The Rosetta Stone of our legal system

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2011
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Legal and biblical researcher Greg Pappas (who does not have a flock to fleece every Sunday) shared his discoveries as a guest on the My Private Audio TalkShoe call on October 16, 2010. Greg studied to become a minister but was discouraged by the hypocrisy.

Currently most of the human race has been subjugated by both legal and religious bondage. Greg explains how this structure was built and by whom. Even more exciting is how Greg was able to tie the teachings of Christ to natural healing, real spirituality and the one law of the universe – the Golden Rule.

56 min audio clip of this astounding conversation

Link to entire 4 1/2 hour program

Here are a few of the important discoveries Greg shared:

  • Our legal system is based on ‘trusts’. We are all declared dead at birth, i.e. commercially, physically and spirituality. This corrupt legal and banking system goes back to Babylon.
  • The Nicean council corrupted Christianity via their manipulation of the ‘scriptures’. They even took whole books out of the bible. The King James version was also manipulated by the ‘rulers’.
  • Jesus lashed out against the corrupt system which was (is) all about fraud and usery
  • The Bible has many passages that exposes this fraud
  • Jesus’s teaching was not just spiritual
  • The word debt and the word sin – from the Lord’s prayer – has nothing to do with us being ‘bad’
  • Christ was not cancelling ‘sin’ he was cancelling fraudulent commercial debt
  • The concept of original sin was not taught by Jesus. It was added by the Nicean council. Although adopted by many religions, it is bogus.
  • The Golden Rule is how we are supposed to live and what our legal system should be built upon
  • There is no hell. The burning in hell concept was not taught by Jesus but was added by the Nicean Council.
  • The Essene Gospel of Peace was translated by Edmond Szekely. ( see below) It contains a blueprint for natural healing which we need to deal with chemtrails and other toxins.
  • Our legal system is based on the fraudulent concept of original sin – guilty until proven innocent.
  • There is much evidence that the Trinity is not the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Trinity is Father in Heaven, Mother Earth and us humans. It represents the balance of the universe. To achieve this balance Christ raised the status of woman back where it is supposed to be. Christ identified women as apostles also. The Nicean council reversed that.
  • The Earth is alive. We all came from this Earth and we are nourished by the substances that Earth produces.
  • The Satanic leaders who are in charge at the moment are currently working to destroy the Earth.
  • We all have energy fields in our bodies (chakras). Christ presented this information, even though it is somewhat obscured in most religious writings.
  • The pineal gland was referenced by Jacob as a pineal awakening.
  • To have balance in the universe (Yin/Yang symbol) as laid out by Christ, men and women need to be in balance.
  • The book of Ester is a bogus book
  • We are spiritual beings having a physical experience
  • Babylon is the code name for the corrupt Jerusalem where Jesus drove out the money changers
  • Revelations has been misinterpreted by the current religious ministers, priests and pastors
  • There are no twelve tribes of Israel. When the Jews burned their own temple they burned all genealogical records.
  • Christ is not coming back. He came back in 70 AD after the downfall of Jerusalem (Babylon) and imbued mankind with his spirit which resides in all good people who live by The Golden Rule today.

Not only were the scriptures corrupted by the Nicean council and King James, starting in the early 1900’s Christian “Zionism” was created and added to the Bible.

The Creation of Christian Zionism


Preface from the Essene Gospel of Peace

It was in 1928 that Edmond Bordeaux Szekely first published his translation of Book One of The Essene Gospel of Peace, an ancient manuscript he had found in the Secret Archives of the Vatican as the result of limitless patience, faultless scholarship, and unerring intuition, a story told in his book, The Discovery of the Essene Gospel of Peace. The English version of this ancient manuscript appeared in 1937, and ever since, the little volume has traveled all over the world, appearing in different languages, and gaining every year more and more readers, until now, still with no commercial advertisement, over a million copies have been sold in the United States alone. It was not until almost fifty years after the first French translation that Book Two and Book Three appeared, and these also have now become classics of the Essene literature.

Book Four, The Teachings of the Elect, will come as a surprise to those readers who are aware of Dr. Szekely’s death in 1979. if I were also a philologist, or scholar, or archeologist, I might be able to provide some explanation. But I am only his faithful famulus amanuensis, and the instructions he left me were clear and explicit: “Two years after my death, you shall publish Book Four of The Essene Gospel of Peace.”  That was all, and I am now carrying out his wish.

This Book Four, The Teachings of the Elect, represents yet another fragment of the complete manuscript which exists in Aramaic in the Secret Archives of the Vatican and in old Slavonic in the Royal Library of the Habsburgs (now the property of the Austrian government). As to the reason for the delay in its publication, I can only surmise that Dr. Szekely wanted the vivid reality of these ageless truths to stand alone, unobscured even by the presence of the translator. He did say in his Preface to the first London edition of Book One in 1937 that “we have issued this part before the rest, because it is the part of which suffering humanity has most need today.” Perhaps, in the same way, the troubled world of forty-four years later needs this fourth volume of The Essene Gospel of Peace.

Again the words of Dr. Szekely: “We have nothing to add to this text. It speaks for itself. The reader who studies the pages that follow with concentration, will feel the eternal vitality and powerful evidence of these profound truths which mankind needs today more urgently than ever before.”

“And the truth shall bear witness of itself.”


One response to “The Rosetta Stone of our legal system

  1. I found the 56 minute recording with Greg Pappas quite interesting and had never before heard this take on Christianity. The link to the 4 1/2 hour show is dead and I was unable to find anything more by Mr. Pappas online. I would be interested to find out more about this line of inquiry.

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