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Largest Water Wholesaler in So Cal Sued for Illegal Use of an Unapproved Drug – Fluoride


[From Newsletter posted on Rumor Mill News]

by Jeff Green, National Director
Citizens for Safe Drinking Water

Clarifying the key issues of Foli v. MWD of SoCal

Who is being sued?

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, the largest wholesaler of water in Southern California, servicing some 18 million consumers through retail water districts.

What are they being sued for?

Deceptive business practices and infringements on consumers’ Constitution rights by MWD claiming to treat and prevent tooth decay while delivering a substance through five of their facilities that has never been approved for such claims for either topical applications through oral exposure, systemic effects through ingestion, or trans-dermal exposures through the skin while bathing and showering.

What Constitutional rights?

Plaintiffs’ rights to be free from bodily intrusion by MWD’s delivery of an unapproved drug without their consent.

What do the Plaintiffs expect the Court to decide (laymen’s terms)?

1) Is MWD adding hydrofluosilicic acid to consumers’ water supply for the purpose of treating or preventing dental disease?

2) Does Congress and federal law require that FDA regulate and perform processes for determining approval of substances intended to and claimed to treat or prevent disease?

3) Has the hydrofluosilicic acid product used to treat or prevent dental disease been approved by the FDA for such intent or claims?

4) Has MWD deceptively acted in concert with their retailers to conceal from the public that the product they have chosen and administer has not been approved for its intended use, or that at the time of their initiating the injection into the consumers water supply there were no toxicological studies on the health and behavioral effects of continued use?

5) Did MWD’s deceptive business practices conceal evidence of significant differences in hydrofluosilicic acid’s health effects and interactions with other elements than other forms of fluoride, which would be revealed as contraindications, especially for susceptible populations, through the FDA review process?

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