The Corporation: Part 16 – Advancing the Front

Biotechnology, genome projects, and THE BIRTH OF TRANSHUMANISM

The BEAST now considers the frontiers of the future to be related to biotechnology. Taking out patents on living things is now legal and this clip explains how and when that happened and the enormous implications of creating such a monstrous precedent.

“Without any discussion, corporations now can own the blueprints of life”. This clip is very significant because in 2007 law was passed granting the government the power to collect, catalog and store the DNA of every child born in the U.S. There is now a great race by biotech companies to patent each gene they discover – human and other.

The public is not aware of this very significant debate, which is going on without their input: Does life have intrinsic value, or is it just another commodity for the BEAST to produce, package and sell? The biotechnology the BEAST is currently engaged in is going in the frightening direction of transhumanism. See: Post-Humans – let’s not go there

[In 2007 a law was passed mandating that the DNA of every newborn be collected and put in a DNA database. These samples are being used for screening AND research – biotechnology.]

The Corporation Film Clips

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