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Drone Nightmare . . . The Unseen Threat


By Gordon Duff, Veterans Today – PressTv – Rense.com

drone 2Today the Middle East and much of Africa are subject to attacks by American drones.  As horrific as the drone threat may be seen today or even feared for tomorrow, the truth if far worse than ever imagined.

Drones of unimagined capability are being readied for deployment with even more frightening technical advances on the drawing boards.  The drones we are seeing today, even the advanced RQ 170 Lockheed Sentinel captured by Iran in 2011, are child’s play.


As with the adage of the camel, whose nose enters a tent and soon afterward, the entire camel is a guest at dinner, so America’s drone program began.

The first drones were model airplanes, battery powered, radio controlled, with small cameras able to show troops on the ground what was on “the other side of the hill.”

Then larger drones were built that carried munitions, in particular the 100-pound “Hellfire” missile.

These drones were intended to supply close air support for direct combat operations.  Operators were the actual troops in the field, managing target acquisition and weapons strikes, not just using the camera feed from the drones themselves but, in most cases, able to identify targets as close as 500 meters.

From there, drones became “free ranging,” under “rules of engagement.”  Those rules, of course, were a joke.  A “militant” was anyone who was armed.
However, few in either Iraq or Afghanistan would venture forth unarmed and peaceful tribesmen or even militia members aligned with the US became targets.

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Police being trained to identify ‘domestic terrorists’


By: David Deschesne, Fort Fairfield Journal
February 20, 2013

protestors 2A new unit study, No. 1.12.0 allegedly being taught at the Maine Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA), entitled “Sovereign Citizens” and labeled as Restricted to Law Enforcement, seems to be teaching Maine’s police officers that anyone who believes in the superiority of the Lord God over man and man’s government, or those who espouse the belief that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the Supreme Law of the land, are classified as “Sovereign Citizens” and should be considered potential domestic terrorists.

The course starts out with the instructor suggesting the U.S. and state governments are essentially dysfunctional and a menace to society. It goes on to insinuate that anyone who would seek to hold the criminal element that has taken over government at all levels accountable is somehow a domestic terrorist bent on doing unspeakable harm to patrol officers.

Both the U.S. and state governments have been basically hi-jacked by corporate interests in large, multi-national corporations and a meticulous banking syndicate, called the “Federal Reserve” (a privately owned banking cabal, not accountable to the Federal government), which has destroyed the purchasing power of U.S. currency by watering it down with cheap, counterfeit, debt-based Federal Reserve Notes over the past 100 years.

Those corporate chieftains who have gained power over the U.S. and Maine citizenry, and rule by proxy using an emasculated legislature, have gained the unwitting obedience and loyalty of Maine’s law enforcement officers and seek to keep those officers as their private security force to guarantee their monopoly of force over the people in Maine, as well as the entire U.S. To that end, they have crafted psychological warfare pieces such as this course at MCJA to brainwash the police that anyone who wants to hold them accountable and remove them from power is a threat to society and must be dealt with using extreme force.

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Communities must organize to protect their gun rights


Commentary from the Editor

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2012
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and both the author and the AntiCorruption Society are acknowledged

The growing number of criminals

Have felt safe from criminals most of my life. However, I have a friend who lives in a different part of town who does not. He feels the opposite.

I’ve always understood that when there are fewer and fewer lawful ways for people to earn a living, more and more of the population will become desperate enough to turn to unlawful ways. Many will actually start preying upon the law abiding.

At the present moment, the UN wants the United States to sign a gun-ban treaty [Forbes].

For many years I naively supported such an idea. But, after the economic crash of 2008 and the foreclosure crisis that followed, I found myself listening more closely to the arguments against gun-ban laws.

This has been somewhat of a hot topic right here in Columbus, Ohio (where I live) during Mayor Coleman’s term in office. Columbus has a relatively high crime rate that Coleman may or may not be able to curtail as unemployment numbers grow. [See in bold above.]

Mayor Coleman has taken an interesting position on gun control. While he promotes it for the general public, he insures that he is personally protected by his very own armed guards.

An NBC4 investigation finds that over the past four years, the City of Columbus has spent $1,008,198 to protect Mayor Michael Coleman, including nearly $250,000 in overtime paid out to three police officers assigned to protect the mayor on a full-time basis on weekdays, weeknights and weekends.

What many folks are unaware of is that the US Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Police do not have a Constitutional Duty to Protect us.  So we can’t assume the police will always come to our aid when we need some protection. Let’s also not forget that there is a healthy black market for guns that any crook worth his weight in salt knows how to access.

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