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Fulford Reports on the ‘purging of the cabal’!


Benjamin Fulford
Monday, May 6, 2013

“If the American people are to be freed, the military need to temporarily take over the key centers of power.”
General Martin Dempsey
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Benjamin Fulford

One of the world’s leading terrorists, the Satan worshiping mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been summoned to China where he will be confronted with evidence of his involvement in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan, according to Chinese government sources. The evidence is a tape recorded phone call to then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan in which Netanyahu threatened to destroy all of Japan’s nuclear reactors if Kan did not order the Japanese government to write off its holdings of US government debt, according to Japanese military intelligence.

In exchange for sweeping this issue under the carpet, the 180 nation BRICS alliance will demand an end to all further war-mongering in the Middle East. The Israeli use of a nuclear bunker buster bomb against Syria just before Netanyahu’s departure was a futile gesture of defiance as the worldwide crackdown on the Sabbatean Satanic mafia unfolds.


Info on the origin of the Sabbatean Satanic banksters behind the founding of Israel, who are also the behind-the-scene perpetrators of most wars:

See: All Wars are Bankers Wars


In a related development, the UK Police and Crime Commission have opened an investigation into the Thames Valley police, Sara Thornton in particular, concerning, among other things, the murder of bio-weapons specialist Dr. David Kelly.* This is part of a wider police investigation into the cabal that fooled the UK government into participating in the invasion of Iraq. The heads of MI5, the London Metropolitan Police counter terror squad and of UK Special Forces have all left their posts, according to an MI5 source. Several journalists have also been arrested, he said. Many witnesses of substance (military) are coming forward in support having realized the UK police have been acting outside correct procedures in many instances, according to an MI5 source. “The emphasis will now be on internal investigations of corruption in the Police and Civil service,” the source said.
* Dr. Kelly was a member of the Bahá’í Faith

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Global Financial Report – Benjamin Fulford (3-30-11)

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Benjamin Fulford, former Japanese correspondent for Forbes Magazine, is interviewed on the Jeff Rense radio program every month and talks about the state of the world economy from ‘where he sits’. Ben is in one of the ‘loops’, regarding efforts being made by some of the world’s most powerful people to restore global sanity. There are many now attempting to stop the corrupt international financial gangsters (including the Federal Reserve banksters) and their relentless destructive schemes.

March 30 interview with Benjamin Fulford (38 minutes)

Some of the points Ben discussed in this interview:

  • Jay Rockefeller’s family controls GE. GE was involved in the construction of Fukushima
  • There is corruption between Japanese government and the Rockefellers
  • Plutonium was put in reactor #3 four months prior to earthquake
  • Australian secret police agent revealed that the Federal Reserve Board ordered the Prime Minister of Australia fired
  • The Federal Reserve Board are the most vicious gangsters in the western world
  • Water under Mt Fuji is getting hot and electronic waves are being detected
  • Intelligence indicates that scallar weapons are being directed to cause an eruption on April 11, 2011
  • Fulford states the Rockefellers are responsible for directing weapons at countries that don’t comply with their agenda
  • There are agents provacateurs in Japan dispensing false information
  • The Japanese defense agencies have told American military to leave the country
  • Fulford’s organization is an international group at very high levels (‘White Hats’) who are tired of the corrupt bankers trying to control human destiny
  • The Federal Reserve ‘rule’ of the world is coming to an end – no one trusts them any more
  • Libya does not have a Rothschild controlled bank – one reason for the attack on that country
  • US military is running out of money because the Federal Reserve has been cut off from their financial resources
  • The top ‘elite’ are a group of Sabbatean (Zionist) Jews who worship Satan. They are the ones attempting to be in charge of the entire world. They use control of money and currencies to insure their control.
  • AIPAC controls the US government
  • The Federal Reserve Board has an ‘American Branch’, which controls the US military, and that has to be neutralized
  • Since 1913 the Federal Reserve has stolen vast amounts of money from the American people
  • Most people in Toyko (where Ben lives) seem to be coping well
  • Tepco (Westinghouse and General Electric) was built deliberately poorly and the company was intentionally unprepared for a disaster. There will be a serious investigation into situation
  • There were signs of insider trading for month prior to Fukushima crisis
  • Ben is calling for an investigation by an international tribunal regarding the earthquake/tsunami disaster. The US military was deployed to area BEFORE the earthquake started.
  • Ben believes this might be an end to US military occupation of Japan
  • There seems to be question as to whether or not Japan has nuclear weapons
  • The globalists are now fearful themselves as so many strongly oppose them

About Benjamin Fulford


Fulford’s post-tsunami message to the global crime cartel

Fulford explains HAARP earthquakes and the recent attack on Japan

Radiation expert Leuren Moret: Updates on nuclear meltdown in Japan


March 21, 2011
Alfred Lambremont Webre, Seattle Exopolitics Examiner

Independent scientist Leuren Moret, whose 2004 landmark article in the Japan Times unmasked lies and distortions by government and company officials that led to the construction of nuclear power plants in seismically dangerous areas, has declared in an exclusive 65-minute video interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre that the “Japan earthquake and “accidents” at the Fukushima’s 6 nuclear power plant units starting March 11, 2011 are in fact deliberate acts of tectonic nuclear warfare, carried out against the populations ecology of Japan and the nations of the Northern Hemisphere, including the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. [1]

In her May 23, 2004 Japan Times article, Japan’s deadly game of nuclear roulette, Ms. Leuren predicted, “It is not a question of whether or not a nuclear disaster will occur in Japan; it is a question of when it will occur. Like the former Soviet Union after Chernobyl, Japan will become a country suffering from radiation sickness destroying future generations, and widespread contamination of agricultural areas will ensure a public-health disaster. Its economy may never recover.”

Japan earthquake triggered by HAARP-aerosol/chemtrails plasma weapon, to cause nuclear radiation mega leaks

Full article highlighting this extremely important interview

Webre-Moret interview:


3-14-11 Leuren Moret interview – Rense Radio


[1] For verification that the ‘government’ has these weapons of mass destruction see NASA’s Future of Wars, 2001 where they acknowledge these exotic weapons are not ‘Pixie Dust’ but were already a reality.



Fulford’s post-tsunami message to the global crime cartel

Fulford explains HAARP earthquakes and the recent attack on Japan