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The Enemy Within – the Khazars

(All peoples of the planet need to wake up and recognize who initiates and profits from war and virtually ALL evil across the globe! HINT: it is not the common man NOR is it the monarchs! You cannot stop corruption until you identify its main source. The author of the following article did exactly that. Ed.)


A Brief History of Khazars in the ‘Goldene Medin’ 


Contributed by John Churchilly
Sept 8, 2007

[Note: Endnotes were not part of the original article, but were added as supporting documentation.]

[The Khazar (false) Jews]

“The Khazars – or Ashkenazis (Hebrew for German) how they call themselves today – are actually the descendants of ethnic Turk tribes that entered Europe as part of Attila’s hordes and their local Germanic rape victims. For speed and logistical reasons they couldn’t bring their women along, all the way from Mongolia, and had to ‘source’ them locally, usually by killing everybody else in the tribe.

Given how busy those Huns/Khazars were raping and pillaging, the fruits of those rapes ended up speaking Yiddish, a medieval Germanic dialect mixed with Turkish elements, and weren’t too attached to the traditional Hun/Khazar phallus cult, although some remnants of that obsession with the male genitalia can still be seen today in Ashkenazi subculture, especially Ashkenazi dominated pornography and male ‘enhancement’ products. Eventually, the Huns/Khazars converted to Talmudism, because that creed was far more palatable to both their Christian and Muslim neighbours, at a time when the Khazars were dominating the Eastern European part of the ancient silk road.” — Andrew Winkler

“Never in the history of our people have we been so safe and so successful and so well integrated as we are in the United States. The Golden Age in Spain had nothing on the 350 years we have spent in America. This is in fact, as our grandparents said, the ‘goldene Medin’ (the golden land)”. — JINSA

Years ago Benjamin Freedman said, “They rule America as monarchs”. “They” are the reason Sharon [former Prime Minister of Israel] could boast, “We control America and they know it.” But most Americans do not know it. Just who are “they” and where did “they” come from? That is the purpose of this article — revealing the Khazars.

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