The Corporation: Part 10 – Boundary Issues & World Conquest

The BEAST eyes all of earth’s natural elements as commodities, including our water. Trade ‘agreements’ that government ‘representatives’ enter into without permission or approval by the general population allows for wealthy predators to steal and plunder all matter (organic and inorganic) the natural earth has provided.

Beware of the word ‘efficient’ when it comes from the BEAST. It is most frequently used to justify privatization and/or exploitation by corporations. Privatization is part of the end game for globalists, it is not done in the public’s interest but it is done to amass wealth (and control) by corporations and banking interests.

Maude Barlow, Chairperson, Council for Canadians explains the plan for total privatization and enslavement of the global population. This agenda and its history is explained in more detail in the “The ‘City’ World Conquest ”. The goal being One Earth Corporation.

Michael Walker, Executive Director of Fraiser institute exposes the interest of privatizers to own everything. While he claims this is the only way to protect rivers, streams, etc. that is merely ‘spin’. The BEAST must produce profits and sees all that it acquires as an asset. Assets must be used to produce profits – the BEAST cannot do anything else, as that is its ‘directive’.

The Corporation Film Clips

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