Farm Claims

by AL Whitney (C) copyright 2010  All Rights Reserved

For years Willie Nelson and Neil Young have been dedicating their time and talent to helping American farmers through their organization Farm Aid.

However, they never mention Farm Claims. The legal battle many American farmers signed on to in the 80’s is truly the most significant and far reaching class action lawsuit ever pursued in our nation’s history.  Repeat: The legal battle many American farmers signed on to in the 80’s is truly the most significant and far reaching class action lawsuit ever pursued in our nation’s history.

In the 80’s many American farmers fell victim to a well orchestrated and executed ‘farm-grab’. The perpetrators were an unholy alliance of banksters, lawyers and government ‘officials’. Pastor Lindsey Williams made a video describing what happened.

One of these farmers, Darryl Freck and his wife lost their farm and pretty much everything else. In the process of pursuing ‘justice’, Darryl Freck made (and exposed) startling discoveries about our ‘government’. He discovered we no longer live under a Constitution, but that our government had been transformed into a for-profit corporation long long time ago.

On April 09, 2010 Darryl Freck, farmer/researcher extraordinaire,  told of his experiences in this effort on a conference call (link below), and the critically important result of the class action lawsuit referred to as “Farm Claims”.  He did a fabulous job explaining what precipitated the “Farm Claims” and how they are now a part of a much bigger effort to recover our Constitutional government and put the corrupt banksters and politicians out of business. Mr. Freck supported Mr. Fulford’s claim last April that many banksters have already been arrested.  However, he cautions that any efforts to get remedy via the implementation of ‘common law’ are not wise at this time. The ‘system’ has become quite militaristic in its efforts to protect its ‘power’ and conceal its corruption.  But, Mr Freck stated on July 2, 2010 that efforts to restore our Constitution will come to fruition very soon, which would be fabulous news to us all!

Darryl Freck 7-2-10 interview Part 1

Darryl Freck 7-2-10 interview Part 2

Farm Claims and the history of NESARA by James Rink

Video Series of the ‘hidden history’ of the U.S. and the story of NESARA produced by James Rink


Mr Freck’s first interview (3 hrs) . . . what an eye-opener.

April 9, 2010 –

Link to the entire series of interviews with Mr. Freck, which started last April:


Torn from the Land (video series)

Update – March 21, 2012

During his interview Mr Freck mentioned the Restore America Plan. However, since that time Tim Turner, who was originally involved with the Restore America Plan, has been exposed as being untrustworthy. It is extremely unlikely that Tim’s groups will have any success as most of the leadership has ‘jumped ship’ upon discovering many deceptions that were perpetrated by Mr Turner himself.

7 responses to “Farm Claims

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  2. Christian Bert Sr.

    So how long can these Farm Claims go on before the collapse of the financial system takes it all down. I’m still hopeful that the Claims will payout with the Swamp being drained by President Trump. I also sense that the powers that be are holding on to their last straw because the corruption and fraud I believe are about to take the biggest hit because God is still on the Throne!
    Has anyone heard anything positive about the Federal Reserve finally turning to dust as the bankster’s go on to Jail for their crimes against humanity? Anyone heard from the Freck’s? Did they get out of being incarcerated for speaking the Truth?
    I’ll listen to anyone with sound mind and heart. Seem to be fewer and far between as we come up on the end times. God Bless all true Americans for their diligence to do what’s right.

    • Christian Bert Sr.

      Get ready for only the Lord knows.

      • The system in place is so complete and so corrupt, the freedom of all humanity is at stake. Unless we get out the pitch forks, hammers and hanging ropes and storm the castle aka your local county officials, no change will ever take place. These people have to be made to do the right thing first or else, somewhere down the line, they will receive a .40 diameter gift traveling at around 3800 fps. It’s going to take independent star chambers decisions to overthrow what has been set in place and blood will have to flow to get their attention.
        All the banksters must be put to death upon capture. They are beyond help.
        It’s real simple really. Take action and take over or remain a cow in the pasture.

  3. Holy cow crap….this news need to go viral…

  4. I’ve been waiting since ’93/’94 for my claim that I filed with Ken Kraklio in Davenport, IA so don’t hold your breath on getting paid. I even met or talked to several of the head guys by phone and everytime they gave a deadline for the claims to be paid it always got postponed for another date. When that date came another reason was given and the cycle continued.

  5. michael k. farley

    In the early 1990s a claim in my name was filed for me,, after a period of time I received a letter from the U.S. DEPT. OF JUSTICE returning my filing fee,,, I still have the original claims forms is there anything I can do ?? or what should I do??,,,,,,,,,,CONCERNED CITIZEN

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