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In Defense of Humans and Free Will

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The social engineering that has gone on in our country since the industrial revolution has been non-stop. Individuality and creativity are not useful qualities for those in charge of assembly lines. And, spiritually does not lend itself to consumerism and/or capitalism. Therefore the globalist-capitalists used their immense financial resources to find ways to dampen these attributes and socially re-engineer mankind. Human Resources by Scott Noble

Documentary explaining how and when social engineering got a foothold in our society: Human Resources by Scott Noble


Then, once the globalists and their ‘corporations’ got permission to patent and profit from DNA (in 1980), the race was on to replace natural earth (and humankind) with their artificially created (and owned?) Brave New World. They can now profit from the creation of mutant species, fake GMO food and artificially generated weather. Sadly this has occurred at a time when humanity is discovering even more amazing aspects of being human and how truly connected we are to the earth’s natural systems. In fact in 1967, Cleve Backster discovered (and proved) that an absolutely awesome bio-communication system exists between humans and plants.

The globalist’s Post-Human biotech nightmare, that is known as Transhumanism, has targeted humans as the ‘problem’ and wishes to ‘improve’ (replace??) our species.

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