The Corporation: Part 22 – Psycho Therapies

Attempts to neutralize the BEAST

This segment reveals how the perceptive manager for the BEAST depicted the movement to revoke Unocal’s charters as ” this demonizing of a company (note he wasn’t about to call it a corporation) . . . is being done by people on the left of the spectrum who don’t produce anything except hot air.”

Name calling and insults are a key part of those who have been cornered and do not wish the conversation to evolve into a real discussion of the facts. This is used all of the time by the propagandists for INC the BEAST. But, unfortunately the vast majority of people have heard it for soooo long, they are manipulated or at least confused by it. Another interesting aspect of the BEAST’s rep in this clip is to blame those attempting to prosecute as leftists. The right/left, liberal/conservative, and Democrat/Republican dialog is used incessantly to keep the population divided so they don’t realize all are being exploited – equally.

The opponents of the outrageous practices of Unocal made an excellent case for having its corporate charter revoked. However, “The attorney General of California refused to revoke the corporate charter of Unocal, but did acknowledge his office did have the power to do so.” His refusal is another example of the unholy alliance that has been created and is being sold as a Public Private Partnership.

[Michael Moore promotes the global warming scientific fraud in this clip, and blames the public for the pollution that has been created by our use of the automobile. He does not mention that oil/auto, INC dismantled the streetcars in the U.S. thus forcing the entire population to purchase cars. Many were saddened to lose the street cars and would have been quite content to keep using public transportation. These two huge misrepresentations of reality by Moore  – damages his credibility.]

Dr Vandana Shiva, physicist, ecologist, and seed activist, explains how a group of activists (facing devastation by patented ‘biotechnology’) managed to get some seed patents revoked. The farmers in India refuse to abide by laws prohibiting them from saving seeds.

The Corporation – Film Clips

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