The Corporation: Part 08 – Mindset

A deceptive destructive business model

Corporations actually hire employees to commit deception and even fraud on their behalf. The BEAST considers this an acceptable ‘business practice’. The corporate spy interviewed in this clip openly acknowledges that they are ‘preditors’ and that he feels absolutely no guilt when he lies to people. He justifies this behavior by blaming the shareholders for ‘wanting money’. However, the shareholders almost never find out about the corporation’s deceptive or illegal practices because the annual reports they receive always paint a very positive image of them. Also, the corporate media is complicit in concealing the facts regarding their poisonous products. (See Part 17)

Michael Moore raises the question with the CEO of Nike; “How much is enough?”. This is an important clip to make the point that the BEAST has no limits to growth, thus exposing its parasitic nature.

CEO Ray Anderson admits environmental impacts were not a consideration for him. He also admits that when the public expressed concerns regarding the corporation’s environmental practices, his first response was to set up a ‘team’ to ‘frame’ their image for the public. However, after his ‘awakening’ he makes a very poignant plea for government’s to make ‘plundering’ illegal.

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