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The WTO attempts to control the food chain


The WTO is the local food movement’s mortal enemy!!

Here is yet one more example that globalization – and food centralization – is harmful to both the people and the animals that call this planet home. This time the WTO wishes to over-ride Congress and enforce trade ‘agreements’ that the people are not a party to.

The World Trade Organization is an unelected body that represents multi-national corporations like Monsanto and their GMO Frankenfood.

What is The World Trade Organization?

The World Trade Organization was created in 1994 as the successor organization to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) and represents 146 countries in an effort to globalize commerce. All the major countries are included, China only recently and with the United States as the dominating factor. This is the world court of trade where mega-buck arguments on everything from restrictions on imports and e-commerce issues are debated and settled and rules are made. They are coming together in order to implement treaties among member nations that would liberalize and eventually eliminate tariffs and other restrictions on trade in various sectors of the world economy. It is modeled after the North American Free Trade Agreement. Those in favor of this economic one world order see it as a way to boost the world’s economy by liberalizing trade barriers. Those against the WTO sees it as an exploitative, oppressive system of world domination that takes away worker’s rights, weakening consumer and public health, despoiling the environment, enslaving workers around the world and usurping the rights of each country to make its own trade laws. It has been likened to public interest laws simply being flushed down the toilet. The beast is roaring. Each location where meetings are being held are called “rounds.” Since 1948, there have been nine rounds of global-trade talks.

Once a nation surrenders its food sovereignty, the people can easily be starved into accepting the Global Domination Agenda.


Scientists under attack – GMO exposed!


Dr. Henry Kissinger (Rockefeller toady, globalist and Club of Rome member):

“Who controls the food supply controls the people;
who controls the energy can control whole continents;
who controls money can control the world.”