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Communities must organize to protect their gun rights


Commentary from the Editor

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2012
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The growing number of criminals

Have felt safe from criminals most of my life. However, I have a friend who lives in a different part of town who does not. He feels the opposite.

I’ve always understood that when there are fewer and fewer lawful ways for people to earn a living, more and more of the population will become desperate enough to turn to unlawful ways. Many will actually start preying upon the law abiding.

At the present moment, the UN wants the United States to sign a gun-ban treaty [Forbes].

For many years I naively supported such an idea. But, after the economic crash of 2008 and the foreclosure crisis that followed, I found myself listening more closely to the arguments against gun-ban laws.

This has been somewhat of a hot topic right here in Columbus, Ohio (where I live) during Mayor Coleman’s term in office. Columbus has a relatively high crime rate that Coleman may or may not be able to curtail as unemployment numbers grow. [See in bold above.]

Mayor Coleman has taken an interesting position on gun control. While he promotes it for the general public, he insures that he is personally protected by his very own armed guards.

An NBC4 investigation finds that over the past four years, the City of Columbus has spent $1,008,198 to protect Mayor Michael Coleman, including nearly $250,000 in overtime paid out to three police officers assigned to protect the mayor on a full-time basis on weekdays, weeknights and weekends.

What many folks are unaware of is that the US Supreme Court ruled in 2005 that the Police do not have a Constitutional Duty to Protect us.  So we can’t assume the police will always come to our aid when we need some protection. Let’s also not forget that there is a healthy black market for guns that any crook worth his weight in salt knows how to access.

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