WALLET CARD – Notice of Non-consent to Organ Donation

Almost all of the states in America have passed the Revised Uniform Anatomical Gift Act. This act requires that they setup and maintain an Organ Donor Registry. If you have unwittingly consented to being an organ donor, your name is in the registry. If you said no to being an organ donor, your name is NOT on the registry. The registry does not record refusals. So, should you be in an accident or suffer from a condition that leaves you unconscious and on a ventilator, the door is still open for organ procurers to request that your family or legal representative authorize having your organs removed and your life terminated. It is important that you carry with you, in your wallet, your own notice of non-consent.

If you are older than 18 and married, your husband or wife has the authority to consent or dissent on your behalf to any treatment ordered by medical practitioners.

If you are older than 18 and single, you MUST designate a trusted relative or friend as your medical power of attorney. Here are the instructions for designating a Medical Power of Attorney.

Here is the front side of a wallet card noticing your choice NOT TO BE
AN ORGAN DONOR. It should be printed on a 3X5 index card, trimmed and paper clipped to your drivers license or ID.

It is essential that you place the name and contact information for your medical power of attorney on the back of this wallet card. This insures that your agent is notified – should you be unconscious and on a ventilator – so that your agent can deny consent for organ donation and advocate for your maximum recovery.  Here is the back side of the wallet card:

Organs are also extracted from those under the age of 18. Parents however have the medical power of attorney for them. Should your child have an accident and end up in an Emergency Department, it is vital that hospital employees can reach you so that you can say no to organ donation on their behalf. Here is a wallet card that can be printed out and paper clipped to their ID’s:

Here is a pdf document that contains all three images for printing:

Wallet Cards