The Power of Prayer and Intention

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Polygraph expert Cleve Backster stumbled upon one of the most amazing discoveries – ever – using a simple lie detector machine. His scientific discoveries (which got little or no recognition by our worthless media) have the potential to change our world.

Many believe we can alter our reality with positive prayers or intentions. However, there is no doubt that this is more than a ‘belief’ and Cleve Backster has the scientific proof. He calls the system whereas living organisms of different species communicate with each other ‘Biocommunication’.


“The general field of study of communication between different biological life forms, mostly in nature, sometimes in the laboratory. It involves the use of instrumentation to observe reactive events occurring in all kinds of life–animal, plant, cellular, microscopic, and so on — and includes observational biology, high quality observational studies. Also included is the study of the effect of human thought and intention on life forms in the environment.”

Mr Backster’s web site is Primary Perception

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