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Would you swallow a data-tracking big pharma smart pill?


Christina Sarich, naturalsociety.com
March 26, 2016

[A critical companion to this excellent article is Big Pharma Exposed. This industry is now waging a war against humanity to achieve profit, control and population reduction. Please print out and share Big Pharma Exposed. We have to discredit this dangerous industry as soon as possible.               ACS Editor]

Big Pharma is spending like never before to make sure patients take their drugs. Investors recently committed $172 million for “smart pills” being developed jointly by Proteus Digital Health and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. After a pill is swallowed, a microscopic device within the pill relays ‘health data’ to a patch worn by the patient, then to a smartphone, and then (if the patient wishes) to doctors and/or pharmaceutical companies.

digital health

Likewise, an inhaler for patients with lung diseases to record the date and time of every use is being developed by mobile chip giant Qualcomm with heavy investment from Novartis, which runs research and development in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Drug makers lose billions annually when patients don’t fill, refill, or take their prescriptions. So, besides developing smart pills and smart inhalers that tell whether meds have or haven’t been taken, Big Pharma is also finding other ways to ‘nag’ patients into taking every pill their doctors prescribe.

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Drone Nightmare . . . The Unseen Threat


By Gordon Duff, Veterans Today – PressTv – Rense.com

drone 2Today the Middle East and much of Africa are subject to attacks by American drones.  As horrific as the drone threat may be seen today or even feared for tomorrow, the truth if far worse than ever imagined.

Drones of unimagined capability are being readied for deployment with even more frightening technical advances on the drawing boards.  The drones we are seeing today, even the advanced RQ 170 Lockheed Sentinel captured by Iran in 2011, are child’s play.


As with the adage of the camel, whose nose enters a tent and soon afterward, the entire camel is a guest at dinner, so America’s drone program began.

The first drones were model airplanes, battery powered, radio controlled, with small cameras able to show troops on the ground what was on “the other side of the hill.”

Then larger drones were built that carried munitions, in particular the 100-pound “Hellfire” missile.

These drones were intended to supply close air support for direct combat operations.  Operators were the actual troops in the field, managing target acquisition and weapons strikes, not just using the camera feed from the drones themselves but, in most cases, able to identify targets as close as 500 meters.

From there, drones became “free ranging,” under “rules of engagement.”  Those rules, of course, were a joke.  A “militant” was anyone who was armed.
However, few in either Iraq or Afghanistan would venture forth unarmed and peaceful tribesmen or even militia members aligned with the US became targets.

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America’s Schools: Breeding Grounds for Compliant Citizens

By John W. Whitehead, The Rutherford Institute
October 15, 2012

“[P]ublic school reform is now justified in the dehumanizing language of national security, which increasingly legitimates the transformation of schools into adjuncts of the surveillance and police state… students are increasingly subjected to disciplinary apparatuses which limit their capacity for critical thinking, mold them into consumers, test them into submission, strip them of any sense of social responsibility and convince large numbers of poor minority students that they are better off under the jurisdiction of the criminal justice system than by being valued members of the public schools.”—Professor Henry Giroux

For those hoping to better understand how and why we arrived at this dismal point in our nation’s history, where individual freedoms, privacy and human dignity have been sacrificed to the gods of security, expediency and corpocracy, look no farther than America’s public schools.

Once looked to as the starting place for imparting principles of freedom and democracy to future generations, America’s classrooms are becoming little more than breeding grounds for compliant citizens. The moment young people walk into school, they increasingly find themselves under constant surveillance: they are photographed, fingerprinted, scanned, x-rayed, sniffed and snooped on. Between metal detectors at the entrances, drug-sniffing dogs in the hallways and surveillance cameras in the classrooms and elsewhere, many of America’s schools look more like prisons than learning facilities.

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Smart Meters are not even LEGAL!


Below are some hard cold facts about Smart Meters and privacy!! [Remember there is insufficient evidence to conclude that Smart Meters will even reduce energy consumption!!]

If one more person says to me “I have nothing to hide”, I’m going to pour a glass of water on their head!!!

Data that is collected in any data system has the potential to fall into the hands of people who are not honest, are not good, and are perfectly willing to use the information they access about you for nefarious activities, making you the ‘mark’! It happens every day – already!

We are currently living in the Age of Corruption (The Corporation) and it doesn’t appear to be getting any better.


No More Privacy: Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day

July 8, 2011
By Michael Snyder – Black Listed News, Contributing Writer

Have you heard about the new “smart meters” that are being installed in homes all across America?  Under the guise of “reducing greenhouse gas emissions” and “reducing energy bills”, utility companies all over the United States are forcing tens of millions of American families to accept sophisticated surveillance devices in their homes.  Currently, approximately 9 percent of all electric meters in the U.S. have been converted over to smart meters.  It is being projected that by 2012, the number of smart meters in use will rise to 52 million, and the federal government is spending a lot of money to help get these installed everywhere.  Eventually the goal is to have these smart meters in all of our homes and if that ever happened there would essentially be no more privacy.  Once installed, a smart meter monitors your home every single minute of every single day and it transmits very sophisticated data about your personal behavior back to the utility company.

So can’t we just tell the utility companies that we don’t want these stupid things?

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