14th Amendment

Bruce Ray Riggs, candidate for Senate in the state of Florida, explains the changes that were brought about by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution . . . and more.  The most important point he made was that the 14th Amendment was never lawfully ratified by the states. It is therefore null and void and needs to be declared so by the state legislatures.

Mr Riggs includes the documents (which are easy to verify) that totally support his astute conclusions.

And there is indeed Constitutional legitimacy for the ‘nullification’ process.

Supporting Documentation:

Excerpt from Congressional Record (1967) regarding the 14th Amendment

US CORPORATE “Administrative Procedures Act”


Nullification History


Bruce Ray Riggs web site: DirtyUncleSam.com

Council of Governors Takes Shape

More Proof our Government is De Facto Not De Jure

One response to “14th Amendment

  1. Finally we are finding out why our votes don’t count, and why presidents are not born here. Who can elect a pres. of a corporation? Not an american freeman AKA native. They aren’t part of the states.

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