in detecting earth movements prior to big quake. Several of these were in the 153-154 band. They send data, but during a big shift they send a screeching sounding data burst. Let me know what you find out.”

Ominously, two earthquakes along the North American-South American Pacific Rim occurred just following the electromagnetic EM environmental war signals – The Seattle-Vancouver earthquake, and an earthquake off Central America. Were these triggered by the same signals? The director of the ELFRAD group that monitors EM electromagnetic activity, including HAARP and other EM weapons writes, “Date: 2/28/01 1:55:52 PM Pacific Standard Time. Thought you might find this file interesting. It is a 21-hour recording starting this morning at 0001 hrs. We recorded intense activity from .02 to .036 hertz 473 minutes prior to the Washington quake. Actually this was a double boomer, because 4 minutes earlier there was also a quake registering 5.4 off the coast of Central America. Also am including a [picture] during the same time period for yesterday so that you can compare with no major quake.”

Faced with the information on EM Environmental war and earthquakes, another researcher with the ELFRAD group wrote, “I take back my former statement that all earthquakes are natural. After reading the following article and tying this information in with Russian predictions of major earthquakes in Kamchatka this year, I’m ready to believe we’re in for a lot of trouble…” The researcher then cites environmental war analysis also covered in EARTH CHANGES on possible tectonic warfare earthquakes: http://www.cheniere.org/misc/brightskies1.htm

Other researchers have found that the HAARP electromagnetic (EM) signal is carrying within it another hidden signal, whose frequency has been shown to affect the limbic system in the human brain, which manages emotions and mood and is a target of mind control intrusions. Some researchers have stated that mood management of human populations may be happening through these hidden EM frequencies. On February 17, just 11 days prior to the Seattle earthquake, according to ELFRAD”.9 Hz signal, which as we’ve discussed, may be related to limbic (emotion) activation in the brain, occurred during the transmission, lasting a very unusual 42 minutes from 1200 hrs to 1400 hrs UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) on Saturday, 17 Feb 2001.”

During the 1990s, the US Congress held hearings on HAARP’s environmental impact statement. Former Congressman Ronald V. Dellums (D-Calif) strenuously objected to giving HAARP a Congressional go-ahead. Adversarial environmental impact analysis showed that HAARP’s ionization of the ionosphere and magnetosphere might create runaway environmental mishaps like the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake. Despite these obvious large-scale hazards, the U.S. Navy then insisted that HAARP’s electromagnetic (EM) broadcasts were safe and would not produce runaway tectonic or atmospheric impacts.

If the Seattle-Vancouver earthquake is in any way shown to have been affected by HAARP broadcasts – accidentally or intentionally – the environmental, social, and political consequences to the U.S. environmental EM war programs will be profound. These include incalculable domestic consequences for the U.S. Navy and the Bush Administration’s plans for an expansion of electromagnetic EM weapons systems. In addition, HAARP’s negative environmental impacts are of such an unprecedented scale that they would constitute blatant violations of the 1977 United Nations Treaty against Environmental Modification. Blatant U.S. violations of this treaty could result in a major embarrassment and isolation of the United States in the world community.

Environmental journalist Alfred Webre, a Yale Law School graduate, is a former member of the Governor’s Emergency Task Force on Earthquake Preparedness, State of California, and author of a classic work on Earth Changes, THE AGE OF CATACLYSM (G.P. Putnam’s Sons 1974).

EcoNews Service  Copyright 2001

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