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The Ongoing War Against Humanity


Retired neurosurgeon and researcher ‘extraordinaire’, Russell Blaylock, MD, explains the depopulation agenda that is currently in motion in America . . . and across the planet. His research is impeccable and his explanations are very logical AND credible.

In light of this escalation in the vaccine agenda, it is obvious that they are ramping up their efforts.   Police State Vaccine Registry System Being Set Up

To block these efforts, it is important folks understand exactly what the CDC, the FDA and all of the ABC ‘agencies’ really are: Judge Says USA INC is Just a Corporate Franchise


A Must Read: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars – a technical research manual of the US Air force

Is electrosmog a silent weapon for population reduction?

NASA’s opinion of “humans”:



Lies and Truths About Smart Meters


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The Peak Oil Theory Story

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruptionSociety acknowledged

In 2008, after doing additional research, I realized that the peak oil theory had huge flaws. It relies on five “myths”


 . . . and the diabolical agenda of  “demand destruction”

The Peak Oil Theory Story in a nutshell:
Petroleum is a “fossil fuel”, therefore a finite resource. It is critical for transportation, industrial agriculture and our entire modern society; as such, we will run out some day (soon) which will cause a global meltdown, which many refer to as “die-off”.     

After reading Michael Ruppert’s book Crossing the Rubicon, I started believing the Peak Oil Theory (POT). However, before I accepted this theory as fact, I reviewed the work of several other authors such as geologist Colin Campbell (whose 1998 article in Scientific American made him one of the first to get public recognition for this theory), international energy investment adviser Matt Simmons [1] , researcher/journalist Richard Heinberg [2], and former oil industry analyst Jan Lundberg.  Also, I watched presentations by Representative Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) who has been featured at many POT conferences and spent many hours teaching the peak oil theory on the floor of Congress (aired on CSPAN). So it is not unreasonable to assume our elected officials in Washington have accepted this theory as well.     

Because of peak oil, these authors believe that long distance commerce and globalization will be severely curtailed by the rising cost or scarcity of oil. In response, many of them are trying to advance relocalization (returning to a local less energy intensive economy and food system), which I whole-heartedly support.  Continue reading