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Donald Trump is a Zionist!

Sadly, under Donald’s regime, we’ll get more Israel-first policies and more young American men and women going into battle for Rothschild’s criminal haven called Israel. However, Hillary was also a Zionist. As usual the American people had no choice as there were no America-first candidates.


The Rothschild banksters and Israel

Debate of European Jews Settled

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Fulford Reports on the ‘purging of the cabal’!


Benjamin Fulford
Monday, May 6, 2013

“If the American people are to be freed, the military need to temporarily take over the key centers of power.”
General Martin Dempsey
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


Benjamin Fulford

One of the world’s leading terrorists, the Satan worshiping mass murderer Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel has been summoned to China where he will be confronted with evidence of his involvement in the March 11, 2011 nuclear and tsunami terror attack against Japan, according to Chinese government sources. The evidence is a tape recorded phone call to then Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan in which Netanyahu threatened to destroy all of Japan’s nuclear reactors if Kan did not order the Japanese government to write off its holdings of US government debt, according to Japanese military intelligence.

In exchange for sweeping this issue under the carpet, the 180 nation BRICS alliance will demand an end to all further war-mongering in the Middle East. The Israeli use of a nuclear bunker buster bomb against Syria just before Netanyahu’s departure was a futile gesture of defiance as the worldwide crackdown on the Sabbatean Satanic mafia unfolds.


Info on the origin of the Sabbatean Satanic banksters behind the founding of Israel, who are also the behind-the-scene perpetrators of most wars:

See: All Wars are Bankers Wars


In a related development, the UK Police and Crime Commission have opened an investigation into the Thames Valley police, Sara Thornton in particular, concerning, among other things, the murder of bio-weapons specialist Dr. David Kelly.* This is part of a wider police investigation into the cabal that fooled the UK government into participating in the invasion of Iraq. The heads of MI5, the London Metropolitan Police counter terror squad and of UK Special Forces have all left their posts, according to an MI5 source. Several journalists have also been arrested, he said. Many witnesses of substance (military) are coming forward in support having realized the UK police have been acting outside correct procedures in many instances, according to an MI5 source. “The emphasis will now be on internal investigations of corruption in the Police and Civil service,” the source said.
* Dr. Kelly was a member of the Bahá’í Faith

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Debate of European Jews Settled


Feb 5, 2012, ynetnews.com, jewish world

Gene study says Jews of European descent are mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created empire that lasted half a millennium

The investigation, its author says, should settle a debate that has been roiling for more than two centuries.

So, who started this debate more than two centuries ago? Who was responsible for the invasion of Palestine? Answer: The Unholy Trinity


Jews of European descent, often called Ashkenazim, account for some 90% of the more than 13 million Jews in the world today.

According to the so-called Rhineland Hypothesis, Ashkenazim descended from Jews who progressively fled Palestine after the Muslim conquest of 638 AD.

They settled in southern Europe and then, in the late Middle Ages, about 50,000 of them moved from the Rhineland in Germany into eastern Europe, according to the hypothesis.

But detractors say this idea is implausible.

Barring a miracle – which some supporters of the Rhineland Hypothesis have in fact suggested – the scenario would have been demographically impossible.

It would mean that the population of Eastern European Jews leapt from 50,000 in the 15th century to around eight million at the start of the 20th century.

That birth rate would have been 10 times greater than that of the local non-Jewish population. And it would have occurred despite economic hardship, disease, wars and pogroms that ravaged Jewish communities.

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In Amerika Law no Longer Exists


Paul Craig Roberts, Institute for Political Economy
January 31, 2013


Paul Craig Roberts

In the 21st century Americans have experienced an extraordinary collapse in the rule of law and in their constitutional protections. Today American citizens, once a free people protected by law, can be assassinated and detained in prison indefinitely without any evidence being presented to a court of their guilt, and they can be sentenced to prison on the basis of secret testimony by anonymous witnesses not subject to cross examination. The US “justice system” has been transformed by the Bush/Obama regime into the ”justice system” of Gestapo Germany and Stalinist Russia. There is no difference.

In an article available here: http://www.wrmea.org/wrmea-archives/541-washington-report-archives-2011-2015/january-february-2013/11611-why-all-americans-should-care-about-the-holy-land-foundation-case.html Stephen Downs, formerly Chief Attorney with the New York State Commission on Judicial Conduct and Kathy Manley, a criminal defense attorney and member of the New York Civil Liberties Union, report on how the US government destroyed a charity, the Holy Land Foundation, which provided money for feeding the poor and for building schools and hospitals in Palestine.

The charity, aware of the perils of being based in the US and doing anything for Palestinians, relied on the US State Department and the US Department of Justice (sic) for guidance on where to send humanitarian aid. The charity sent its aid to the same aid committees in Palestine that the US Agency for International Development and the UN used to distribute aid to the Palestinians.

In the first trial of the Holy Land Foundation, the US government admitted that none of the charity’s donations had gone to terrorist organizations, and the federal prosecutors failed to achieve a conviction. So the prosecutors tried the charity again.

In the second trial, the judge permitted the prosecutors to call an “anonymous expert” to tell the jury that some of the committees used by USAID and the UN and approved by the US Department of State were controlled by Hamas, the elected government of Palestine that Israel requires the US government to brand as “terrorist.”

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[In actuality the “terrorism” that goes on in Palestine is done by the Israelis AGAINST the Palestinians, as journalist John Pilger bravely reports in the following video clip from his documentary “The War You Don’t See”.]

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You Need an Education

and now you are going to get one!

by Jim Stone, former NSA employee & freelance journalist

israel-911911 was not done by Muslims. Al Quaida is a CIA creation. This was publicly announced by a CIA whistleblower Richard Clarke and other reliable sources. The people running scams like Al Quaida have a code of ethics, of which a part of is to inform those they are scamming with creations such as Al Quaida that they are being lied to. It’s up to the scammed to find that report, and then realize it’s all a lie, AND THEN TAKE ACTION TO STOP THE LIE.

They did plenty to tell the people the truth about 911, but also mixed that truth in with a mountain of Islamic terror lies to keep the SHEEP out there wrapped up in a falsely founded hatred towards Muslims. They now have the people in Mexico fighting phony U.S. funded enigma terrorists who are running around with quatzequatel among the leaf ants in pygmie country. There is no Iranian terror plot in Chiapas.

Larry Silverstein, a Zionist Jew who was the owner of the World Trade Center complex via a 99 year lease, put a five billion dollar insurance contract on the place, rigged it with demolition explosives, and then for the political purpose of pissing off Americans enough to blow up Arabs to increase oil profits, had the Mossad electronically hijack a bunch of airplanes and fly them into the place. This provided a plausible cover for setting off the demolition charges so he could destroy the buildings and collect on his insurance.

This was an enormous effort by the Mossad, Larry and others, and included deceptions at the highest level, a deception made possible by dual citizens who pledge their alliegances to a foregn power while operating witin the U.S. government.  For example, the U.S. military did not respond to the first three planes, because they were running an anti terror drill at the time, which covered the exact same scenario as what was really happening, and believed the news reports were a hollywood creation. How would this be possible, without a government that had been infiltrated and compromised at the highest levels? But one air force pilot was on the phone with his family in New York, and his family told him it was all REALLY HAPPENING.

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