Notice of Condition Precedent


Be it known by all, that I Jane Doe, as a living flesh and blood woman that on this day of 23 in the month of January and the year 2016 do hereby give notice to all in the world that I am not a citizen of the United States. Any who wish to challenge this admission must do so by responding to this notice within 30 days of last publication. Notice is also given to any one in the world who may have a contract (or unsigned presumed contract) under the above name that this notice serves as an addendum to all contracts or presumptions ab initio, in which the signatory name may (or may not) appear. Notice that the following be included as part and above the signatory name: “without prejudice.”


All return address or responses to be addressed as follows:

Jane Doe

135 Maple Canyon

Akron, Ohio

united States of America

Notice – all three line addresses will be returned to senders.