The Corporation: Part 17 – Unsettling Accounts

The legalizing of media lying

Expose on the corporations control of our media. Monsanto has managed to squelch this critically important story about our milk and the corrupt Federal Drug Administration. Their growth hormones, that are administered to dairy cows, make milk an unsafe product. Monsanto does not want the public to know this. The reporters in this segment were going to publicly expose this danger, but were stopped by Murdoch’s attorneys who did not want to lose advertising dollars.

These reporters fought against this travesty every inch of the way . . . and lost. When the issue went to court, the decision was made that falsifying news is not against the law.

We all need to keep this in mind whenever we naively believe main stream media reports stories honestly – legally there is no requirement that they tell the truth. (See Part 5 for more about our unsafe milk.)

The Corporation – Film Clips

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