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A Robot Will Take Your Job

Following is an excerpt from The Dying Institutions of Western Civilization

By Paul Craig Roberts, paulcraigroberts.org
August 31, 2015

robotsSeveral recent studies conclude that robots are going to displace millions of human workers. An Oxford University study found that 47 percent of jobs are at risk. Another study concludes that one third of all jobs will be lost to robots during the next 10 years. Some claim that the net job loss will not be so large, because new jobs will be created in order to repair the robots, at least until robots learn to do this also.

Perhaps you remember the claims by economists Matthew Slaughter, Michael Porter, and other shills for jobs offshoring that moving American jobs offshore would create better and more jobs in the US. After many years I am still watching for any sign of these promised new jobs.

Despite promises to the contrary, the US economy has been halted in its tracks by jobs offshoring. US corporations have moved middle class manufacturing jobs abroad. The high speed Internet has made it possible for tradable professional skills, such as software engineering, information technology, research, design, and scan interpretations by medical doctors, to be performed offshore. This enormous giveaway of American middle class jobs and GDP to foreign countries has left the domestic economy with non-tradable service jobs.

Robotics is now attacking the remaining domestic service jobs. Robots are becoming sales assistants, providing room service to hotel guests, filling orders at delis, providing medical diagnosis [and surgery], cooking and serving meals, and becoming incorporated into smart household appliances that reduce the need for electrical and repair services. All of us are familiar with customer service robots. We encounter them whenever we telephone about a bank or credit card statement or utility bill.

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The Age of Transitions

Aaron Franz


What you must realize is that much of this deconstructive chaos is not the product of human stupidity, but is actually being purposely fomented and utilized as a powerful catalyst for change. World leaders speak of change constantly, but it is incredibly rare that they provide any details concerning such change. So what exactly is going on here? In short, the changes that we now bare witness to are leading up to the ultimate goal: the total reconstruction of the human mind, body and spirit from the inside out.

There is in fact a global agenda to ring in a “posthuman” world.

Understand that this agenda is well underway, and that it will be completed unless you decide to do something to stop it. What you are about to read is not science fiction, it is all too real.

The Ultimate Revolution

Aldous Huxley did a lecture at the U.C. Berkeley campus in 1962, in which he stated that the Ultimate Revolution was soon upon us. This revolution would involve the deliberate control over human minds with technology and drugs “to get people to actually love their servitude.” This would be carried out by the “controlling oligarchy who have always existed, and presumably always will exist.” Far from being a total fiction, Brave New World was actually a blueprint for just such a “scientific dictatorship.” Huxley calmly explained that this future would certainly come about, and he pointed to various experiments done in electronic brain stimulation that had already been successful. Mind control technologies were already at an advanced stage when Huxley gave this ominous speech, and today development is far in advance of what most people have ever even fathomed.

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