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Smart meters, federal agencies and truth

by AL Whitney (C) copyround 2013
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Smart MetersIn every community there seems to be a few intelligent folks who don’t accept the ‘official’ position, but choose to investigate matters on their own. Then there are the “sheeple” – also known as the “go along to get alongs”. The sheeple are in the majority.

However, there is an intelligent and brave man in Marysville, Ohio – a former Police Chief – who the Columbus Dispatch wrote about last April. He said no to having a wireless meter in his home.

He is absolutely right, as are the enlightened people of Westerville, Ohio mentioned in the article. They have also said NO to Smart Meters!

This article is yet one more good example as to why you cannot trust local newspapers [in this case the Columbus Dispatch], the utility companies and/or our local ‘governments’ to tell you the truth.

Excerpt from the Dispatch article:
“The transmitters have been controversial elsewhere, especially in California, where people say the radio waves have caused neurological problems and could lead to cancer. Recent studies, however, have found the transmissions to be far below Federal Communications Commission maximums.”

The FCC?? What a joke! They have nothing to do with safety. Now we know that reporter Holly Zachariah is fairly ignorant about the roles of different government agencies and just reports the ‘politically correct’. She doesn’t even know what these so-called agencies really are or whose interests they represent!

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War on Health

This might be the single most important video I have ever posted. It is ‘packed’ with important information that all Americans need to understand. This is an expose of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ corporate take-over of America. Gary Null is performing the function of an honest investigative journalist – something that was removed from our corporate controlled media many years ago.

Gary Null’s remarks at the premier opening of War on Health

War on Health – the documentary – link to full version:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0CQrL5nzwo&feature=related