The Corporation: Part 11 – Basic Training

Exploiting and indoctrinating children

This is an absolutely amazing clip exposing the exploitative nature of the psychopathic BEAST. Not only did the BEAST manage to patent the song “Happy Birthday”, it has absolutely no compunction about using surveys, questionnaires and polls to gather information about our children so they can be “targeted” in their advertising. Corporations even hire psychologists to help with the exploitation of children. The BEAST’s marketer (who is merely a ‘human resource’ of the BEAST) has been so brainwashed by the BEAST, she has absolutely no awareness that there is anything wrong with the deceptive and exploitive techniques she uses.

[Beware of polls, surveys and questionnaires done by either Business, Inc or Government, Inc. This is how both collect the information from the public they need to construct their spin and/or propaganda campaigns or ads. These information queries are almost never used to benefit the general population, but are used to ‘manufacture consent’!]

This clip is also a good example of advertising, ‘perception management’ and corporate speak, such as:

  • communication strategies
  • creative execution
  • media vehicle

Naom Chomsky explains the impact on the general population the BEAST has had. Basically he admits it has been an assault on the human spirit. Two young men explain why they sold their souls to the BEAST.

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